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There isn't any such T-SPICE model for HEMTs. Instead, there are some standard models such as tom, Angelov,Skallern-Parker,Statz etc. and these models are-generally- recognized by professional SPICE ( or SPICE-like) simulators.All you should do is to find a proper model for your transistor and implement into (...)
I am getting s21 parameter around 12dB but I am getting output power -16dB for input power -20dB. I want to get 10dB of output power for -20dB of input power dB. Which parameter should I change in my mesfet tom model to get the required output power.
Have you ever checked model parameters page 6 ?? They have marked as " Series IV Libra tom model" on the bottom.. You will place this equivalent transistor and fill the parameters in according with in the datasheet.
First, which model you would like to use or in other words, which model fits your requirements ?? Because there are few model such as Curtice,Angelov,tom,Skallern-Parker etc that characterize HEMT transistors and every model has advantages and of course disadvantages.If the model parameters (...)
Depends on your foundry which you have intended.Every manufacturer/foundry chooses a proper model for their products,therefore you have compulsary to use their model approximation such as tom,Angelov,Parker,EEHEMT,etc.
Normally Triquint uses tom model.If you request a valid model from Triquint, they will help you...
Use the right model which is supported by foundry... You can not use every model for general purpose.For instance Triquint supports its own model tom, WIN supports EEHEMT model, other foundry can suppport-for instance- Parker model etc. So, each model is supported by (...)
I'm trying to construct the induced gate noise macromodel (featured in tom Lee's book, , screenshot attached). does anyone have any suggestions on
Does anyone have pspice full version? if so can u plz execute this file and post o/p is comin at V(8 ). I don't have Pspice *Analog multiplier Vcc A 0 15V Vee 0 B 15V V1 1 0 dc 1V V2 4 0 dc 1V R1 1 2 1k R2 4 5 1k R3 3 6 1k R4 7 8 1k R5 8 0 1k D1 6 7 SD51 .model SD51 D(Is=793.4n Rs=3.036m Ikf=8.242 N=1 Xti=0 Eg=1.11 Cjo=4.498n + M
Can you upload the file.. I think I can help you on this.. tom
i all i want implement a transitor ( ne32584c a pseudomorfic hemt ) on AWR MWO, but model in datasheet is Libra IV tom model effectly, ive checked the non linear tom1 model implemented in AWR and they seems the same but when i go to measure the s parameters they differ a lot from that from (...)
hi all i have a transistor nec NE32584C documentation, the parameters are for series IV Libra tom model, but i think that model of fet i using on AWR MWO donesn't match perfectly these parameter i'm using MWO/AO Element Catalog > Nonlinear > FET > tom1 FET model: tom1 there's a way (...)
There is a Libra tom model in the datasheet at You just enter the parameters as shown in the datasheet.
Hi, do you have any answer yet ? I have the same problem.. I am using ASITIC and have no clue of how to make a center tapped model ! tom
Dear All: i have a nonlinear model parmeters of NE34018 ,it is Triquint's Own model(tom).How i import these parmeters to ADS to build these to compent?
are there any models out there that accurately cater for the reverse mode of a pHEMT? I've had a look at various models such as the Parker-Skellern, tom, Angelov..etc..but they don't seem to model the reverse operation of a FET. This for application in frequency multipliers.
Anyone can explain why the statz model work well in simulation? why other model does not. HOw about the statz model accuracy in practice? why other model does not - thay are working very well, tom for ex. why do u think that thay r dosnt work ?
why the nonlinaer tom model changed between LIBRA and ADS ? (both are from agilent) ??? tx alot elad