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I think any laser printer will do the job. I have tried using HP P1008 and RICOH SP111. Both the printer performed well. Of course, I take print on special toner transfer paper.
Hai, i am tired of fabricating pcb using laser printer toner method. And when i checked online, most website seems too expensive. do you guys know any firm or website that does it for reasonable cost. I am looking for single layer with copper trace and soldering mask. The tiring part of doing it myself is drilling holes.. :P
I am looking for others interested in working through Ronald Quan's book "Build Your Own Transistor Radios" (Amazon Link below). I am using LTSpice to model Quan's circuits and KiCad pcb layout software to implement Quan's circuits as pcbs. I have made one board myself (toner transfer) and had one done by a pcb (...)
Definitely possible, you can use it both ways: - print it on paper and use toner transfer method - print it on a transparent stencil and use UV light exposure The latter should yield a better accuracy, but the board doesn't really require fine tolerances so both should do fine.
Not sure if in the right section but... I recently made the jump from perf (vero) board and decided to etch my own boards via toner transfer and using murialtic acid and hydrogen peroxide and lets say that the first board I made came out great! But then I go to etch another board and instead of etching fast like the first board it doesnt etch at
I did it using toner transfer with no problem, The full solid pattern may cause PITA for Laser jet so I decided to Hatch the patterns. - - - Updated - - - The mirrored Top is necessary for the silk screen, while doing toner transfer.
It depends on your quality and resolution criteria. PHoto tools will always be 100x better or more than carbon transfer laser printer. Half tone edge printing software helps the ink structure adhere better. Maintenance and cleanliness of toner cartridge may affect pitting in fine line tracks. Also type of high temperature film that will not wrink
hi all, i think this is the best place to ask this question i am now thinking to upgrade myself from toner transfer to photoresistive method for my future pcb design so i can handle smd components. i bought every chemical and a piece of photoresistive film from china market. but the main challenge is to design my uv exposing machine. i canno
UV uses a single master which you can use to make many copies. The toner method destroys the paper image when it is used although you can of course print more copies. UV will give consistent results, the toner method may vary according to the toner quality, print density and factors such a moisture content of the paper and temperature you (...)
I have been chronicling an electronics project I am working on. There are some really good photos of the toner transfer method for making pcb's there.
96746Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a good, currently available, < $200, laser printer for pcb toner transfer. I bought a Brother printer some time ago only to find out later that they do not do the job (something to do with the type of toner). There are apparently some other makes and models that also do not wo
@Josephakash07...Hi, do you know about 'toner transfer method' of pcb etching?..pls check my behance profile may be this will help you,some photos and videos are there related to this.pls feel free to contact me if you need any additional details
Yes you can. - - - Updated - - - You can also use a LaserJet printer for this purpose. Using toner transfer. - - - Updated - - - Search in Google "toner transfer" .
You mean for the toner-transfer process??? NO.. toners will be absorbed by the paper. A non-sticky polymer layer is needed, such as plastic which have no absorption...
Hello guys, Thanks a lot for the details and the video. However I still do not want to use toner transfer whether using iron or UV. I want something at professional level without any errors at all. I just want to know what other professional companies do? I imagine they do not use irons or UV lights... Professional com
Hi, I am interesting for create home made pcb. I am using the toner transfer method. I have some doubt.I dont know which type of paper using. plz let me know. Thanks & regards, Mareeswaran.k
...please refer me a simple fast & easy method... You're going to need some etching solution such as ferric chloride, which you can get at an electronics store. Here's the simplest way: Clean the copper surface of the blank pcb to get rid of fingerprints, tarnish etc. Draw the pattern you wan
I have heard (may be its a rumor) that new laser jet printers are using new technology in which toner cant be stick to the pcb, any info? Its true. It is to save toner for economical reasons. So old printers are good for pcb making. Other important is toner ink and also the transfer medium. HP model 5L, 6L (...)
I have been using the toner methode of creating etch resist on copper pcbs for many years. Until recently I havn't had consistant results. This is an example of using the same toner transfer to create the "silkscreen" or assembly on the component side. The missalignment is visable, ten to fifteen mil. This is related to making double (...)
For fast, easy and cheap way for making pcb is toner transfer process. Creating pcbs with the toner transfer method In my expirience best paper is Verbatim Photo Glossy Paper 150g. With this paper transfer is almost 100%, You can make even SMD pcb.
Hi, I saw somewhere (forgot the link) they are using aluminum foil to heat the paper with toner to transfer to pcb... Does anybody has a similar design here? TIA
I am interested in knowing how many of you have experimented with a laser cutter for DIY pcb? Would love to hear what kind of experiences you have had. This method does away with worrying about a laminiator and laser printer but in this case too, just like toner and paper's critcal for toner transfer, the choice of spray is extremel
Hi guys! The other day I found that there's almost no good videos on how to make pcb's using toner Transfer method. So I tried to make one. It doesn't cover all the aspects of pcb making, but it's a good place to start. With this method you can easily and repeatedly make boards with tracks as thin' as 0.01in (0.254mm) and use chip (...)
Your reply is more apt Mr Arun. Generally as many members wont go for production and would try homebrew, perhaps the op expects an optimum track width for toner transfer method.
Hi all, I have been making pcb's at home using toner Tranfer Method using Hot iron technique...but this method can fail if the track width is very thin....Although i havent tried it with thin Track Widths... Now im trying to use Photoresist method...i dont have acces to Photoresist pcbs...can anyone tell me how can i manually make the (...)
Hello All, I have my first doubt cleared, Thanks for that well, I got another one, what is the limitation on the size of canvas or rectangle box when i switch to the pcb/Board from my schematic? and how can i print using the Laser printer on Glossy paper for using it as toner transfer method, I mean , what should be the settings for
Hello All, I use the toner transfer methode for my pcb prototyping, but this methode is not effeicent when working with 0.64mm pitch components, does any body know another methode to use that is easiy to use at home? any help is greatly appreciated
I use photographic paper and then a very hot iorn to transfer the black toner from the paper to the plain copper board . For me this is a simplar method as it realy only takes one action befor the copper sulphate emersion.
Howto make a pcb in Home It is simple, toner Transfer method Materials and equipments required 1. Ordinary Iron Box 2. hacksaw or hacksaw blade 3. low cost hand drill 4. Copper clad sheet (Glass epoxy is best for this method, if possible don't use paper phenolic ) 5. Ferric Chloride (100 gm can be used for making 250 boards) 6. ART P
I used an iron to transfer the toner to a pcb but I got blurs between pins. Some of the trace weren't sharp and looked rounded. Did I put too much pressure on the pcb when ironing?
serch on the google for toner transfer method of pcb making. in this method u will print ur layout on a glossy paper and the put the paper on the copper sheet use hot cloth iron for 1minute on it.put the iron on the glossy paper with ur full force and dont move the will transfer ur layout on the copper sheet.then put it in ferric cloride
Method with laser print toner transfer can be realized with cheap 20? Peach PL703 A4 Home Office Laminator or any other cheap type. pcb must be printed on thin glossy paper for advertisement brochures or simply on sheet of advertisement like that from Spar or Hoefer (Europe). Paper weight is about 56g/m^2. Laminator temperature is about 120°C and i
homemade pcb using toner transfer method: UV method: I use linking pins for my vias..tons from RS Now, there's a chemical that could used for PTH..but i can't remeber from which need electroplating, just dap a few drops..wait for
well, there are a number of ways to do this. screen printing being the oldest method, but it is economical if you have to make lots of boards of a single layout. then there is the toner transfer method. have a look at the following page
I think you have mixed up toner TRANSFER METHOD with T-Shirt transfers the toner method use's a laser printed image on good photo quality paper or even a photocopy, try searching for toner TRANSFER for more info
I am using Expresspcb to make pcb at home by toner transfer method But problem is when i get a print of my layout the Grid points also get printed I also tried to deselect the " Show Grid " option.But grid vanishes on the screen but still coming in print out Any suggestion how i can get rid of this GRID
Is it possible to use "toner transfer system" with a laser printer, a coated paper and ironing it over the etched pcb? I have not tried it. Has someone tried this?
There is a lot of descriptions about "How to make pcb with Laser Printer( so called toner transfer technology) It seems good, but is there any chance, to print directly on copper board, with some kind of ink jet printer. There is water ressitant ink , probably exist also and acid resistant. Such approach ( if it possible) will be very fast and e
Is the toner in laser printers opaque enough to block out UV light IF used with a laser transparency bought from a stationers, OR does the film have to be ?special? in order for it to work with photo board, i.e. does one HAVE to use the transparencies sold by electronics suppliers? I hope to buy a laser printer soon and it would be easier/cheape
I have also heard that is possible to transfer toner from paper directly to a coppered board with a method similar to that used for transfer images on t-shirt with an iron. Do anybody have heard this also? Sorry wrong thread