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You could do that by creating a specific PCB component for that in your library. Just write the text in top silk layer, and then make a copy and place it juxtaposing itself, but changing the layer of the newer text to soldermask. This way, you have two identical texts overlapped, one over other.
Although being unnusual to add a component at the library not at the top layer, I presume that you could do that just by drawing this component with the bottom primitives ( Pads, Silkscreen, etc... ).
Hello friends, I wann make sure what type of cells needs to be included and which needs to excluded while dumping verilog from EDI for LVS run. Mainly my confusion is regarding ENDCAP ENDCAPTIE TBCAP TBCAPNW* CNRCAP* FILLTIE FILLTIEPW etc. Because i dont find cdl (spice) of all these cells in the cdl library. Im sure we dont need jus
use below commands to compile your source into library: for verilog files:- vericom -lib block1.v block2.v ... for vhdl file :- vhdlcom -lib block1.vhd block2.vhd ... then use below command to load verdi with your design: verdi -lib -top <topBlock>
DIGGING UP THE OLD THREAD.... Hi dharag, were you able to find a solution to the problem? Actually I am facing a similar problem now, while integrating a VHDL Xilinx IP in a Verilog top-level design and compiling with VCS. I have created a separate filelist and compiling whatever us under unisims ans unimacro. # VHDL unisim and unimacro
Hello, We are using Cadence Allegro PCB layout software, and we find that we cannot see the grid without having to click for it on the top menu. Is it possible to get the grid showing all the time, in like a dialog box on the screen? We need the grid to be visible when in schematic, layout and library windows. In Eagle Pro, the grid is al
Hi Frnds, Im designing a PCB with Orcad Capture for Circuit and Orcad Layout Plus for PCB Designing. i have created a SMD Component using library Manager and the photo is attached. It was done using SStop, top, SPtop, SMtop. Question No 1 Can i use the Opposite command by right clicking on the (...)
Hi. I have found like commends of DC. set_target_library_subset -top -dont_use "*AT40" compile_ultra -gate_clock ... -scan ... remove_target_library_subset -top compile_ultra -gate_clock ... -scan -inc -retime I don't know what does these mean
Is it asking to much to expect an explanation of observed errors? At first sight, there are many trivial syntax errors. How about processing the compiler error messages top down, having a VHDL text book or tutorial at hand?
Hi, Just downloaded from that site but used the very top link for V1.0.1 and just complied one of its 'basic' example ok
Hi, Why is max_transition limit is specified on top of library limit. When the foundry suggests the cell can withstand the lib limit transition why is this extra trans limit given? Thanks
there are functions in micro C already built for you. check those functions like UART READ UART SEND etc. you can use those function to get the SMS to a string. a long string. afterwards include string.h C library on top or by other means, check for some sent charactors in the string which is a replica of the SMS. if the characters match, you ca
hello all, i tried to add packge and component in and function my top code is : library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_UNSIGNED.ALL; entity top is Port ( a : in STD_LOGIC; b : in STD_LOGIC; c : in STD_LOGIC; d : out STD_
It would take some pretty major screwup on your part for low level data to be destroyed, presuming it was saved. Begin with looking at your library path and where the data resides, or used to. In the extracted view, you should find no hierarchy. top level extracted is all flat data. The layout view however should remain as-was. I'm wondering whe
Hi all, bit of a novice user with Cadsoft Eagle and was hoping someone could help me out a bit with a problem please? If I add an SMD resistor or capacitor from the R-EU_ library (say an 0805), the package is shown having a box around it on the top layer of the board (seems to be 4 lines connected around the outside of the pads). This shows on t
Try adding the following to the top of your elccfg file: EC_SIM_USE_LSF=1; EC_SIM_LSF_CMD=" "; EC_SIM_LSF_PARALLEL=50; EC_SIM_TYPE="spectre"; EC_SIM_NAME="spectre"; EC_SPICE_SIMPLIFY=1; EC_CHAR="ECSM-TIMING ECSM-POWER";
I am updateing Altium PCB library with STEP models. All components with 3d bodies, when placed to PCB, behave normally on top layer, but some of them, does not flip correctly to bottom layer. 86874 I have tried different STEP models for some of the components but it is allways the same. So far no problems with components,
Hey guys, i just tried to read in a .ddc file that is the netlist of my synthesize top-level module which includes various other modules, named system.ddc. Both logical and physical libraries are set up properly, but as soon as i invoke "check_design", ic compiler throws the following error message in reference to all instantiated modules of my de
Hey guys, i just tried to read in a .ddc file that is the netlist of my synthesize top-level module which includes various other modules, named system.ddc. Both logical and physical libraries are set up properly, but as soon as i invoke "check_design", ic compiler throws the following error message in reference to all instantiated modules of my de
Hi, Edit the Components from PCB library and update it to PCB. To convert multi-layer pad to top/Bottom, first set hole size to zero then change the layer. Hope this may help. Regards, Anil
Hi, You can create the net-tie on the top layer (the SMD pads), place it on the PCB, move the pads to the internal layer and copy/paste that net-tie to the library. It will copy the internal layer as well. Rename the new net-tie as you wish.
Here's the top-level architecture I'm trying to synthesize. library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; entity traitement_top is Port ( mclk : in STD_LOGIC; btn : in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (3 downto 0); sw : in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (7 downto 0); hsync : out STD_LOGIC; vsync : out STD_LO
top 3 proffesional Mentor, Cadstar, Allegro, plenty of basic packages, but for user help I would reccomend eagle, many experts on this site to help you.
These are essentially trivial syntax errors. They must be resolved top-down, otherwise pseudo errors may be generated as follow-up. You need to look sharp. Start with extra semicolon in line 18.
RTL Handoff is complete RTL which is ready to be taken into synthesis step by backend team. HANDOFF IP is CML delivery to top level who uses it
Dear darockdr, logic synthesis with Cadence tools is performed using Encounter RTL Compiler. To perform synthesis you need to provide the tool with the following information: list of HDL files composing your design, top-level entity (while launching the synthesis script), absolute path to the technology library of interest and, in case you have s
Am doing,i need to give presentation on terms which are in report_timing and report_qor.. REPORT_TIMING: Design : RSDecoder Version: D-2010.03-SP4 Date : Tue Apr 24 18:24:17 2012 **************************************** Operating Conditions: TYPICAL library: saed90nm_typ Wire Load Model Mode: top Startpoint: recword
Hi when i synthesize my design in design compiler following error appears "Error: The target_library does not contain an inverter characterized for operating condition (voltage = 1.080000V, process = 1.000000, temperature = 25.000000). (MV-006) This problem occurred at: <top design> Error: The target library does not contain an (...)
syn some blocks , BLK1.BLK2,BLK3 and do DFT,DFT input is scan_si,scan_en, and out is scan_so. And do the syn of the top module ,use 2 way to get 2 results (1)Use BLK1.BLK2,BLK3 ddc as library to read ,then set_dont_touch BLK1.BLK2,BLK3, after syn to get coverage ,only 38%。 BLK1. BLK2, BLK3 port has
You have to define the coresponding library at the top of your code: library ieee ; use ieee.math_real.all ;
When using RTL compiler. I used the following setups: set_attribute wireload_mode top set_attribute interconnect_mode ple set_attribute library {nldm.lib} set_attribute lef_library {**.lef} set_attribute cap_table_file {**.capTbl} ........ synthesize -to_generic -effort high synthesize -to_
When you are in your library window and you have made changes to your component I.E removed /addedd pins go to the tools menu at the top a drop down box will appear then go down to update schematics and click this will change the component on your schematic to the same one in your libraary no need to keep trying to delete/replace everytime you mak
Creat a symbol for your subcircuit and call it from library on top level circuit. For creation symbol, look at help of ADS..
I have some footprints with non-trivial pads. I used a region in top layer over a pin to model required shape. How do I assign this region to overlayed pin? I can see there's Net option in pin and region properties but cannot choose nothing (not surprised in library where no nets). The problem is after placement this footprint in PCB editor and ru
As Marce has said - use the searcher. Put the text in the top search feilds and press the binoculars. The binocs with the red cross clears the search. It may be time for you to learn how to make a component :)
Hi Guys, FE team have partitioned the design into several subblocks. BE team intend to harden them one by one and then do integration at top level. Whereas, for each subblock, how to get .lib timing library like that of SRAM, which is generated by memory compiler? Any documentation can reference? Thanks in advance.
I have a mixed signal design where the digital part is composed of stardard gates from the foundry's library. These cells have global VCC! and GND! pins. In the top schematic and layout these global VCC! and GND! are connected to VCC and GND respectively. Which is the best way have a LVS clean? I am running LVS with assura but do not find the
I think you will find that the part name denotes the size so C025-030X050 is 2.5mm pitch with a 3mm x 5mm body, or something like that. If you look in the library browser on the control panel and click on the capacitor you are interested in it will show a picture in the top right with the dimensions as shown below. Keith.
I have two libraries running on a fub. One top timing path shows results as follow: On library 1: ../n48 (net) 6 18.11 0.00 93.12 r ../U5/a (nand_cell_l0fdec0) 16.77 0.91 94.03 r ../U5/o1 (nand_cell_l0fdec0) 100.81 87.12 181.15 f ../n49 (net) 16 27.15 0.00 180.40 f and on library two, the (...)
the problem is The OrCAD 16.3 Editor use .Brd extintion file that used by Allegro there are two solution frist: Do the following to translate designs from OrCAD Layout to Allegro PCB Editor: 1. Create a catalog of the library using the Layout Catalog tool and generate .max files. Layout libraries contain top, BOTTOM, PLANE, and INNER layers.
I have a PCB that I need to copy (company that produced the original PCB have stopped trading). The PCB has no components on it (components have been de-soldered). PCB is two layer. Is it possible to scan the PCB (creating a BMP file) then convert to Cadstar PCB format? What software do I need? Has anybody d
Hi, It has been while since I used Altium but as far as I remember you can do that by adding area/region/polygon anyone of the option available in library designer on the top paste mask layer
Hello all as some of u might remember, I discussed about making 16 bit RISC processor under another topic. Well this time the problem is that despite my best, I am unable to make interconnections among sub-modules in my main/top module RISC. I am using Xilinx ISE 6.1i, device spartan IIe, Modelsim SE 5.7g and coding is in verilog as the (...)
Both are fine. PAD pins have no routing so you can't get antenna violations. max_fanout isn't always defined for library cells (sometimes they have a default at the top of the .lib) Usually max_cap and max_trans are more of a concern than max_fanout.
hi all, sorry for a long post, iam trying to implement an fir filter using multi voltage techniques.the top module is filter which im operating at 1.2v.if the timing is not met im assigning cells in filter to higher voltages by using design compiler command for ex:"set_operating_conditions -object_list typical -library osu_modified
there are other ways available in VHDL to archive same thing.... i.e. you can use TEXTIO library and its functions/procedures to read/write the file and if you have some other component defined in other file then you can simply use component instantiation in top module.
how to use a xilinx unisim library component written in verilog, in a vhdl top level code how to perform the port mapping
To run the DRC check first you have to set the DRC default the trace to trace spacing and pad -pad spacing(pitch)and some others will be some values.Go to view or some tabs in the top of tool and select the DRC check that you select the options you want and run the drc Regards Rajan.K
Hi folks I'm having a strange problem: Simply, I'm designing a system in VHDL and I'm not using the obsolete (std_logic_arith) package in any of my blocks. At the same time, I had to integrate a 3rd party IP that uses this library. When I instantiated the IP inside my top-level, the top-level compiled smoothly with no error. But, when it (...)
Dear all I have some very basic error using design compiler. In the top level VHDL code library is defined. some thing like this library ieee; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.numeric_std.all; library XXX; use; I am trying to synthesis the top level and using the (...)