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Super-regen receivers are used on very cheapo kids toy remote controlled cars. What will prevent yours from receiving nearby interference? Nearby interference can also overload a super-regen input and cause it to stop working.
A super regenerative reciever is simple, sensitive, selective. You will find such recievers in remote controllers like toy cars and in your car.
Hi Guyz... I was recently trying to built a Remote Control High Speed toy Car... I have completed with Software Coding for the Joystick Control & PWM... Now Im Stuck with the motor part...Which motor should i use to get a good speed for the car near about 50-100kmph... I have seen videos on youtube about Electric toy cars running @ (...)
gentleman its for toy helicopters,cars,aeroplanes etc so a little complexity can be negligible for long range, nice control and better performance......
I am a newbie in electronics.. I have been trying to build a 4 bit remote control for different applications in toy cars etc.. i used MC145026/27 encoder/decoder pair to generate the signals n all.. they work perfect when connected directly with each other.. but im having problems in making tx/rx :(.. i used the 433mhz design uploaded here.. unfort
Hi all ... I was looking for a simple 7-10m RF circuits for a toy car like they sell at 5$ at the stors.. all i found is this : first the RF circuits are not well designed and second there is a transmitter and reciver RF circuits but they are too much power needed not like the normal toy cars that t
Here is a linkt to another option on Rx/Tx for toy cars:

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