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Hi, how to draw such a track like here, around the stator of bldc motor: 116287 Daniel
I want to draw a graph of how my tracker unit absorbs power to be put into a document. Total duration is about 60 seconds. Within seconds there may exist 1-1.5A bursts by SIM908. minimum current will be 0.1mA by microcontroler. how to record this sort of reading that has a big gap? thanks!
You can easily increase or decrease the track width, Just go to track mode(Right hand side below package mode) and select the thickness you want. If you are not satisfied with the thickness you can make one of your own thickness.
Use solid shapes and not hatched for high currents. What is going on at the connector pins top left?The track goes around the pin and then down into the pad instead of just up intot he pad?
No, nor in any PCB package, tracks will neck down asthey are plotted (and this is the gerber style of plotting). The only way for the first post is to draw a copper polygon or pour. Why do you require this shape,out of couriosity. 74 to 10 mils is a big change, again why the big step.
I have seen in the net some working projects where they use standard WEB camera placed close to the eyes and some software to track the iris shape. The final result is that you an precisely track where you're looking without using additional uP
By composite layer do you mean a positive and a negative layer combined to give a track layer with copper pour?
Hi, Aperture A description of the shape and size of the tool used to create a pad or track. The term comes from the days of vector photo plotters, where film was exposed by shining light through apertures (shaped holes) arrayed around the edge of a disk (or "aperture wheel"). Each aperture corresponded to a different D code in the Gerber (...)
how to shield track in Allegro Regards Neena
Fills are the easiest way to do it, say take a .8 mm rectangular fill and place another .8 rectangular fill on one end, the correct dimension for the mitre is the diagonal of the square where the 2 ends meet - using a grid it should not be difficult to create the right shape - interestingly enough, the mitred track has shown through measurements to
i have simple 433.92Mhz modules i donot want to use external antenna in my ckt, can i have simple pcb track in L shape or U shape as antenna I am not talking about loop aerial. which other simple antennas we can use. antenna connectors and antenna are costing much more than a module. what are the suggestions for simple antenna. (...)