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HI I am using GPS for tracking. Currently I am using and external active antenna which I fix above the car. for reliability I prefer to use a patch antenna and embed it with the GPS module. MY Question is could the patch antenna work fine if it's embedded within the enclosure of the device? and if the whole device is (...)
I wish to calculate the impedance at the output side of the attached circuit. As an antenna is to be connected with the same impedance at the output therefore an exact value would be needed. The aim of this circuit is to detect the mobile communication during take off and landing of the Aeroplane, which is normally prohibited, as we know. Th
Dear all, I need to make a presentation on what factors to consider in designing a tracking system embedded in the Cash-In-Transit products. I have googled such systems and also on this board, most of the people suggest a GPS-GSM embedded system i.e. finding the location through a GPS module and transmitting the information through the GSM
As long as you use a network analyzer, you don't need a directional coupler, because the vector network analyzer already contains directional coupler(s). Abhishekabs uses a spectrum analyzer with tracking generator, and by the addition of a directional coupler he made a scalar network analyzer system. The real challenge will be how to connect
one method is you can have omnidirectional transmitter on the object u wanna track... and for tracking.. purpose you can use a loop antenna.. or any other directional antenna on a rotation platform... which will lock on max signal..
any body have information about SATCOM applications on UAVs(unmanned air vehicle) What will be the size of an antenna and what will be the elevation angle of an antenna for tracking a geosync satellite from latıtude 40 longitude 5 satellite is in latitude 0 longitude 5 and at a distance 38000km data rate 2mbps and also data will (...)
For a 200 MHz BW, kTB Thermal noise is -120 dBW, or -90 dBm (You need to make sure that you keep the units right) If you are trying to track a UAV, you will need to either 1-have a tracking antenna, which would be troublesome 2-Use an omni-directional antenna, which will be trouble for the antenna gain. I don't (...)
Hi A Smart antenna able to tracking beam to user, plan to use in 3G mobile phone first, it's likewise Radar system Ant+Processor. First thing u must know. -Array antenna design. -Beamforming technique. -Signal Processing. ...........
i want to kow AGC circuit to use in tracking antenna.
antenna is microstrip planar array. antenna controller changes the phases of array and in this way the antenna beam direction. tracking speed is about 60/sec.
Hi, As you know there are three majour tracking systems. -sequential lobing. - canonical scan. - mono-pulse. One of the best tracking systems are mono pulse ones. using this technique your radar will be resitant against EW techniques. there are many variations in mono pulse techniques. some use amplitude mono pulse, some use phase mono pu
Animal tracking is a general technology area. One method is to put a beacon transmitter on the animal and use a directional antenna to find the direction to the animal. Another option is to find out what your cat likes to eat and offer it some at the end of the day. The cat will come back to you all by its own decision.