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Not sure I understood your question, but short-range tracking radar applications makes use of X-band range, that is 8-12 GHz. Just check your country regulations to make sure that there are not military constraints regarding some specific frequencies within this band.
I attached here the links from GAP A Compact UWB Indoor and Through-Wall Radar with Precise Ranging and tracking The New UWB Self-grounded Bow-Tie antennas and the Applications in Different Systems
To all, I am doing a project which is a satellite tracking system. The project aims to make the antenna mounted on the system always pointing to the satellite. Besides, I know how to do the tracking part but the movement of antenna isn't smooth (fluctuation). I found that the accelerator plus gyroscope can improve that (...)
There are other issues such as Rican fading off tall buildings from GPS giving false position, so antenna directivity can be important to reject Rican fading noise. THe only azimuth Doppler track designs I have done used two separated quad helix antenna for 500 mile rocket range and azimuth tracking
Hi people, I am trying to make a wiresless GPS tracking system using SIM908C and SIM548C as the development board. The issue is, the GSM antenna for SIM908C is given on one side, but when it is placed onto the board the GSM antenna connection for the SIM548C dev kit is on the opposite side. Does it really matter which side of SIM548C do (...)
Hello, I am looking for antennas for vehicule traking. In fact, the antennes will be stuck with magnetic under the vehicule. For GPS antenna (patch), there is no problem, i think, as it has his own ground plane but for GSM900 antenna, there is a problem. Indeed, to preserve a good S11, the reflector should be at lambda/4 and it is equal (...)
Spiral is not a good start for tracking issues. Can your code do a dipole antenna? Since every thing is known for dipole antenna. including field, V, I. I would suggest start from there and post your calculation results. You have not answer my question about how did you excite your structure, waveport or lumped port?
I suggest you Quectal L50 AGPS with passive patch antenna for cheaper & best solution.... Fastrax U501B will be the best AGPS module with patch antenna & has very good tracking sensitivity of 165dB. Quectel is available in India (Advent technologies) itself... I am doing a project with combination of L50 GPS & GSM modem.... Regards Udhay
Yes, there can be different impedance (or return loss) at antenna connector and the other side of the feeding transmission line. This is the reason that have to keep tracking the impedances all over the transmission path. Usually the RFIC manufacturers provides the impedance (S parameters) at particular pins of the IC package, and not behind the pi
Hello everyone! I am working on the development of antenna system for LEO Satellite ground Station in S band. Can anyone please guide me about the techniques that we prefer for tracking the LEO Satellite. To name some, that i have so far seen in literature, are: 1. Programmed track (Probably named as auto track as well?) 2. Conical Scanning
Hi all, I'm designing a monopulse tracking system. It consist of Rat-race monopulse comparator and a system of 4 dipole antennas. The comparator is working fine, designed in HFSS and measured. Now, the problem is that I want to receive a circular polarized wave. This means that antenna A has to be connected with cable length L, (...)
I am making an asset tracking project for my FYP. I am following thr iso 15693 standard. Can some one plz point out an antenna that has a range of atleast 1 m? I will be making the antenna myself but can not find any IEEE paper to implement. Loop or Patch antenna is my target antenna. Thanks!
Hello Friends, I am working on tracking antenna for monopulse radar system. I am given specification in term of tracking Slope...... I generated sum and difference pattern from antenna....but I don't know how tracking Slope is calculated, what is its significance and what should be its ideal value?? (...)
Hi, I'm about to design a tracking device to be used by equipment located below ground. There will be a transmitter below ground and a handheld receiver. Where to find information about radio frequency attenuation in different media? Can I use 868Mhz or will more LF like 32768Hz work better?
Depending on type of communication, in many cases is a simple receiver enough if you have a antenna with high gain. For weather satellites can you buy cheap receiver kits which connects to PC sound-card. High antenna gain => narrow lobe => tracking helps to keep contact a bit longer time. Many LEO satellites communicate in a narrow band mode (...)
hi friends, I am using SIM548 for my vehicle tracking application where i am facing following problem ->when i connect the GPS and GPRS antenna on pad provided the data sending is proper but the problem arises when the antennas are connected to the connectors provided. please help. thanks in advance
Respected sir, we are making project on the base of bus tracking using gps. In this project our aim is to transmit the location of the bus (which we get from the GPS module)to the station(which is maximum 300 meter away from the bus). which module is best to use(GSM transmitter and receiver or RF transmitter and receiver).and what is the maximum
is there any one who can help me i want to track the beacon using rssi please any one guide me
I would like to measure the Return loss of an antenna at Ka Band. My VNA doesn't go that high, but I do have an Agilent SA that will using an external mixer. If I have a tracking generator I believe that I can accomplish this and use the external mixer as my detector. Has anyone used a tracking generator with the Agilent E4407B? I don't (...)
Dear All, We have an X band Cassegrain antenna which tracks a LEO satellite using Program Track. Now we need to add AutoTrack capability to the system. I'm completely lost which equipment to use. I've found the following: 1. Single Channel Monopulse (SCM) 2. Monopulse Comparators 3. TE21 Monopulse tracking Couplers I couldn't find e