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Hello experts, I am trying to make a line tracking robot by pic18 series controller and camera module. I have think to control the robot by 2 or 3 will work fine but when robort will reach at 90 degree turn. It will misbehave or bowl because it had high speed. Actually i want to know turn distance by camera. When camera found turn c
what is suntrucking? I know sun-tracking but don't see a need for a GPS unless to first establish latitude and so optimum angles for that latitude
Before searching for an IC you would decide for a measurement method, I think. Promising candidates are microwave doppler radar, laser time-of-flight, simple light barrier. What method is normally in car tracking devices?.The devices are pretty small you know.
I need a simple spi interface to be implemented in a cpld to enable communication with a tracking resolver (e.g. ad2s 12-series, read serial data as speed, angular position and writing resolver settings). Does anyone have a vhdl file that gives a good starting point? Also a model for a resolver in vhdl that could be used in a TB (test) would be
There are other issues such as Rican fading off tall buildings from GPS giving false position, so antenna directivity can be important to reject Rican fading noise. THe only azimuth Doppler track designs I have done used two separated quad helix antenna for 500 mile rocket range and azimuth tracking
Hi all, In our Vehicle tracking System device, once the device starts up, the device didn't able to capture its current position, i.e actually where it is standing and showing some other location. NB: The device connected in the ignition of the vehicle and the device's power cuts off after 30 minutes. The above said problem occurs when the d
Hello All I would like to work in this project "Solar tracking system using Programmable logic controller (PLC) DVP ES2" PLC but I have not enough resources, So please help me and by the way if you have any other ideas that can be given for a final year students projects, it will be also very useful Any help will be very appreciated Th
Some more related projects :- Azimuth tracking*, polar tracking*, battery charging, battery to mains inverter, local mains to national grid change over system. Frank * with midnight resetting to required morning position.
I presume you understand about the function LDR half bridge in each axis. We can expect that both LDRs have same resistance in balanced state (correct tracking position) and also with diffuse lighting (no sun at the sky). In balanced statem both relays are off and the motor stops. In unbalanced state, the comparators are either activating one or
Dear All I am making a project: Sun tracking I am using pic16F877 and L298 and the code is in PIC Mikroc. I am stuck since many days as Motor is not running in proteus. Kindly help how to set PWM duty cycle and how to control the speed. My complete code given below: Two LDRs are used to track the position of sun. i am giving CCP1 output to ENA p
Hi All I am interested in developing a project which functions as follows: A and B are two vehicles. VehiclesA's position and path travelled is to be displayed in VehicleB. I am looking forward to use a mobile with GPS and 3G reception for this project. Is this practically possible? Are there any implemented examples close to this? Kindl
Hello everyone, I am doing a project on gps and gsm based vehicle tracking system, where the location of the vehicle is got by gps and the position will be sent to the mobile through gsm. So which microcontroller is best to use for this project? plz help me out.....
Hi genius, my project is tracking vehicle position form remote .I planned to get lat,lang position from gps receiver and send through gprs.I'm gonna use sim300 gsm+gprs module.the problem is, at some places gprs connection is not constant. Due to tower problem.I'll not get position. so, is there any way apart (...)
Jiripolvka, the only reason I can think of is a situation where the solar tracker may be portable and it should start tracking whatever position it is placed. If that is the case, it would need azimuth as well as lateral control to work properly. I have argued elsewhere on EdaBoard that a simple slow motor, or stepper motor is a better solution fo
so your solar panel is mobile and tracking the sun ? wow that's ambitious, if perhaps unwieldy maybe? If you have GPS coordinates, you can calculate the sun position. you can find a lot by googling. eg
I need help with the matlab code for audio sensor tracking in indoor area. I want to deploy speakers and record and save sounds at different locations in a room after which i'll compare intruder sounds with this sounds to estimate the position of an intruder. I really need your help.
Hi, first post, hope this is the right section. I need to design a system that will track and control a satellite dish antenna. I have been given a solar panel kit, a satellite motor and a laser light module, however, i am not limited to these. Anyone have any ideas as to how i should go about this? Thanks
hi, I'm working on a project tracking position using Globalsat EM411 GPS sensor, how do I enable WAAS feature, to be more accurate. thank you
thank you for your reply, I want to use the second way but without tracking each vehicle and mark the position of each one ,the computer will look at all of the motion vehicles and plot a motion vectors for every pixel witch are used for estimate the velocity, but there is many algorith-ms for the calculate of motion vectors with optical flow, witc
Can you eloborate the question? Don't you trust the servo in tracking the position set by the control pulsewidth? Or is the servo disabled by setting an out-of-range pulsewidth? A possible option is to open the servo and tap the potentiometer signal.