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Hi there I'm trying to make a two way traffic light controller. Theres a main street (switch 1) and a side street(switch 2), where the main street has priority. If theres a car at main (high) or if theres no car at either street, then the main street should be green and the side street is red. That is the extent of the code I have below. In addi
Greetings. I am trying to design a traffic light controller using logic gates. I will be using a red LED and a green LED. First the red LED stays on for 15 seconds and then turns off after which the green LED turns on for 60 seconds and repeats itself. Then the process starts repeating itself. Since I have been using D flip-flops there (...)
pls, i want to design a system that would be able to give coded voice message as well as control traffic system. i ve done the code for the microcontroller for the traffic light system but am having some problems with the voice message handling section....pls, i need an urgent help.
Hi, 1.Vision-Based Automated Parking System 2.Simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami Through GSM Network of Intelligent traffic light Controller Using GSM & Embedded System and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Based Security System 5.Touch Screen Based Robot Control with Speech Alert 6.Single (...)
RFID is comprised of readers and tags. Which part do you want to connect to the traffic light module (a lab model of a traffic light, I guess) and what's the intended function?
Hi,I downloaded the free trial of Flowcode and tried to design a simple controller for an old traffic light ,I bought at a garage sale.I'd like the red,yel and grn lights to blink on and off,going from one light to the other and keep going,blinking the lights one at a time sequentially (...)
Hi everybody, I need someone to assist me on this project of mine. I am to design a traffic light system for cross roads and a T junction respectively. i need some to assist me with a schematic diagram. i think this will surely assist me. :D :idea:
I just started to work on my Logic Circuit design semester project, I decided to work on a default traffic light system... It has to be a sequential circuit i guess... I worked on this scenario: the total number of cycles is 8, from which 3 are RED, 2 are YELLOW and left 3 cycles are GREEN, but this is not the real o rder the real order (...)
Hi..nw i am doing final year project in university technology of malaysia (utm).. my project title is smart traffic light system using fuzzy logic.. my traffic light system is control by PIC (16F877a) microcontroller..and im using infra-red sensor to detect the vehicles.. is it possible i can get the circuit (...)
can anyone tall me wat all variations i can do in my traffic light controller design using VHDL em only doing the controller part.
A traffic light controller sounds like the job for a simple low-cost microcontroller, unless your goal is to learn FPGA design. An FPGA can give extremely high performance if you design a parallel processing algorithm that takes advantage of the FPGA's architecture. If you simply drop a microprocessor core into the FPGA, (...)
Refer to this book i think it has the traffic light controller designed! Advanced Digital design with the Verilog? HDL * By Michael D. Ciletti. * Published by Prentice Hall.
You can look at this book by Randy Katz, Contemporay Logic design, 2nd Edition. They have specific example on TLC. Chapter 9. case study traffic light controller. very good book on FSM designing.
You can design a traffic light system, it can be done with discrete gates or with a pld, such as a GAL.
Hi! Everybody help me I need Microcontroller Training Board design using AT89S51 Microncontroller. To control traffic light, lamp,motor, etc Component list of Training Board ?AT89S51 Microncontroller ?32 Byte RAM ?32 Byte EEPROM ?Programable Array Logic ?8 bit Register ?A/D and D/A Converter ?Voltage Reguator (...)
Hi all, I have a project to design a traffic light controlled by camera using PAL devices, Anyone know some books about this. thanks
well i'm quite sure that an example of traffic light design is given in DIGITAL SYSTEM design USING VHDL by Charles H Roth....