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this is a simple traffic light implementation in verilog. something is wrong and i think it's because of timer. the output should be red->yellow->green, instead it is yellow->red->green->red->green->red->green->yellow and all over again. any help is appreciated. design: module traffic_lights(red,yellow,green, clk,rst); (...)
The schematic is attached. The code, using c and the xc8 compiler for the pic18f46k22. I'm making a traffic light controller for 4 different lights. i set the delay to just 100ms temporarily. i'll fix that later and set it to loop so i get 5-15 second delay. /* * File: main.c * Author: IBRAHIM LABS * EMAIL:
Hi guys, I'm new in this and last week I learned how to display 2 letter in 7 segment display. It's just a simple one where you push button display "L" on the right display and release button it will display "H" on the left display. And so from it I want to create a pedestrian road crossing traffic light but instead of using LED, I want to use 7
Hi there I'm trying to make a two way traffic light controller. Theres a main street (switch 1) and a side street(switch 2), where the main street has priority. If theres a car at main (high) or if theres no car at either street, then the main street should be green and the side street is red. That is the extent of the code I have below. In addi
Personally, I would forget those diagrams as they are not directly relevant to street lighting. I presume, the circuit intends more than a simple twilight switch. There are three light barriers which may have the purpose of sensing traffic activity.
traffic light Timer must countdown 30sec green 10sec yellow 15sec red I already accomplished the timer with an astable multivibrator Now, I am stuck with the timer.. can anyone help me thanks 118454
I get the feeling they have been adding more sensors in the system, to detect the number of cars waiting in each lane (including the left-turn lane). I suppose it's for certain there is a computerized device making decisions at the busier intersections. What I often wish is for is that the system would hurry up and give me a green left arrow, wh
I am taking an Embedded Computing class and as a final project I must design a traffic light system. I am using a XC5VLX110T and so far this is my code. int main() { xil_printf("orange"); XromLCDPrintString(" GO!! "); //================================================================================== // // PUSH BUTTON // //==
Hi every one, I just joined this forum. I would like to do a project for traffic signal control. At present, our existing system is having 3 Digit 7 Segment LED Display as timer (to show the remaining time in seconds) and three lights RED, YELLOW & GREEN (as general standard) for each direction. The timers in every direction shows remaining time
Hi all , Pleas, I need help with my code. I need to generate 25 seconds (green red signal ) and 4 seconds (yellow signal ). There should be a car sensor too. The code should be based on 24 MHz frequency. Am not good about vhdl, BUT I really really did my best to write the code bellow. The problem is I couldn't get the four states outputs. I onl
Hi all, Am a new member here and hope to learn a lot from this esteemed website. I have a vhdl code that compiles fine. The only issue is am not sure about the shape of the wave form because my Web Edition Quartus doesn't allow me to do so. Can any one help me to see the waveform shape for my code please? the code is library IEEE
My name-brand compact fluorescent light bulbs are inexpensive, efficient and last for such a long time that I cannot remember when I bought them. LED light bulbs cost a fortune and I see that the LEDs in street lights traffic lights are failing all the time.
OK thanks for both of u it's clear and obvious it's not a problem to use another software to test my code. the idea is I'm in need to simulate the whole system. an example you want to simulate an intersection traffic light by using a simulator like proteus but the problem by choosing altera as a component and coder that constraint your opportunit
Hi, I got this instruction given: > For each of the following three scenarios, initially assume that the East-West traffic has had a green traffic light for a long time. 1) If a North-South car is detected then the traffic lights will cycle to green in that direction. The walk light (...)
Greetings. I am trying to design a traffic light controller using logic gates. I will be using a red LED and a green LED. First the red LED stays on for 15 seconds and then turns off after which the green LED turns on for 60 seconds and repeats itself. Then the process starts repeating itself. Since I have been using D flip-flops there are about
LED lights are still much too expensive to light up a building. LEDs are fine for indicator lights and for traffic and street lights.
ALL traffic lights and ALL street lights in my fairly large city are now LED. They use much less electricity and do not need expensive and frequent replacement as the incandescent ones they replaced. But I see some of the individual LEDs not lighting anymore after a few years. Since each light has maybe 30 (...)
There are many different languages across the world, there is no way to "enforce" a new "standard" for traffic lights. Colours are quite enough. As Keith pointed out, position is relevant (colour impaired, guide dogs ...). Even, in some countries traffic signs are not enough so they are backed up with text based addons - USA (how 'bout (...)
Every street light and every traffic light in my pretty big city are LED now because they use low power and last a long time. Sure they use aluminium heatsinks. So what! Many products are aluminium and are thrown away after one year of use.
pls, i want to design a system that would be able to give coded voice message as well as control traffic system. i ve done the code for the microcontroller for the traffic light system but am having some problems with the voice message handling section....pls, i need an urgent help.