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Hi all I'm master student. i want to simulate phase noise of phase locked loop in HSPICE RF. but when i simulate it, I see this warning: Warning: HB_WARN.3: HB oscillator convergence failure. Oscillator analysis terminated.even this warning be seen for an ideal vco. My netlist for define ideal vco as follows: *******VCO
Hello my name is Alberto , I would like to design a RF amplifier with transistor BFR 540, I attached a scheme that I have to see if someone know about Genesys or other simulation program can help me in designing the project, if is possible 2 or 3 stages BFR 540, if anyone is interested in doing this project and the need the bjt BFR 540 can send bec
i am using orcad pspice 9.2 ***** it is showing error while simulation the model/circuit please help where do i get library files the error message is ERROR -- Can't find library .tran 0 0.02 0 1e-8 .OPTIONS STEPGMIN .OPTIONS PREORDER .OPTIONS ABSTOL= 1.0e-4 .OPTIONS VNTOL= 1.0m .PROBE V(*) I(*) W(*) D(*) noise(*) .INC ".\1
Hai, I am simulating active inductor VCO with free running frequency of 5GHz in 65nm technology. 111313 using transient analysis (enabled transient noise) the measurement of period jitter is 400ps In tran analysis the noise setttings, noiseseed 1, (...)
hai, help me in finding flicker noise frequency for calculating phase noise for LC VCO also how to calculate current at particular node using T-spice i tried using probe command it shows as \only_varactor_with_DGFET_20131204_153404.tsim but i did not find the voltage in manual they mentioned as .probe tran Saves all node voltages (...)
Dear all, anyones whos knows how to distribute a tran noise simulation jobs on different cpus? How to distribute the intial seed? thx.
Hello, I am writing a program to calculate the noise contributions of various PLL components (VCO, Charge Pump, etc.) to the output. The PLL is a FracN and it uses a P/(P+1) prescaler and a delta-sigma modulator. I can simulate the noise output of the prescaler in the circuit simulator. My question: In order to *approximate* its noise (...)
The common mode centre tap is provided for many reasons. 1) reduce common mode stray noise with a low common mode impedance point 2) improve common mode rejection ratio for EMC reasons of ingress and egress. 3) isolation of grounds from local source to transmission line to reject stray lightning E-fields and other high interference 4) (...)
Hi, After designing an amplifier in spice, which type of analysis/tests should you run? I know that it is normal to start out with an classical AC analysis. Then one might do an tran analysis where a sawtooth/step is inserted to your input. But then what?:)
A modulated analogue CATV signal/multiple signals or simply TV signal can be transmitted over a distance by UpConverting with a appropriate Oscillator and Mixer. In UpConverting, the most important issue is noise, especially high Phase noise will create some noise coloured spots on the image.
I designed a 2-1 sigma-delta modulator and found fft issue I don't understand. My sim has 2 steps: 1) run "tran" analysis in spectre (select "transient noise" option) 2) read data from modulator output to matlab and do fft in matlab I used 2 different sampling capacitors (1pF, 4pF) for the first integrator and other parameter (fclk, (...)
A bipolar transister circuit would usually have an input impedance less than 40Kohms. No, it wouldn't. Only a basic common emitter circuit would. But there is a world of transistor circuits beyond it. Before high performance audio OPs appeared, no one used an OP for a low-noise preamp. They have been build from bipolar (...)
Hi guys I'm now designing a on-chip balun. two methods may be adopted. First, get sp. file from momentum simulation,and use this sp.file to embedded in the rest of circuit do the full simulation such as dc ac noise tran pss ect. Second, to model RLCK use it to simulate instead balun. what puzzled me is: can sp.file accurately do the time-doma
Hi, all As we know, we can predict VCO phase noise using hajimiri's LTV model. And I have read his papers, where he defined a useful function called ISF to calculate phase noise. But I still don't know how to get the ISF from simulation. Do you obtain it by PSS or by tran simulation? As I know, the same VCO may start up at different (...)
I believe Cadence can do transient noise analysis. Right. In the ADE (Analog Design Environment) menu, select Analyses -> Choose... In the Choosing Analyses menu, if you select the (default) tran analysis, you may also select transient noise, which extends the menu for special n
Pls, I need matlab codes to implement multiple (noise) attenuation in seismic data using slant stack filtering, tau-p transform and deconvolution. Any help on any of the codes is highly appreciated. Thanks
I mean how many microseconds of simulation time! If you want to see 1/f, you need to run quite a long time... By the way, are you running transient noise?? If not, you will not see any noise at all!
Hi All, I heard Cadence's spectre has a new feature supporting transient noise analysis. But I cannot see the options such as noisefmax and noiseseed in tran analysis setup of my spectre. The version of my virtuoso ADE is Do I need to update to any newer version? Or is there any (...)
Hi, I am designing a sigma-delta pll, and want to do the phase-noise simulation with spectre PSS and Pnoise. But there are some questions about it, and can anyone help to solve them, please. 1. when I use a OSC verilog-A code as the input reference frequency source, the PSS simulation will be failed because of the hidden-state in the verilog-A
I think use .tran is more suitable for switching action.