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I am hoping to get some help with an issue I am currently having on a new design I am working. The design incorporates the following: 434 MHZ transceiver WIFI module switching power supply other components. The issue I have is as follows: (1) The noise floor I measure on the RRSI line of the receiver is around 450 mv without the WIFI mod
I couldn't find this pma aux. block anywere in the documents. I am sure it is within HSSI transceiver module but what does it do? Thanks!
im going to design the complete wifi module including transceiver. currently thinking of choosing a rf architecture, especially receiver (low IF, zero IF). can anyone suggest books, papers or article about it? thanks.
We are using the SI9241AEY Bus transceiver. It interfaces between a microprocessor and the communication bus which services the Engine Control module and the electronic sensor and control system for a small engine. The system uses the Keywords 2000 Protocol which is a single wire protocol similar to LIN and in contrast to CAN which is a 2-wire pr
How proficient are you with programming the SPI interface? The Nordic Semiconductor's nRF24L01+ transceiver are readily available in module form on eBay for as little as $2 USD for a pair of modules. Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+ The Nordic nRF24L01+ is a h
i have zigbee module cc2530 transceiver that is perfectly working when i check with hyperterminal but when i connect it to the pic microcontoller 16f877a and lcd, it displays some other letters instead of correct one..for example when i connect one transmitter module to pc and receiver module to pic. when I transmit 2, it (...)
See these I have the
Hi, I need to take data from a sensor and transmit it to the processing unit. I intend to use a wireless transceiver at both ends. The baud rate is 250-500 kbaud. The output signal from the sensor comes between -18 to 24V (extreme cases in either direction i.e. clockwise and counter clockwise) and the current is 130mA. I came across CC1101 t
I want to learn a little about Bluetooth transceiver circuits, I have no experience to date. I read a short blurb on the Arduino JY-MCU module. This device appears to act like a wireless UART. 1) Could I simply connect power and the Rx, Tx lines
Hi I am currently doing a project which is basically voice record and playback but the playback is at a different place(at a range of over 500m) at different time(by now am thinking about connecting ISD15100 out to ATMEGA16 adc input and then use HT12E/D encoder/decoder module and RF transceiver module for voice transmission.Will t
Hi, I am trying to make a RF transceiver with an external LNA and PA while sharing the same antenna. This transceiver module has one RF input/output and the software registers switch the pin function between receiving and transmitting. So my questions are: - I was wondering if my approach of separating the LNA and the PA, as shown in the (...)
Hope RF modules can be used if you change the crystal. A lot of small radio transceiver chips are covering the requested frequency range by design. A 430 MHz module based on TI CC1101 should usually work for your band (not considering possible firmware restrictions). Retuning the antenna matching network would improve the output power, however.
Hi, I am trying to build a circuit using the MSP430 Launchpad and an ultrasonic transceiver (the sensor is both transmitting and receiving and has only 2 pins) in order to make an obstacle detector, but unfortunately I am lost. In the past I have built an ultrasonic circuit with msp430 max232e and a few op amps but then it was with 2 separat
Two transmitters transmitting simultaneously will result in garbage data so you should have some technique/scheme so that data gets to intended receiver reliably.For same some points which came to mind are below >> * If possible use some transceiver with built in CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection) for more on this Google m
yes up/down conversion is very common. But you might want to increase the frequency deviation at 900 MHz band. That way you are more tolerant of the other frequency errors. IF you can not, use a much better clock crystal source for the 900 MHz transceiver chip (which I assume has an internal PLL, otherwise it will probably not work!).
Look at CC1101 and his
Typically OOK/ASK TX/RX modules like the units you've purchase require the implementation of some method of software encoding scheme, like Manchester encoding, to transmit and receive reliably in real world conditions. Which is why most applications utilized transceivers with encoding provided by the hardware in the transceiver (...)
Dear Viewers, i have just one question to ask.... I want to use RFD21733 to transmit signal to a smartphone. My question is does a smart phone have a receiver to receive this signal? or I need a suggestion of any other RF module that can do this job?
TI/National offer a line of LIN 2.x/SAEJ2602 Physical Interfaces/transceivers which also support K-Line (ISO9141): SN65HVDA195 Datasheet SN65HVDA100 Datasheet
You can buy cheap Bluetooth RF transceiver module serial RS232 are not so high today, they are around 5-6EUR. I will send you link on PM, to avoid commercialization of this thread. :-) Best regards, Peter :wink:
Hello all, recently I've been looking for wireless transceiver modules to interface with an MCU (atmel UC3C series) for sending telemetry at a high data rate (like 5Mbaud or more) at short distance (maybe 20m max). Previously I had used a nRF24L01 module and was able to get about ~1Mbaud throughput. Now I've looked at many 802.11 wifi (...)
dear these modules work in short range because of RF power. here is a transceiver module having range of 4Km. DataBridge of starmann electric.
hi, I have purchased NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Antenna Wireless transceiver module TK0348 for RF communication . i am going to use this module in one meter project. I need protocol details for nRF24L01. anyone pls help me.
which is the best Wireless transceiver NRF24L01 or CC2500 ? requirements 1, peer to peer communication. 3, Bi-directional communication. 2, SPI interface. 3, single module . 4, 5V logic levels for micro-controller interfacing. 5, low cost. Please Help Me With Your Valuable Suggestions. [/
Hello Kopi, Please follow following instructions to resolve / debug your SIM900 problem. 1. You should first wire your SIM900 module through RS232 transceiver to PC. 2. Turn On SIM900 module 3. On PC side run any rs232 terminal and issue AT commands 3. For example when you type "AT" you should get "OK" response This way you can test if (...)
i think you need something like that with an rf module like that
Hi Folks, I need help regarding the interfacing of Zigbee transceiver with GSM module. We had built Saline monitoring circuit. Whevnever there is no fluid passage into the body, the circuit will give an alert. For this, we have IR LEDS to monitor the passage of fluid. In addition, we had used Zigbee transceiver TI's CC2530 kit to send (...)
From the datasheet of the transceiver, Pin 4 and 5 are used for USART communication. Thery are TTL compatible, i.e. works with digital 5v. Hence the Tx and Rx of the module can be connect directly to the Rx and Tx pins of the Arduino (digital 1 & 0 pins). the module can be powered from the arduino itself by connecting the Vcc and GND pins of (...)
Guys, Does anyone know on how to initialize bluetooth module with MCS-51 ? I saw there's TX and RX and can connect to RX and TX of 8051, but I lost the code, Any helps or idea will be very appreciated, Thanks a lot, I have a module like this one
I need to design a transceiver as per DVB-T Standard where the o/p power at the transmitter has to be 500mW in the band 2.0-2.4GHz. Can you please suggest which company provide the processor/FPGA for (Encoder, Compressor, Modulator, DAC) in single chip plus up-converter. Also I am not able to figure out the transistor for amplifier within my band
hello everybody, okay, to the subject direct, i am working on RF transceiver module, using remote control with four buttons, and required to drive a vibrating motor with every button click, momentary " as long as button is pressed the motor is vibrating" , the module is paired of pt2262 transmitter, and pt2272 receiver, which gives four (...)
hai all, can anyone say whether i can use 'ADL5324: 400 MHZ TO 4000 MHZ ? WATT RF DRIVER AMPLIFIER' along with 'DRF7020D27 27dBm ISM RF transceiver module' . what all things i have to consider while coupling these two? please replay asap.....:| thanks
I am a digital communication engineer. I am looking for a radio transceiver at 2.45 GHz (other higher frequency will be considered as well) which support raw I and Q data as an input for transmitter or output for receiver. So, I can generate any I and Q data and send it to the radio module for transmission. Also, for the receiver, I can process the
the wireless solution is always about distance, if the distance is short, bluetooth could be an option, but maybe you can go the
Hello! Today i Connect USB Port to Bluetooth TTL transceiver module ( ) , and when i connect usb flash drive to this Usb port,:idea: flash drive it work's one second and then turn off... i don't know why? can somebody help me? Thanxxx!! :-D
I have another question. If I use a GFSK module like the transceiver nRF2401A and set all modulating data equal to 1 (or 0), can I obtain a stable channel frequency (choosen by software) like with a synthesizer? Ste
The analyzer was made of a DMX transceiver and 2x16 LCD display. Three buttons are used to control the device. The analyzer can be used to check any transmitter and then compare the results. The DMX module can be used to receive a
you can use 74ACTQ3283T 32-Bit Latchable transceiver with Parity Generator.
for the communication with the standard SIM300 boards need the MAX232 transceiver The question was about an A315 module, not SIM300. A SIM300 module has logic level signals and interfaces a processor without a MAX232 level converter. Popular RF modules are also using logic level signals, the problem is howver, that some simp
Helo, I need a short range, low power wireless transceiver module of around 300 - 450 MHz. One way communication of baby voice. Anyone with the knowledge can you suggest me some modules. Plz, dont tell google it because I tried and failed, so I need someone who work with these kinda of things. Thanks.
Check if nRF24L01+ is available (2.4GHz transceiver) ,it uses SPI to communicate and they sell it at about $3-$5 The chip is nRF24L01+ - 2.4GHz RF - Products - Nordic Semiconductor but the price I give is for the complete PCB including on board antenna. Alex
you can start with this product from tenet bangalore Powerline Communication Modem PLC UART 12V - Tenet Technetronics Description:61919 This is a transceiver module designed to send/receive serial data over power lines. PLC-UART is designed to transparently
If the distance between the processors is small, it might be easier to use the spi bus or I2C. To use can, both processors will need a can module and also a can transceiver, to interface to the can bus.
Hi every body I want to design a receiver/ transceiver for sending data in a 1Km distance so does any body can intrduce me any IC or chip that has interface with UC and I can use it in my circuit as transceiver ? notice that I know there are several module in the shopping that are ready to use but I want to make by my own and another point (...)
the circuit uses a pt100 sensor for temperature sensing and then interfacing of pic 16f877a adc and then displaying using a 16X2 alphanumeric lcd.then transmitting the temperature reading via rf12b transceiver module and then interfacing it to a pc.. I NEED A C PROGRAM TO IMPLEMENT THE SAME,, 55079 IT SHOULD INCLUDE DATA ACQU
Which rf module module are you referring to... some of the RF modules and rf transceiver allow UART interface, If the module you have provides these interface then you can interface it to 2148. read or post the data sheet of the module.....
Yes, its possible and has been done. Get yourself a breakout board with built-in antenna: 2.4Ghz Wireless nRF24L01+ transceiver module - $7.95 : MDFLY electronics, Your electronics supplier! and you're ready to roll.
Hi, I am designing CDMA transceiver, I got struck in Accusation and Tracking part :?, Can u suggest me some idea how to implement this part in CDMA. If you have any data(files "pdf" or link), I will be happy:-) if you share with me. Thank you in advance :-)
yes, it can be done with rf transceiver too.
Hello, Can anyone help me find a RF spread spectrum (DSSS) transceiver module that can be integrated to my ATMega16a MCU? 10x