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I am hoping to get some help with an issue I am currently having on a new design I am working. The design incorporates the following: 434 MHZ transceiver WIFI module switching power supply other components. The issue I have is as follows: (1) The noise floor I measure on the RRSI line of the receiver is around 450 mv without the WIFI mod
I couldn't find this pma aux. block anywere in the documents. I am sure it is within HSSI transceiver module but what does it do? Thanks!
im going to design the complete wifi module including transceiver. currently thinking of choosing a rf architecture, especially receiver (low IF, zero IF). can anyone suggest books, papers or article about it? thanks.
We are using the SI9241AEY Bus transceiver. It interfaces between a microprocessor and the communication bus which services the Engine Control module and the electronic sensor and control system for a small engine. The system uses the Keywords 2000 Protocol which is a single wire protocol similar to LIN and in contrast to CAN which is a 2-wire pr
How proficient are you with programming the SPI interface? The Nordic Semiconductor's nRF24L01+ transceiver are readily available in module form on eBay for as little as $2 USD for a pair of modules. Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+ The Nordic nRF24L01+ is a h
i have zigbee module cc2530 transceiver that is perfectly working when i check with hyperterminal but when i connect it to the pic microcontoller 16f877a and lcd, it displays some other letters instead of correct one..for example when i connect one transmitter module to pc and receiver module to pic. when I transmit 2, it (...)
See these I have the
You have to provide more details on what wireless communication standard you are going to use. CC1101 is a sub 1GHz RF transceiver. There are others who also have similar ICs. Are you looking to build the RF module yourself using these ICs or you want a ready module? If you would like to build your own module then CC1101 (...)
I want to learn a little about Bluetooth transceiver circuits, I have no experience to date. I read a short blurb on the Arduino JY-MCU module. This device appears to act like a wireless UART. 1) Could I simply connect power and the Rx, Tx lines
Hi I am currently doing a project which is basically voice record and playback but the playback is at a different place(at a range of over 500m) at different time(by now am thinking about connecting ISD15100 out to ATMEGA16 adc input and then use HT12E/D encoder/decoder module and RF transceiver module for voice transmission.Will t
Hi, I am trying to make a RF transceiver with an external LNA and PA while sharing the same antenna. This transceiver module has one RF input/output and the software registers switch the pin function between receiving and transmitting. So my questions are: - I was wondering if my approach of separating the LNA and the PA, as shown in the (...)
Hope RF modules can be used if you change the crystal. A lot of small radio transceiver chips are covering the requested frequency range by design. A 430 MHz module based on TI CC1101 should usually work for your band (not considering possible firmware restrictions). Retuning the antenna matching network would improve the output power, however.
Hi, I am trying to build a circuit using the MSP430 Launchpad and an ultrasonic transceiver (the sensor is both transmitting and receiving and has only 2 pins) in order to make an obstacle detector, but unfortunately I am lost. In the past I have built an ultrasonic circuit with msp430 max232e and a few op amps but then it was with 2 separat
Two transmitters transmitting simultaneously will result in garbage data so you should have some technique/scheme so that data gets to intended receiver reliably.For same some points which came to mind are below >> * If possible use some transceiver with built in CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection) for more on this Google m
yes up/down conversion is very common. But you might want to increase the frequency deviation at 900 MHz band. That way you are more tolerant of the other frequency errors. IF you can not, use a much better clock crystal source for the 900 MHz transceiver chip (which I assume has an internal PLL, otherwise it will probably not work!).
Look at CC1101 and his
Typically OOK/ASK TX/RX modules like the units you've purchase require the implementation of some method of software encoding scheme, like Manchester encoding, to transmit and receive reliably in real world conditions. Which is why most applications utilized transceivers with encoding provided by the hardware in the transceiver (...)
Dear Viewers, i have just one question to ask.... I want to use RFD21733 to transmit signal to a smartphone. My question is does a smart phone have a receiver to receive this signal? or I need a suggestion of any other RF module that can do this job?
TI/National offer a line of LIN 2.x/SAEJ2602 Physical Interfaces/transceivers which also support K-Line (ISO9141): SN65HVDA195 Datasheet SN65HVDA100 Datasheet
You can buy cheap Bluetooth RF transceiver module serial RS232 are not so high today, they are around 5-6EUR. I will send you link on PM, to avoid commercialization of this thread. :-) Best regards, Peter :wink: