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Each of which has two phases in the primary winding. Don't know what this means. It's a single-phase transformer. The primary may be connected phase-phase, but what's the purpose of the center tap? when I disconnect one of phases (for example L1) from Tr2, there is still voltage in that disconnected (...)
sure, use a transformer with the output center tapped. connect 40V to center tap, and put 5V square wave on primary
The following simple balanced modulator may help you to understand. We have a 10MHz carrier input on N1 of the transformer. We apply a modulation signal at the center-tap on the primary. In the first plot, we have a10kHz pure sine-wave modulation with the balancing pot P1 just of the 50% mark. You can see the carrier, (...)
Hi guys A newbie question 96354 need to wire this transformer, both primaries and both secondaries respectfully have the same number of windings, can I wind them bifiliar (simultaneously) or single wire with a center tap. Thank you in advance for your quick reply - :-D Theunis
i want to make an inverter ckt of i/p vg 12v dc and o/p vg 240v ac , i need 2 - 3A current at o/p side. and i wants to do it without center tap transformer and i can use 12v to 240v stepup transformer.
This is essentially how power is transferred around a city, country and the world. For safety the center tap which is Neutral is connected to safety ground. The isolation between primary and secondary is provided by the dielectric properties of the transformer prevent arcing across windings a shunt stray lightning to (...)
hello everyone: There are only function generator and digital CRO for tseting the transformer. I have problems on ways of connections and input signal for testing on center- tap one. Pl give some suggestions to me... Best regards
Hello I'm trying to figure out how to drive VFD (not variable freq drive but vaccum flourescent display) and it calls for 2.5 AC fillament drive but all example schematics show a transformer with a center tap. My questions are - how does one get that transformer and what about the primary coil? How (...)