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I would like know how to use current transformer in Orcad or is there any other way for measuring current so using it for feedback
I made a DC-DC flyback converter and it has a variable output voltage. But at some of the voltage range the transformer makes loud noise. The switching frequency is 50khz. it work in discontinuous mode and I use UC3842 for controller. I guess that I have oscillation at feedback loop. I check pin 1 of 3842 with scope. at normal state t
I want to make the driver but does not use IC. Can just using 13005, toroidal transformer, MOSPEC or other Schottky or ultrafast rectifier, and optical feedback for over voltage (Open Load) and over current (Shorted/Reduced load voltage). The toroidal core transformer I prefer as air gap adjustment is absent. Simplest & Rugged circuit (...)
I'm in doubt for what charlyking says. I don't think transformer would work for DC signal as what ifithegr8 requires. Better use a shunt resistor, few opamps to amplify the voltage across this shunt, with multi-turn resistors (feedback + offset) to calibrate the output accurately. 0.1A resolution will be acheivable as 15/0.1 = 150 steps which is mu
Hello, i wish to use UC3901 isolated feedback generator for SMPS . It feeds the control signal back to primary side by driving an RF transformer. here is uc3901 datasheet:- My question is, please can you say if the dimensioning of the timing capacitor (off pin 1) (which sets the pulse t
I'm working on a 915MHz mixer design, and just run into a challenge of unavailability of these components 1.Varactor diode BB131 (philips) amplifier transistor AT-41486 (agilent) 3.Schottky diode BAT15-04W 4.RF transformer JTX-2-10T pls I need suggestions for possible substitutes for the components. thanks in advance
Hello, I'm having some problems with a multiple output flyback converter (the Power Integrations TNY series). I have a transformer wind-up for 15V and 5V outputs. The 15V line goes to feedback and is rock stable at 14.8V, regardless of the load. However, the 5V line is a disaster. Even at small loads it falls to 4V, which is not enough to power my
The effect is by design, due to the transformer leakage inductance. Some reference designs with primary respectively auxilary windings voltage sense use a series resistor with D2 and tune this resistor and C2 to minimize the load dependance. You may want to consult respective reference designs or figure out your circuits behaviour either empiric
HI This circuit is a push pull resonate type oscillator it use the transformer 2nd coil create a positive feedback neccery for oscillation Check the type of trnsformer you have used - most of probelm with this type of circuit came from trnsformer All the best Bobi
Hi all, happy new year! I have my first question this year. I am trying to understand how a common-base BJT LNA works. The circuit I am analysing uses a transformer feedback. Does anyone know any literature, web site, articles about this type of amplifiers? Does anyone know what are the advantages of using this transformer (...)
Hi I m looking to bulid an inverter with 50hz using big transformer (not ferrite) with feedback using the adc of PIC or AVR and with three seven segment display of voltage and other functions as well. Please suggest which one is better PIC16f876 or ATmega8(L). Regards
My flyback smps has following specifications: Vin= Universal Range Vout=5V@200mA 12V@250mA My feedback controll is from 5V At no load power supply does not make any noise and works perfectly, but when 200mA of load is applied at 5V the supply works fine but the transformer makes noise. I havea doubt that whether the problem lie
I have designed a flyback smps with 1W output power 5V@1A When i am applying a load of 250mA , it is generating high frequency noise of abt 200mV peak at 5V output. I have used 10nF, 100nF ceramic capacitors at output but of no use. How can i reduce the noise. Also my transformer makes lot of noise, my feedback loop incorporates 1nF capacit
hi all, attached is a current controller circuitry that i have build using UC 3846, but with no success.. the problem here is i guess with the current sensing part as for an open loop circuit without feedback i would get +/- 40V with no noisy coming from the switchimg transformer, with a nice pulse. but when the feedback is given (...)
try this use TL431 feedback circuit use UFR series output diodes like UF5402 check the transformer design good luck:D regards satya
It is normal. It is necessary to draw a current from the 24V output using a resistor or other load. The minimum optimal value of this current depends of the transformer windings (inductance of the 24V winding).
It is possible to make a flyback SMPS with several ouputs both with primary side(with auxiliary winding) regulation and secondary side (with Ref+Opto). the output voltages of several winding will track the voltage which the feedback signal was taken; the regulation is better than 10% for awell designed transformer. the fromula is as followiing: