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search Power Integrations ref designs. its program PIexpert helps you to design circuit and transformer.
A very common type of power supply is called a Switched Mode Power Supply (smps). If you wanted a mains to 28V power supply from the 230v mains,the input circuit would rectify your incoming AC, this would give, 230 X 1.4 ~ 325V DC. A high frequency switching circuit would run of this voltage and apply 325V pulses to a transformer which would (...)
how can we make the PSU for LED bulb series from 230v ?, Is it safe to go with transformer less ? what does the cheap bulbs from market do for the PSU : ? Cheaper products have voltage lowering with capacitor and resistor in parallel, and products with higher quality have small smps inside. Transformeless is
Thanks for the reply. All the datasheet, I saw so far when using back-converter, you have to use a transformer of some kind which I can't due to resticted space. The PCB has to be 30mmx20mm and 10mm in hight ( it has been done before as I said in my previous post)) The current is 1A. You have to use transformer in order
Switched mode power supply with a high frequency transformer is the only feasible way.
what about a transistor buck regulator?, but you will need to get special high voltage transistors, and you still need an inductor (though not a transformer) what i'm thinking of is based on this its something I thought of before and may do one day.... of course there is no safety isolation , b
Can a smps ferrite-core tranformer used in reverse? Eg. can a 230v/ 12v smps transformer used in reverse (assuming that the same switching frequency is used) to get 12v stepped up to 230v? as anyone try it out? Thanks.
newly i have had another job that i have no experience. At the beginning i was said i have no experrience about smps's. my boss wants me to build a smps for 230v ac to 2.5VDC/24A current. can any one give schematic with mosfets / ics and specifications for transformer to be used. i have to finish my project as soon as (...)
for getting 5V DC and 1A current the best thing is LM7805 or simply 7805 use a transformer of rating 0-12V 1A use a rectifier ckt use a filter capacitor and 7805 you will get 5V dc with max o/p current of 1A
one option wold be a Cockroft walton voltage multiplier ckt. assuming an input supply of 230v or 110 V the supply must have some kind of step up transformer to step up the supply to al least 4 or 5 kV. the next stage would be 3 or 4 stage a cockroft walton voltage multiplier which would give a output of 13 to 15 kV. CW type of supply can not have
Hi, Is there any idea to convert 230v to 180v to drive and dc motor. The current is 2 Amps. using transformer is my first option but it is costly and space consuming. The second one is smps, its costs also comes near the transformer Any ideas please Regards Nandhu