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want to design a current to voltage converter, to measure current ranging from 0-100 mA ????
I am using OPA380 for transimpedence amplifier with 3.3M feedback resistor and not feedback capacitance. Can Any one tell me the amount of light falling on photodiode in Watts if the output voltage swing is from 0 to 2V ?
Hello all, I have tried all the basic transimpedence amplifier circuits present in OPA380 datasheet but they are not working for me. I am very disappointed as I am unable to implement the simplest transimpedence amplifier. I have tried applying bias voltages to photodiode and op-amp's +ve pin but it shows not results. I am getting frustrated due
Hey Friends..! I 'ave a question can anyone help me plz... I want to detect the laser beam through a 3 pin phtodiode. n later on to use LM380 as a transimpedence amplifier to see the output on osciloscope. can anyone tell be about the circuitry used for it. thanks
hi every one.. i got stuck up at the transimpedence amplifier. I need to convert the current from the ac source of 442V to the voltage. So i have used the lmp6081 for this application, with a feed back resistance of 1MΩ. So what i have observed is, the output of amplifier with noise and with some offset voltage. Where can be the f
specifications Minimum trans-impedance bandwidth: 1 MHz Bias current: 50pA Gain Bandwidth: 90MHz Maximum offset voltage: 25mV Maximum input referred noise: 70nV/√Hz CMRR: 110dB Slew Rate: 80V/ms can u give some suggestions how to design it or atleast how to proceed, what kind of opamp topology should i use to have bias current of
I want to ask a simple question: How to caculate the gain bandwidth product of the transimpedence amplifier. Is it the same as the opAmp used in the transimpedence? At first, you should be aware that the term "gain" is not appropriate for the CFA. It should be replaced by "transimpedance" as the input which con
Hello, this is my first post on this forum. For a small project I have to build a PCB whose whole purpose is to enhance a signal of >10 Ghz having very small current. So I am buying a transimpedence amplifier in the form of bare die. I have almost no experience in PCB design. I have cadence SPB 15.7 installed. I first want to simulate the circuit u
I design a transimpedence Amp in 0.25 with 73dBohm(4200ohm) gain and 1G bandwidth with input and output cap 2pF. The 3dB Bandwidth is about 1G in magnitude,but when Frequence more than 500M, phase become 180(inverse).Can I say the Bandwidth of the Amp is more than 1G? And How to revise it.Thanks. Attached the bode plot.
Hi all, can someone tell me the difference between transconductance amplifier and transimpedence amplifier. Any materials regarding the same would be very helpful. regards chethan