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Hi I've built a following circuit: 121980 Voltage at node (2) is about 2V. If I disconnect (R3) at node (3) and the circuit is powered ON then the voltage at the top of cap (C1) is gradually increasing from 0 to 2 volt. But if (R3) is reconnected then the voltage at node (3) never increase more than 0.64
Similar sounding formula signs doesn't necessarily mean the same. You're apparently referring to td(off) turn-Off delay Time which has nothing to do with converter "on" or "off" times. To achieve low switching losses, the latter should be at least one or better two orders of magnitude larger than the transistor switching time (...)
Another simple way to add turn-off delay to an LED circuit is to use a RC delay. This RC circuit is placed in the base of a BJT transistor. The transistor has control of the LED. First we use the switch to charge the capacitor and to maintain the capacitor charged for all the time it?s closed. Later it (...)
If you look at inverter as single stage, you can approximate it (to the first order) with RC circuit, that defines propagation delay. R is on-resistance of the transistor/inverter, that goes up as Vdd goes down. Having R increased, increases in turn propagation delay and decreases frequency. Inverter capacitances are (...)
hi vlsi on time delay of any transistor depends on the threshold level,,if th is more then it takes more time to turn on so the delay of that cell becomes more,,, on the other hand to get more Vth need to dope the substrate heavily which decreases the minarity careers by which the leakage power comes down,,,,,, SO HVT (...)
Hello, How much time delay do you need? What happens when you turn on the circuit? What voltages do you measure around the circuit? What type of transistor did you use? What is the resistance of the relay coil? How much voltage does it need to activate?
Can anyone tell wat exactly it means?? Capacitance Threshold = 5.00 ( fF ) ........??? Noise Threshold of delay analysis is 20% of VDD.............??? Threshold voltage is the voltage applied to gate w.r.t source to turn the transistor ON...... then wats this cap & noise threshold for?? thanks
i tkink it must be because of different path of signal, in each case.... we know that the implementation of logic gates is done by some transistors and different logic levels are gained by varyig the bias level of these transistors....for example, high level on an output means the output transistor goes off. and the low level means that (...)
S and LS gates are similar, so see page 12 of the ON Semiconductor LS TTL Data book: I changed the text's transistor numbers to match your diagram: Referring to Figure 1, the base of the pull-down output transistor Q6 is returned to ground through Q3 and a pair of resistors instea