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Thanks for your reply bigboss. Actually let me rephrase it, I am trying to model the transistor impedance as source impedance as the equivalent of parallel R and C. Since I know the value of optimal load impedance, is the source impedance just the conjugate of it? Thank you According to Maximum Power Theorem, the
The original 2N3392 was called "general purpose", not low noise. The circuit has low currents in the transistors so 500mA max does not matter. The transistors are reasonably biased so high hFE does not matter. Many Japanese transistors like the 2SC945 have the same plastic case and pinning. if you buy an old 2N2925 then buy a real one from a
by calling it N channel do you mean its basically a IGBT equivalent of a NPN bipolar transistor, except that instead of a gate that conducts it has a isolated mosfet like gate(whatever the IGBT inner structure was) ? Not quite. it is equivalent to an n-Ch gate driving the base of a PNP. so think of it as a quasi
You are correct. But is there any other transistor that I can use instead of this one? I can not find it in my regular suppliers.
I'm going to design a PA for 4 to 10 GHz band. But the required transistor given for design is Mitsubishi MGF2116 which is not available. What is its equivalent? Anybody has any idea?
You can take a search at the website bellow, by changing some parameters in order to relieve the specifications so that better fits to your need:
Hello , i have one broken transistor but i dont know with which one to change it , on the transistor it's written: 014(on the first raw) , MO5AF(on the second raw) , and 31045 (on the third raw) I couldn't find anything about this transistor. Sorry for my bad english.
I am looking for an smd version or equivalent of the 2n5109. It will be used in an HF preamplifier with high dynamic range, because this is a power transistor.
Dear Friends, I have searched lot in the google, I couldn't get it. I request you to show me document for the small signal noise equivalent model for CMOS transistor and HEMT transistor. If you know somebody, complete analysis document for the noise small signal equivalent model of CMOS (...)
The battery current is not its maximum current. It is how much current it can produce for one hour (1A). It can probably produce 10A for a few minutes. Check the datasheet for a 380 motor at 9.6V to see its stalled current. If you compare the Japanese transistor with a BD139 then you will see that they have the same case but have completely differe
Hello! I need the equivalent of ZTX458 and ZTX558 transistors.Any help will be appreciated. Thanks & Regards Deepak
It can be found easily from its small signal equivalent circuit.( hint: cross coupled transistor oscillators )
I want to model the following attachment by matlab simulink. but I don't know that what is "TSC4429" IC! it is "gate driver" of "Q transistor". can you give me datasheet or equivalent circuit of "TSC4429" IC? how model it in matlab simulink? 116531
you didnt state the voltage nor frequency......... but you could use a transformer or op-amp ........depending on the requirement and signals
how spice replaces the transistor with its equivalent model in the sparse matrix while performing MNA It should be quite obvious from descriptions of circuit simulator operation what SPICE or any SPICE based simulator does. It performs an initial transient solution to determine the operation point, then calculate the node impedan
... the channel thermal noise does not move to the gate of the transistor? In reality it doesn't move to the gate, of course. But if you need or wish to model its equivalent gate noise voltage, you can use the thermal_noise_current/gm formula to get the equivalent thermal gate noise voltage, of course.
There's no direct replacement. But both types are still available from catalog distributors, e.g. Farnell. A functional replaclement would go either for lower or higher power transistors and possibly SMD types.
Have you ever checked model parameters page 6 ?? They have marked as " Series IV Libra TOM Model" on the bottom.. You will place this equivalent transistor and fill the parameters in according with in the datasheet.
The 2SC1162 is classed as a LF power NPN transistor with a "transition frequency" of 180MHz rated for 2.5A. These would be the critical specs with some tolerance for lower currents and >150MHz for 100MHz operation. Everything else is optional but will have some effect. You can wind your own coils with a coarse thread bolt and stiff wire and
I have started some rough literature researches - and the result is: Yes - we can find two different approaches for building a small-signal equivalent diagram for the common base (CB) case. It is common to represent the BJT alone using a current source (gm*Vbe) between collector and emitter. This applies also to transistor amplifiers in C
I named each transistor as well as the "control" node "X". 109037 F will be low if X is high or TR9 and TR10 are both ON, that means A and B are high F will be high if TR7 is conducting (X is low) and at least one between TR5 and TR6 is ON (that means at least one between A and B low) That is: X A B F 0 0 0 1
I am looking for a transistor similar to LP395. Since LP395 is available in TO-92 package i couldn't use it for my application. I need a transistor with same features as LP395 but with surface mount options. Please reply as early as possible if any one knows a similar SMT transistor.
Those are germanium transistors later in India, BEL (now it seems stopped consumer electronic items) came up with Bel187 and Bel188 complimentary silicon pair in modified TO92 with in built heat sink tab. - - - Updated - - - rock94, I do have it, international postage will eat and it would not be wort
How to represent mosfet in triode and sub threshold region. like self cascode transistor one transistor is in saturation and another once will be in the triode region . i want to calculate output resistance and effective trans-conductance of self cascode MOSFET. can any give the brief note about this topic. thank you
I know that one can introduce programmability in FGMOS transistor using Fowler-Nordheim Tunneling and hot electron injection, but am unable to implement this idea in cadence design tool virtuoso. I would like to know how to generate this equivalent model of programmable FGMOS in virtuoso using tunneling and injection? What are the circuit component
Hello, I tried to build this circuit in the link below with some 2SC1971 RF transistors I received from Ebay. Needless to say I learned that they were counterfeit and that getting the actual genuine 2SC1971 transistor is actually hard to come by so I looked up an equivalent transistor. As I read on some sites the NTE342 is a (...)
The website bellow, presents all parameters of 2N3819: By clicking on equivalent transistors for 2N3819 link, you can adjust some parameters to a wider range to extend compatibility options :
Dear Guys, Warm Greetings! for long days I am having a doubt in Basics of Ohms law Understandings. I am explaining My understanding through one transistor.. I m using One BC547 transistor. base resistor is 470E. collector resistor is 1K and i have connected one LED with 5v. Emitter is grounded. Now, Current passes through LED---
Hi, Can anyone point to me a equivalent transistor to the 2DC 5609? Thanks, Bruno
Hi, I need to use an SMD equivalent of the npn transistor BC149C, is there any device that meets the specs?? thanks a
Hello, I would like to build this PSU because I like discrete. I am looking for a transistor equivalent for the 40411 If you can suggest similar circuits with newer transistors please let me know as well.
I think you're considering vgs = vin. As I understood from what you wrote vgs = V1, so now its not important what vin is , the transistor considers vgs and therefore produces a drain source current of ids=gm*vgs. Therefore the vth will be vin (the main input ) and the rth will be 1/gm. I think you have considered the source voltage to be V1 and
Can be reduced to a simple capacitance ratio problem, I think. transistor capacitances that are probably larger than assumed load capacitance have to be considered, too. Beside being unrealistic, infinite series inductance would involve infinite supply settling time.
You need to show the circuit. Same applies for your transistor question.
which transistor function is same as MRF947T1 transistor? Is there any link? MRF947 is not available in market.
Anyone know the equivalent transistor for C2570....................?
Anyone can give me the name of MRF947T1 equivalent transistor....................? MRF947T1 is not available in our nearby give me the name which replace this.
i need an equivalent for this transistor: 2n3643 thanks
Not an exact match, but the common TIP147 should be usable. Better suggestions can be made if you described the role of the transistor in the circuit - what it is doing, the voltage and current it must withstand, etc. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
When you have two transistors in series with gates shorted like in the 2nd topology it is like one transistor with L=L1+L2. In this respect the 2nd topology is equivalent to a very basic mirror build with long transistors - usually the max L in advanced technologies is limited and to go beyond that limit one stacks (...)
sure,check here or do you ask equivalent transistor? - - - Updated - - - sure,check
Hello neazoi, to find a discrete equivalent of this transistor will be very difficult. They must not only equal in data, but also they must have a thermal connection. Herre you can only compare datasheets of single JFETs and try to connect it together in thermal way. If you need it as a replacement you can ask [URL="
The equivalent circuit looks correct. As a first step you'll need to determine the DC operation point to determine the actual transistor parameters. AN exact analysis requires to solve a nonlinear equation system, so you'll most likely use some simplifications for the calculation, e.g. constant Vbe and current gain. Secondly, the small signal
This is an RF amplifier transistor. Following is the short datasheet of the same. You can use any Silicone RF (NPN) transistor in its place. 77183 PN5179 or 2N5179 are the same type of transistor.
can i use BF494 transistor in place of BF199 transistor and BC549 transistor in place of BC547 transistor ?
Hello! I want to simulate single electron transistor equivalent circuit using cadence. I am simulating it using Monte Carlo simulation under ADE XL but I not getting the desired response. Please help me how to use Monte Carlo simulations on cadence. If possible please provide me information of equivalent circuit of single electron (...)
102r means 1K to me. For 2N3904: Then look on this webpage the line "2N3904 equivalent transistors" (after the transistor characteristics list) The follwing page will give 58 entries Added: And I guess BC546 and 2N2222 could do the same job as already pointed out. Kerim
What is the application circuit? Looking at the specifications alone, it looks like BC639 can be used instead of 2N3019. However, be careful about the pin layout as it's different for the 2 transistors. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi, Can you point to me an equivalent to the transistor BU508DFI? Thanks, Bruno
No. On the other hand, when considering a possible replacement, although it is not always necessary to exactly match the intended purpose for the transistors, we need to ensure maximum current and voltage imposed by the current application are supported by the replacement. So to be sure about it, you must to provide supplementary details r