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Hi Which PLASTIC transistor can I use instead of BC177. the BC 177 is as a Switching in the Circuit . Thanks
Matmer, the other 6,000,000,000 people in the World can not see your welder and have no idea what it is except for that one transistor. You will have to give us far more information if you want help. Brian.
The output darlington transistors conduct more when they heat which causes them to conduct more then heat more then conduct more then then heat more .... It is called "thermal runaway". An audio amplifier or opamp use diodes like you did in one circuit or a transistor to replace the diodes to also conduct when they are heated by the (...)
Check the input high threshold of the micro, the NPN circuit will lose Vbe between input voltage and the output so it may not reach logic 1 anyway. With the top circuit, you might be able to replace it all with a Schottky diode, cathode to the signal source side. For the bottom circuit, consider removing the transistor and 10K resistor the connecti
Hello, Has anyone used BJT available in TSMC65? There are pnp and npn transistors in the library and can be used. I wonder if any one has simulated Monte Carlo for those BJT. For MOS, one should replace "_mac" transistor and add "stat_mis" library. How about BJT? there is no "_mac" file to be replaced! Thank you, Vaah
Is the part replaceable? Absolutely. Can YOU replace it? Maybe. Soldering, like anything else is a skill. How skilled do you need to be to replace that part? Do you even know what the part is? And, just to make you feel worse, there's probably more than that one part that's bad. If a transistor failed and drew too (...)
See here in which region you should operate the transistor: 126345 Triode, also called linear region, because Id grows essentially proportional to Vds. The slope of the output characteristic (Id vs. Vds) determines the resistance Rds; the slope is defined by Vgs. Higher Vgs means lower Rds. You should allow
Hi! I'm trying to clone vestax from original circuit for my study project. Made the PCBs, but it doesn't work properly. The volume is low, pots doesn't much effect the sound (completely turned down pots still sending signal) and phones doesn't work as well. Removing H7C connection, totally removing U7 from the socket or that transistor 2sc1627
Hi guys, my first post here. Sorry if it belongs somewhere else! I'm trying to identify what I believe to be a transistor in the ECU on my Grand Cherokee. It's obviously been replaced earlier, as there's a different kind of silicone used to cover it. There's also a gap between the heat sink and the component with traces of cooling paste on the he
The parallel connected resistors form the source shunt of a current mode flyback converter. Expect that at least the power switch transistor is broken, possibly other components, too. I think, the markings can be well read, except for R53. Although it looks a bit like 1R50, 1R00 would be more likely according to BOM considerations. For a replace
You need to add a comparator IC that has a high input impedance to sense the capacitor voltage without loading it down. The output of the comparator can have 4mA as base current to turn on the transistor that drives a relay that needs up to 40mA. Or use a 555 timer IC to replace your entire circuit.
If your load is resistive (no reactances), you can use a power transistor or a MOSFET as a switch. For your 50 V and 700 mA I would use a PVG 612 power opto-coupler which I tried many times, for up to 1.2 A load under 60 V. The electronic driver for it only should generate 5V, 10-20 mA for optocoupler internal LED. Check
This is the basic idea I would replace the relay with the load This is for longer delay use a higher power transistor or power darlington there are many commercial modules - use google or bing;
Hello Electronics Enthusiasts! Please help find this component's replacement. 114947 I want to replace this HIGH VOLTAGE FAST-SWITCHING NPN POWER transistor with a component that is easy to find in the market. Thanks in advance, deJong
Hello everyone, I have this sstc schematic have a few questions: Can I replace t3 and t4 with one bd242c transistor. Also, does C2 have to be exact 680pf 2kV. And I would be very please if someone could edit the schematic, so i could use a transformer to boost the 12v dc ( where 12-100v dc is n
The circuit can only start if the output voltage is initially zero and will fail with light load. A possible solution is to replace D1 with a low-side transistor, implementing a synchronous buck converter.
It would be easier to replace the power transistor. The crater of exploded epoxy looks like it had a spectacular short circuit somewhere. Was it in the line of duty?
MPF102 & 2n2222 would be OK, almost any general purpose juntion FET & transistor should work.
hi folks, In the attached transistor circuit i want to calculate VCE .. 111595 my analysis " transistor BE junction will be reverse biased and VCE=5v ". but answer says "Valid Answer range between: 4.26 and 4.27 ".
Hello everyone I want to model avago tech atf series transistor in AWR MWO .I have s parameter of the transistor and my question 1 is can I import impedance parameter of s parameter data to NL_AMP block or should I use LPTUNER for the modelling second one is can we import impedance data LPtuner or not thanks in advance