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* Inductor current must go up and down to a measurable extent. * Your switch is an NPN transistor. The upper end of the inductor goes negative for a time during each cycle. This may create bias current through the transistor, causing it to turn on when it is not supposed to. Therefore it may work better if you substitute a PNP. [S
Can't find a screenshot. Seems weff can't be found. Are you sure that weff is a parameter which can be found in the parameter set of transistor M0 ? If not, you'd have to declare it explicitly as a parameter.
You can take a search at the website bellow, by changing some parameters in order to relieve the specifications so that better fits to your need:
Hi, First of all the replacement transistor you tried is not right to replace the first transistor. Second, if the transistor blew up again, you probably have something blown in previous stage. Good work
The website bellow, presents all parameters of 2N3819: By clicking on Equivalent transistors for 2N3819 link, you can adjust some parameters to a wider range to extend compatibility options :
This circuit is a substitute for LM324 comparator. This uses a BC547 npn transistor and is biased in such a way that it only gives either 5V or 0V. Values for resistors are R1=1kohm, R2=R3=R4=330ohm. You can feed this signal to your microcontroller and proceed as needed
Most microcontrollers should be able to drive an optocoupler with an external transistor but with only a limited current. I would suggest replacing the 2sk941 with any general purpose MOSFET such as 2N7002. You could use the 2N2222 but with any bipolar you need to add a series base resistor. Keith
2SD1047 is a power transistor rated 160V, 12A , 100W 2SC3263 rated 230V , 15A 130W having same metal tab connected to collector will be the best substitute
Your IC shows no ground connection. Don't know if it is implied. In any case the bias current goes into the NPN transistor, then that current needs to have a path to ground. This is chancey, seeing the components being in the emitter leg. Consider putting the converter assembly in the collector leg. Or you might substitute a PNP type instead.
hi friends i am looking for this transistor substitute can any one help me in that
What is this transistors? 1st One Maker is Motorola, SMD code is 558, 2nd one SMD code is A08. this is two used in frequency generator output section. If any substitute have this transistor Please help me. images.el
What is this transistor? SMD code is Br. this is used in frequency generator output section. If any substitute have this transistor Please help
Yes, you can, but need to pay attention to transistor pinning. BS250 1. D 2. G 3. S for BSP254A 1. S 2. G 3. D
I am using transistor FJX733 SOT323 package but somehow their has been mis print in PCB layout . Like Pin 3 of transistor(refer datasheet) is collector but in circuit it has been given to Emitter So trying to find SO323 package with Pin arranement as follows 1 Collector 2 Base 3 Emitter
TIP120 is a Darlington transistor with very high current gain, D313 is a simple transistor having much lower current gain. To try the circuit you could use two D313 transistors connected in a Darlington configuration until you find a proper substitute. 53001 Alex
the transistor tip30c and diodes 1n4001 are not available in market,,, can i use substitutes of them .................... tip29c or tip31c instead of tip30c ..... 1n914 instead of 1n4001???? please help.........
hello I need to make a hex inverter out of transistor transistor logic or better transistor resistor logic. anyone could help? I need to substitute the mc789ap chip
Hi,you can search the following transistors datasheet but i think A1015 and 2SA1015 are the same.
Hi All, Im doing a project in college making a pulse oximeter. Im using a circuit design I found on the internet but I cannot source some of the transistors that were used in the original circuit and Im having difficulty finding replacements. Could anyone look at the following datasheets and tell me would it be ok to substitute the 2n3703 for mps3
Hi, Unfortunately the marking on your transistor is unknown to me. Assuming it is a bipolar transistor (and not a power MOSFET) you may simply substitute it with a hefty bipolar transistor for a test try. You may be able to obtain this transistor from digi-keys:
could anybody tell me how to bias a transistor? on what factors does the bias depend?also, please tell me how to substitute a transistor with entirely different one and how to bias the new different transistor. how to bias an oscillator and tuned rf amplifier? please give me some sources/books on the topic. thanks in advance
One more question, the MPF102 FET transistor is out of stock at my area. So may I know other transistor that could replace this MPF102? One of your local suppliers should carry a brand called NTE. That company specializes in substitute parts. Their NTE451 is listed as a substitue for MPF102. You can get the data shee
It would mainly depend on the usage of the transistor in the circuit. The way you use it would determine which specification is most important and that specification should be sought in other transistors to find a substitute.
Hello ! Can enybody help me to find the substitute for PT6068 and PT6067 power BJT ? I've search the web but withowt any resoult. The mentionet BJT's are the power devices from an power amp from KÖRTING dated 1983. From the first look I think that they are darlington transistors (TO247 casing) because on the PCB are only TO92 case (...)
Who can tell the nearest analogue (substitute) for 13005 NPN power swichmode transistor (STD13005)? May be a link to a datasheet or electric parameters list? Thanks for any helpfull info!
Who can tell the type & substitute for SR52 - marked transistor? May be a link to a datasheet or electric parameters?
Hello, my name is David and now I'm working with power amplifier in 1030/1090 MHz. I've been using the AM80912-015 ST transistor in my amplification chain, but now ST says that this transistor will be obsolete soon, so I'm looking for a substitute with similar characteristicas in order not to change the whole amplification chain. I've found (...)
Does anyone have a good transistor substitute table. Xorjo

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