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My input to the pic from the sensor would be around 5 to 12v..can i use that voltage to switch a transistor which will give 5v to the pic...? - - - Updated - - - Yes i have connected that pull up resistor to mclr.
Triacs cannot be fired without doing zero detection. Triacs doesn't behaves like a transistor. When you trigger the gate, M1 and M2 terminals will be closed until the AC waveform reaches to zero volt. No matter you pull the gate low before the zero crossing, the triac will be still on. So you have to detect when the waveform crosses zero and (...)
I am using a 2N3055 power transistor as a switch. With a simple 555 timer trigger with very clean square wave outputs, the power transistors output is sloppy to say the least. Is this typical? I’m going to attempt to pulse high voltage DC (2k-20kvdc) and have written a PIC program which gives very clean square wave pulses from 150khz (...)