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Dear Friends, we are a small company specialized in transistor testers and other useful electronic gadgets. Our store name is "Hidget", which is a combination of two words: hi-tech and gadget. We have professional engineers who have dozens of years of experiences to design for you a series of highly reliable and accurate transistor (...)
So for transistor testing you need a current source with 8 uA base current. A digital ammeter for checking it, and to measure hfe connect it to collector circuit. You need a variable voltage power supply for collector circuit. As not many people test individual transistors over such wide range, you may need to start from this. On the olden days, Te
Hello all..!! i am working on one project. in that i want to use transistors as switching mechanism. actually i am building this circuit based on one old circuit. in old circuit i find two transistor in T0-220 package.transistor name are not seen. i have PEAK SEMICONDUCTOR COMPONENT ANALYZER, it can also detect leads of (...)
109141 I constructed this tester. This circuit checks only PNP transistors (only one of the LEDs flashes for good transistors) and NPN transistors does not show any changes in LED (default flashes of both LEDs). In case of Diodes it checks only one way where one led flashes and if it is reversed both LEDs flash (default
This looks to be a crystal tester rather than an oscillator. I think the intention is that any crystal capable of causing oscillation produces a signal which is passed to the voltage doubling rectifier and in turn makes the transistor conduct and the LED light up. It will never work properly with 1N4007 diodes, their reaction time is far too slow
break the loop at the gate of Q1 NMOS transistor, then do loop analysis check the loop gain and phase margin
The measurements with a multimeter hfe tester are meaningless. SD1275 current gain is > 1000 (as with any darlington). But the transistor has integrated resistors that give a low hfe reading with the low currents used by the hfe testers.
Well You can use 3 buzzer with 3 transistor , and the bases are test probes and the power supply is common pin. or with 3 LED and a battery you can do it simply. Good luck Goldsmith
A friend of mine asked me to help him out on this and it sounds like a fantastic project but I'm not sure where to start. My friend builds analog sound processing devices used by guitar players and folks who make electronic music with old style synthesizers. He uses germanium transistors in his designs, usually in circuits that distort. Anyway the
Hi, I am looking for a manual for my Sencore Model TR-139 transistor tester. If anyone has a pdf please let me know. My email is:
Hi! I've just unearthed two old projects out of my hallway cupboard and they're all green inside!!! I made them over twenty years ago and the plans are long gone, and I'd like to repair them!!! Can anyone provide me with scans of:- 1) The Article from Electronics Today International covering the Diode/transistor tester using 6 x '4000 CMOS
If you need a real good transistor tester you don't need to take it off the board and it will check diode and other electronic parts as well let me no and I will send you the detail how to make it
any help me about capicitor , resitance ,transistor tester reading display on lcd , based on pic micro controller.
Luigi, you just need to check if the transistor is working, or you need to make some measurement? (Like hfe, Vcesat, etc). Regards.
The problem with this oscilloscope is that I can not control the intensity with the front control but the focus is normal. It began when I was checking with the component tester and the resistor R504 was burning, I found the transistor T515 opened so I replaced the resistor an the 3 transistor T501,TT515, T502 but no help. I checked the valu
To check the gain, the tester needs to be able to measure the ratio of collector to emitter currents. This will need a PIC with ADC built in. The other transistor tester discussed in this forum does not have this, besides, it tests for FETs too. My advise would be to study that schematic for ideas and then modify it for measuring the (...)
pins 1/2 are a diode so use a dmm set to diode range pin 3/4 are a transistor so you can use a transistor tester or dmm again in diode test however if its short here its gone if its open its usualy ok the only real way is to build a circuit on a breadboard etc and plug it in and pulse pin 1/2 with 5v ttl using a 220R current (...)
i search a good transistor tester shematic for determine open or shorted transistor and detect the base lead and determine PNP or NPN.
hi, i would like to know how to test a diode or a transistor in a circuit to check if it is damaged or not using digital multimeter? regards
Hi, Have a look at these posts * by t