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it seems your TIP120 needs at least 12mA in base to saturate the transistor (well in theory you need at least 3mA but the datasheet says otherwise) if you are triggering from a 5V out (PIN4 ON/OFF), best, change the 1K resistor to a lower value (minimum 250ohm but it seems too low) test with some values maybe 820ohm or 750 ohm, and see if the curr
"Code for the gate pulses" suggests a microcontroller interface. Most simple method would be an opto triac, it can work for thyristors as well. Unfortunately you'll lose part of the dV/dt strength that thyristors have in contrast to triacs. A pulse transformer is the more rugged method, it can be driven through a transistor output stage. UJTs are a
Hey guys, I need to trigger a transistor circuit, which in turn will activate a recording circuit to record audio from a "double male ended headphone jack". I need the head phone jack to trigger the circuit when there is sound on it. It will be used with a two-way radio to make a simplex repeater. A radio will be waiting for a message, and when
I have a circuit that is essentially a shock alarm. It uses a piezo shock sensor. The main circuit is based around an LM555 chip such that the shock sensor triggers the LM555 which drives a transistor which drives a horn. The 555 chip is being used in the standard monostable configuration. The circuit works properly except that when it is first pow
You can use a transistor to boost up the triggering for your relay to function. Please check out the section on transistor, Hope it helps.
Hello, On page 3 of the following is a CFL circuit which is started by a diac i was wondering, do you agree that the diac always conducts whenever the top transistor is on? -and when the diode is conducting at such times, it is conducting current into the base-drive transformer of the
I HAVE PROBLEM WITH TRIGEERING CIRCUIT FOR 555 IT is made using diode and transistor
I built the SRFo4 unit as shown in the schematic from Devantech. I used a PIC12F508 rather than a 'C' device as my stockist only carries the 'F' version. I changed the processor statement in the source code to reflect the 'F' device. I am triggering the module from a 555-based oscillator - transistor inverted to give a 10uS high level, with a
Hi whitewiz Seems like you don't quite understand the ESD triggering using this approach. In order to be safer, I suggest you to replace the final transistor to an NMOS transistor with gate connected to Vb, which is then a typical RC gate coupled structure for you to be more familiar with the basics first. Otherwise, you may fail finally (...)