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You can use this links to design or synthesis microstrip transmission lines, all links use closed-form expressions.
Hi guys, I made a MATLAB tool which can be used for characterizing printed transmission lines at microwave frequencies. The input of the tool looks as follows: 113936 And it will give an output like this: 113937 It will give you the complex wavenumber, the characteristic impedance, effe
txline is a free calculator that can solve this and is quite accurate. For given F, Er, H and T for 50 ohms set w = 1.74mm. The width you gave has a characteristic impedance of 114.7ohms
I just tripped over a free AWR transmission line calculator available on their site for downloading. It also has a smart phone application, also free. Polar9000 is a great(but not free) tool. If you want more details Wadell's transmission line Design Handbook is a good reference. Azulykit You (...)
You can try TXline from AWR or QUCS, that is a simulator with an embedded tool taht allows the calculation of many transmission lines:
hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m really finding difficult in calculating the dimensions of the cpw fed monopole antenna.. any ways i calculated the length and width of cpw fed by transmission line calculator.. i will b attaching the file which i have designed nt gtng any idea hw to prove dis dimensions...plzzz help me out...dis is rea
Hello- I'm using a few different microstrip calculators, but when I draw my trace, the suggested width (2.9mm) seems huge. calculator here: transmission line needs to be 50 ohms as it co
The calculator over at gives me 0.156 cm microstrip line width These 1.56mm are consistent with results from another transmission line calculator (AWR txline). This is a reasonable, expected value for 50ohm line impedance at 0.8mm substrate height. I have not (...)
and successfully obtain the lumped circuit for the filter, its odd and even impedance. but when i trying to find its dimension and spacing If you have the required even and odd mode impedances, you can use a transmission line calculator to calculate the coupled dimensions. Here is a free calculator: [url=w
Hello! I am working on a Third Order equiripple Low pass filter design suitable for Microstrip ( Distributed structure). The cut-off frequency varies from 400-800 MHz and the range of capacitnace values varies from 1-7 pF for the following setup :: SMA connectors at board edge to filter ports via 50 Ohm Microstrip, unspecified length. T
Hi all, transmission line calculators in ADS and AWR are valid over what frequency range? and Can i have formula for finding length width and spacing for coupled microstrip line? thanks
If you use a transmission line calculator as TX line from AWR you will see that for the same dielectric, at high frequencies, using thicker substrate you get lower loss than using thinner substrate. AWR | TX-line | Optional Products - TX-line
Hi All, I'm new to ADS. I'm a student, and needed your help, I want to design a Microstrip transmission line using ADS. I know Zl = 150-75i ohm , , Zo= 75 ohm , l ( in terms of lambda) , Di-electric constant= 2.22, h= 3 mils, Zg=50 ohm Need to find Zin,Reflection Co-efficient, S11 ( at input).If you can guide me how to go about it, i will rea
Most of the dedicated TL tools doesn't have this option, only if you use a full EM simulator. You can make your own spread sheet using formulas provided by Wedell's book "transmission line Design Handbook" page 196, 197, 198 (attached)
TX line, the free transmission line calculator from AWR is one of the most useful tool.
Hi .. Is there any simulator or formulas available for designing a 50 ohm transmission line for patch antenna. can i get some theoratical formulas for designing a inset fed patch antenna??? Thanks in advance
You have to know what is the Dielectric of the material you are using to get λ εr = ?. If you put those dimensions listed on a PCB w/ εr = 4.3 it might be good, but if your PCB has an εr = 9 it might be way off. Look for APPCAD or go to Rogers PCB website and look for a free web transmission line calculator. (...)
I have a microstrip line (rf trace with Zo=50 ohm). Somewhere on the trace I need to create .67nH inductor. What formula do i use to do this? or/and What free sw is available that I can use to do this? I found a calculator that finds the inductance if you provide the: w =width of the strip in inches, b = the length in inches, h = the d
Hello, The free TX-line transmission line calculator from AWR is helpfull in calculating Coplanar waveguide /Grounded coplanar WG parameters & seeing effect on loss.. The Txline calculator available freely on AWR website... Also AWR Microwave Office (MWO) has good CPW mo
There are free PCB transmission line 2D field solvers that can be used. TNT ( ), has a good interface and gives good results. MDTL ( ) isn't as well developed, but it still gives good results for differential traces. If all you want are close numbers, and precision isn't requ
One way to determine the power in HFSS is to use the field calculator and integrate the Poynting vector over the face through which the incident wave passes. This will give you Power flow. You can then adjust your HFSS / Fields / Edit Sources for the Incident Plane Wave to deliver the expected power near your transmission line. Make sure (...)
Hi friends, I found this nice calculator for RF Design. It's very useful to plot smith chart without using actual smith chart paper so that there is no drawing and calculation error. It can be used for students who start to learn transmission line and impedance matching network like beginner course. It serves as a reference for expert (...)
Hi all! I am looking for some small program wich allows me to simulate simple transmission (I do not even need to modelate them as real tx lines, i.e. microstrip, guideline, etc) lines. I just want to see how the line behaves when a square pulse is sent and, for example, a resistor terminator is placed (...)
Information and download page at Open source and based on atlc, but has gui and runs in win32 environment. No dlls required. Allows for modelling of etch taper and multiple dielectric values.
Hi Cheng ! It's impossible to represent a microstrip T.L. with just impedance and phase becasue this T.L. is distributed and has phase accumulation as a function of a distant (length). Its catagorized as distributed T.L. and not as lumped (discrete). I can know for sure that you can simulate and calculate any discrete/lumped
transmission line impedence calculator
EXE file for transmision analysis have beeb uploaded here...of transmission lines it can act as calculator for the following types of tx line analysis... Microstrip Stripline Coplanar Waveguide Grounded Coplanar Waveguide Slotline
Pls help me where I can find suspended stripline calculator thx Added after 9 minutes: Hello There are lot of free calculators are available from AWR Txline Appcad Online calc
Planar transmission line calculator from AWR. Can analyze and synthesize line impedance and electrical lengths etc
Hi maverick09, Use (ADS) line calculator to get the port impedance for your transmission line or waveguide, and then compare it to whatever HFSS is given you. The difference between the two should be small in the order of few ohms at max, that if your HFSS setup is correct. bouchy
This book has almost all transmission lines you'll ever need, including CPW, CPW with ground, assymmetric CPW etc. "transmission line Design Handbook", by Brian C. Wadell Publisher: Artech House Antennas and Propagation Library I think the $133 price 'NEW' in amazon and $125 'USED' says it all... hope you can find (...)
A very useful free calculator with tools for simple RF calculations as transmission line, resonance, system and so on. I think it is a must to download.
For stripline transmission line.DOS ver.
Hi transmission line calculator Transcalc is an analysis and synthesis tool for calculating the electrical and physical properties of different kinds of RF and microwave transmission lines. Transcalc is built using the GIMP toolkit (GTK+) for its GUI interface. 1. h**p://transcalc.sourceforg
transmission line calculator Analysis/Synthesis of various transmission line structures. Uploaded by Fritz Dellsperger
transmission line calculator. This program allows you to calculate a variety of parameters related to PCB transmission lines for a variety of different configurations and loading conditions. The current version is 2.2, updated 12/11/97. Version 2.2 corrects errors with embedded microstrip formulas in version (...)