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Hi I'm simulating a two layer PCB layout in ADS, which has an SMA connector to a coplanar transmission line. The figure shows how the ports are connected to the SMA connector. For simulation purpose I've removed the PTH via from the signal feed. In the EM setup the port P1 is made + and P4 is made - . Is this the correct way to model (...)
Hi, I am simulating to find the resonance frequency and measured quality factor of some CPW transmission line resonator with a short circuit as termination. They are coupled to the feedline via a series coupling capacitor. I set the length from the coupling cap to the short-to-GND, then I applied a sheet and set the (...)
I'm not up to speed on RF layout, however I only have to provide a short 50 Ohm transmission line between a 1.5GHz transmitter module and the antenna. In the ground planes (multi-layer board) adjacent to the transmission line, how close should I place the vias that stitch the top ground plane to the inner (...)
Hello all. I am working on designing a transmission line which involves the use of a taper. One of the issues I am struggling to understand conceptually is this reflection coefficient often shown for your standard exponential, Klopfenstein, hyperbolic tapers like the one attached to this post. So what does not make sense to me here is the l
You can consider a via as short transmission line segment and you'll be always able to adjust the via dimensions between capacitive (Z < 50 ohm) and inductive (Z > 50 ohm) behaviour. The adjustment involves modifying via and antipad diameters and possibly placing multiple vias in parallel. (...)
Is there a formula to calculate the distance between Feed and Ground Pour ? Calculate according to which criterion? The line rather looks like being part of the antenna structure than a clearly defined transmission line. If both bottom and top copper are acting as pure ground (there should be via fences near the (...)
Balanced feeder is often seen as a low-loss form of transmission line compared to coax, as long as it is kept away from conductive objects. What would happen if a typical balanced feeder was changed, so that the radius of one wire was significantly larger than the other? Would it be true that each wire carries and equal and opposite current, so
Sure, no problem. Just avoid components that are very sensitive to eps_r tolerances, and expect increased transmission line loss. You might want to use a thin FR4 substrate, to reduce via inductance.
Hello. I want to connect an 50ohm antenna with the SIM300 via a SMA 50ohm connector. Is it enough a 50ohm transmission line or I must also use an impedance matching circuit? Thanks!
Hi, I'm learning serial transmission using 8051.i'm using timer 1 in mode2,(commonly used).the timer reloads to (-3) every time it goes to 0 from ffh.the data sent to sbuf is transmitted readily.but when does each bit get transffered?is it when the TF1 is set each time? in timers,in any mode,if the timer rolls from ffffh to 0,the TF is set,if t
Hi Victorfan2010, You can design a transmission line on any substrate. Make the bottom plane as ground plane. For an open circuit you can just leave the line open and for a short circuit the line should be grounded using a via hole to ground. A little caution for the length of line (...)
It is the correct method for a quick simulation, I would recommend to add the via models as well. If you want a more accurate (complex) simulation, you should try a Design Of Experiments (DOE), the ibis models have 3 types of wroking situations (min, typ, max), plus the transmission line has a tolerance (it depends on the vendor, typically (...)
You can make a via to the ground plane then fill it with copper this way you can short the microstrip transmission line .
HI Guyz, Correct me if am wrong. In a motherboard there are a lot of transmission line. In one of the transmission line there is a capacitor between it. Let say the transmission line from the PCIE slot and ICH(Input output controller hub). There is a capacitor in between. So the (...)
I am playing with serial port under windows 2k trying to implement modbus master working over rs485 in halfduplex mode . 232-485 covnerters transmit direction is controlled via RTS line (similar to described in Serial port complete). My problem is - i can not properly detect end of transmission (when last character has been transmitted from (...)
I read an article in the newspaper some years ago that a prototype to deliver internet access was being developed via transmission lines. If this were to be done, could high speed data be transfered on a 50 Hz / 60 Hz carrier ? If the line frequency were to be rised to a few KHz or MHz would it not act as an antena ? (...)
Hi i need to control\configure a few digital cards (via a backplane) from one master card with a 8051 address\data bus interface... what is the best way and cheaper to do it (without pci,etc)..? what about hot insertion buffers ? how to solve the transmission line effect...? pls help... bull

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