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you need some sort of balun or transformer and two fets so that the LO power is vectorially canceled. You COULD try a very narrow band filter, but you will need a very high Q resonator (i.e. big lumped elements or transmission lines)
Hi all, The observed behaviour is typical of triple transit in SAW filters. Triple transit effect happens in any two-port (any type of filter, not only SAW filters, even transmission lines) when there is mismatch at both ports. The particular point with SAW filters is that they have a large group delay. Because of that, the echo produced (...)
Apart from being dedicated to much smaller signal traces, the connector in post #1 is for coplanar rather than microstrip transmission lines. You won't be able to connect the ground appropriately with this connector type.
ferrite beads tend to be low Q and used more to reduce radiated noise transients or RF noise. Better way is to use 100 Ohm CAT5 type transmission lines from 50~100 Ohm CMOS LOGIC ( e.g. ALVC types) and termination R @ V/2 or equivalent Thevenin circuit with Pullup/dn if you want best speed and noise immunity. THen use (...)
When we install transmission lines / wires, after some days these become loose. Why??
I am going to design an LNA for 60ghz or higher . I have read some texts and papers but I couldn't gain a good viewpoint about of which type of inductor ( transmission lines , active inductor , pasive spiral inductor ) I have to use in my design with respect to all things such as area , power , linearity . noise , gain , stability and other (...)
Hello, I am currently trying to convert a two-stage cascaded L-type filter into transmission lines. I have found a way to this problem, but Im somehow not able to figure out how to use the equations to get the job done. Link for the problem: ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosti
hello, I am trying to model a pair of stripline transmission lines that encounters a slot in one of the metal planes using HFSS and then analyze how this affects the common and differential modes over a wide range of frequencies. I got a tutorial for this which suggests me to Set the solution type to Driven Terminal. Now when i try to place
Hey all, So I have this onsite interview lined up and the position is wireless test engineer. I had a phone interview last week regarding the same and the questions were very basic RF such as type of transmission lines, Scattering parameters, 1dB compression point etc. I was wondering if anyone could help me out or provide the list of (...)
Hi, when solving with driven terminal I obtain two type of S-matrix. One from the modal data and one from the terminal data. Which is the difference between this two type of matrices? And which should I use for multiconductor transmission lines? Thanks enea
Hi jafargholi you should be looking for wiggly type coupler in microstrip or stripline. It is based on non-uniform transmission lines and couplings. It is too laborous to desribe here any details, just do the searsh yourself. flyhigh
oh I am talking about anything to do with like utility type power, substations, high voltage power transmission lines that type of power. Thanks
Maybe I did not understand your request... Are you looking for new type of transmisson line od for new models of usual transmission lines? Bye
This Windows?-based Microwave transmission lines software guides the design and ordering process. The exact component type, waveguide size, flange types, component dimensions, operating frequency band, and finish can be specified with point-and-click options. Each product is pictured on screen and diagrammed for your (...)