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Hi, datasheet is your friend. Chapter 3.3 SPI interface. As described: * set CS = low * transmit 16 bits (2 bytes) of CFG_REG --> the same time you recieve 16 bits of DIA_REG. * set CS =high Klaus
I just pulled up the data sheet from Texas instrument It appears that there are seperate lines for transmit/recieve. Meaning your fpga device should have seperate pins for pin on the MAX3223 device. In other words you could do both tx & Rx at the same time. You can control the autopower feature
hi every one i have project to mesure temperature with lm35 and pic16f877a (mikroc program) and rs232 for interfacing with matlab guide i have a problem,how can i send temperature value (it contain 2byt ) from USART to matlab (chr or int or str ) tnx a lot for answering
Can i recieve/transmit data from 2 uart's if they are built in from micro controller at the same time
Hi, I want to connect PIC to FM TX and then to transmit digital signals from PIC UART TX over FM. And want to connect another PIC to FM RX and then to recieve digital signals transmitted by TX. Can any one help me about it.:-?
I2C or 2-wire serial interface cant be full duplex its either Master transmit or master recieve , or slave transmit or slave recieve . it requires start and stop bit generation to start and end transmit and acknowledge sequence from the master or slave for sucessful recieval of data .
I want to communicate to the ECU of a vehicle to display few information on an LCD. I want to interface through CAN. I'm thinking to use PIC microcontroller. Also I'm in privilage to program the ECU too. Can anyone suggest me a possible low cost implementation? Also please help me how to transmit and recieve information t
If you see the sensosrs on the lead side, the one marked with "T" is the one which is used to transmit whereas one marked with "R" is used to recieve. Cheers
So going from recieve to transmit you see ringing. But where, at the LNA output? You problem is a combination of those giant inductors (which tend to ring when you abruptly change the current going thru them), and the fact that your shunt diodes have no obvious way to dischage themselves when going from forward to reverse bias. there is always
hello friends i am planning to do my final year project regarding mobile signals. in examination hall and other worship places we require to stop the usage of mobile phones. so how to generate noise signal which i will transmit through RF such that we wont recieve calls or messages in our mobiles. with Regards Aamir
You can use a single VCO in systems where you transmit and receive in the same box, and can share the VCO between them. A short range FMCW radar is an example--the vco can not drift very much between transmit and recieve times, so you do not have to lock it. Toys, cheap radios, etc can also use unlocked VCOs. In applications where you (...)
my actual need is to transmitt and recieve 8 analog signals Yes, I expected something like this. So the next question is the intended change rate for each input? If you e.g. intend to transmit analog samples with a rate of 100 Hz for each channel, the overall data rate would go far beyond the said 1 kBaud of RF channel. The best way
regards i am using a rs 485 communication and befor switching the enable line thats on PC5 i have to check so that a current operation (recieve transmit doent affect) for swithing from transmit to recive i have to check TXC flag and i implement that as follw while ((UCSR0A & (1 << TXC)) == 0){}; PORTC&=~0x20; // start recieving
in uart the tr and Receive regr address are same. but we do only one operation. we only 'read' recieve regr and only 'write' transmit regr. so read and write signals go to different locations of 'same address'.
i am an amateur in programming ........ i am presently trying out programming wth 16f877......where i need to scan for the inputs at the port a and b and transmit it using a 2.4ghz module TRX and recieve acknowledgement for the same . can u suggest me a simple programme in c or assembly for scanning the inputs wth a small delay and generating sec
hi, i am interfacing linx transciever ic with atmel 89c55wd thru uart. the problem is that transciever has baud rate upto 10000 bps but mcu recieve and transmit data rate is too high least is 15000 bps which is a problem. can there be an interface or i have to go for some other mcu
hi i transmit and recieve alarm signals with encoder and decoder ics(and transmitter , reciever modules) as pt2262 and pt2272,i recently wrote a code for microcontroller to use it as a encoder ic such pt2262 but i dont know how to write code for micro to use it as decoder ic such pt2272, because at the (...)
Hi, For a MISO with N_t transmit antennas, system with transmit beamforming in Rayleigh fading, with total power shared equally between transmit antennas, will the BER have the same form as a the 1xN_r (Nr=no of recieve antenns) MRC (SIMO) BER equation given in Proakis except that the Average SNR be scaled by N_t ( no (...)
Dear Friends Kindly anyone know about the differences with definitions of :- Coding Gain Coding Rate transmit Rate recieve Rate Diversity Rate Information Bits Rate Codeword Rate Thank You. Regards
i want to produce a GUI in matlab that 1.shows recieved signal envelope for mimo channel in flat fadig and frequency selective channel(signal strength against time) 2.shows improvement in capacity as number of transmit and recieve antennas changese.g 1*1,2*3,etc 3.shows inmprovement in fade margin as number of transmit (...)