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Hello guys, What do you think about this project? It is a smart trach box that is able to detect any object that we throw and move in his direction to catch it. I found it on youtube and i think it really cool,
Hi all, I want to use ADiT to do fast-spice simulation and need call a Verilog-A in it. Would you please tell me how to call Verilog-A in ADiT? I can not find it in the user manual. Thanks in advance. Regards, trashbox
Hi all, As the attachment, the left-side is a general vdd/vss ESD protection circuit. How the M1/M2 works when it is under Positive-mode ESD test as described in the right-side? Thanks in advance! --trashbox
I need to divide a clock(freq=200KHz, duty cycle is 40~60%) by 4 without reset signal. This clock is IN at the attachment and the desired output is OUT at the attachment. Many counter need a RESET control signal. If no RESET is available, How can I realize such a function? Thanks! Best regards trashbox
Hi all, Such as how to detect the X- Y- location. Thanks! trashbox Apple uses the "mutual capacitance" sensing scheme. The scheme works like this: the Broadcom BCM5974 touch controller sends the timing info to TI's line driver CD3238, the line driver is, in essence, a level shifter and it drives out a 18V squa
The same with op design. <-90dB is good. What frequency is used for PSRR<-90dB ? It is important !
hi trashbox, did ur PLL work as a frequency synthesizer with constant reference clock ? if it was, then the pulling effect should only occur before the lock of PLL, after lock the VCO should be constant frequency, so there is no more "pulling".
Hello trashbox, If you putting Pi or Tee attenuator between two stages you will improve isolations between them . Bigger attenuation better isolation. Physical explanation is a very simple. ATT decrease useful signal but also unwanted reflections . Image for example that you have termination close to the open end useful power will be attenuate
Hi, trashbox - this link will help you to start with PLL design and RFIC. I have attached a very good book found on the same site. Do not upload materials which can be found on internet. Post link instead. Space and ban