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Yes as long as your pulse is synchronized with the AC waveform's zero crossing. I see that you have added an inductor to the output. As the triacs, like all thyristors are zero-current commutated, that inductor will increase the total conduction time, which may be different to what intended. Just make sure to test properly.
this circuit cannot be used for speed control you can use it just for turning on and off because moc3061 is a zero crossing opto-triac it gets ON only at the zero cross of the mains even if the excitation pulse comes sooner so it cannot control the firing angle that is needed to speed control.
The voltage in this terminals is between this range: 15 to -15 V. The aim is to attenuate it with the resistor. I have a signal 0 - 5 volts with wich I wish to control an optocoupler - triac circuit. Before this optocoupler, I have a two 555 PWM circuit and this last is controlled, if it were manually, with two resistors, the fixed one (...)
I built this thing except I control the heater at 12V AC and the input to opto-coupler is from atmega8. And I use 8kHz PWM signal
Just to check whether it's just a GND symbol mismatching on your diagram or if it's a conceptual issue, but did you electrically connected the circuit GND reference to one of the phases of the electrical mains ? There should be the Earth instead the isolated ground. If this is the case, and was not the Neutral, the motor winding can be induc
Yes a triac would be fine. With the proper triggering circuit, of course.
Hi all, I've built a little power controller, intended to control the speed of a 120VAC fan. It's a pretty standard setup; I'm using an H11AA1 for zero crossing detection and a MOC3023 isolator to trigger the triac. The triac is a BCR5LM-12LB#B00. So it all works... almost. For testing I have an incandescent lightbulb (...)
hello I am trying to control 230V lamp brightness using a triac and zero crossing detector using voice recognition module.whenever i say something to voice module it takes that value and compare it with the stored value if it matches(using switch statement) then execute certain code,but the function i am calling in case is executing only once so m
Hi, Relay, triac... I think there are thousands of solutions and circuits in the internet...and even here in the forum. You did no research... Klaus
Dear All, I am using a triac to switch ON/OFF an AC light by a signal from micro controller. My question is where to put this control circuit related to home circuit breaker? Currently without the control circuit the main power source is going to the circuit breaker then to the light. Will the control (...)
Hi, why using comparator to detect zero crossing? Is it better than interrupt on input level change. Meanwhile, using ccp to control the triac you have to know that it is not just to adjust pulse width. Take Note, zero crossing detection, follow by firing the angle on. The time between zero crossing and Firing angle is what you adjusting.
If you want to perform phase control, Littelfuse has (or use to have) triacs with an integrated Diac. All in a simple three-terminal device. Search on their website under Quadracs.
You haven't described the noise problem and if I assume it is from winding and magnetostiction, this circuit will not fix that. If it is bearing resonance from fatigue, you might be able to tune it to an anti resonant low speed, maybe. Can you open it to determine the speed control method is R switched triac with C delay or switched
Hello everyone. Firstly, I have to say sorry if my description is hard to understand because my first language is not English. This is my AC phase control + zero_crossing circuit: 128126 As you can see above, the output "Zero_crossing" and the input "PWM" connected to my Arduino Uno . and here is my program is wrote f
Hello Friends Please help me any one. my hardware is complete and ok. But my programming of program in few misteck. I have use pic16f676 ic and bta12 triac. All applice can be ob/off. But When I connected Fan that time fan will not start.but only doing harmming of fan. I have also apply zero cross detection In program And i al
Hello all, I recently completed a stand-alone phase angle controller to control a heating element. My circuit is a "textbook" circuit using an LTV814 for the zero cross detection and a MOC3021 to control a triac. Mains Line connection goes to the triac, then to the resistive element and from the element to (...)
I am looking for a way to make a triac (controlled by optotriac), to switch ON when no signal is driving the opto and switch OFF when the opto has a signal. Is this possible as I dont have much experience on triacs? (Just need OFF/ON switching no phase control).
Hello everyone, I am trying to connect two triacs to control common load as a incandescent lamp. I just want to switch it ON/OFF no dimming. I also tried connecting triac like normal 2 switch connection but it damaged one triac(it shorted and is always ON without gate) so how can we connect 2 triacs to (...)
i want to control my chiller (1000 watts) with an electronic switch . I will have a triac based switch on the pcb. two questions i am struggling with : 1- is there best practices on how to bring the 110V from the socket mounted on the box panel to the pcb ? like special connectors wires etc? 2- once on pcb is there any precautions i need
Hi, I want to make 230V AC Light Dimmer using dspic30f5011 micro circuit image uploaded. 123922 In the circuit diagram, at R2 i want to connect PWM uc pin.I want to use PWM duty cycle to conduct diac and triac through diac and at last the bulb will glow with required voltage. Thanks and Regards