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here is some clues ..remember, triacs were never meant for use with led lamps......for a led lamp to be triac dimmable, it needs minimal input capacitance and needs dampers and bleeders to be added. - - - Updated - - - also this
Using ZCD opto triacs with non-resistive loads is generally problematic, because the load might prevent zero crossing detection. The problem applies both to inductive loads as well as switch mode converters like the said chargers and LED supplies. Photovoltaic MOS switches are generally a good idea, but you should assure (...)
Use a SCR instead of the triac. The SCR conducts in one direction only, like a diode.
I would prefer the circuit with additional coupler RC filter, as in post #1. But incandescent should regularly work without it. Are coupler and triac still healthy after the test (not internally shorted)?
The zener at the right circle is using to switch on the triac on a specific voltage level, according to the voltage drop on the 1k resistor which is in series with the scr. Of course this is happens when the load is high and using the triac as a protection for the current through the scr. The second zener, I am not sure for its purpose. (...)
The snubber is there to help dampen the non-ideal properties of the load and triac or specifically the LC network formed by parasitic L in the circuit and the C in your triac, which, upon triac turn-off, will resonate and potentially cause a significant voltage overshoot and ringing. While you can look up the C in your (...)
In normal operation, there's no need for a series resistor. To calculate a resistor that protects the opto triac under all conditions, including load short, apply ohms law. R = 250V/0.07A = 3600 ohm. Unfortunately, the series resistor would reduce the load voltage in normal operation to 70% (assuming a resistive load) (...)
It seems a bit unusual that you didn't provide any series resistance from transformer to the triac. This sounds like making the thyristor more prone to trigger in presence of the smallest stimulus, from wherever.
Hello, I'm trying to design light dimmer for driving the LED bulbs. Initially design was based on standard triac circuit with optocoupler. Unfortunately that solution wasn't especially good for driving low power LED bulbs at small PWM values. I have searched internet and I found how to make alternative circuit with galvanic isolation provided by
Hi I am using a triac to drive am AC contactor. the contactor coil is 1.25H & 385ohm The problem is that the snubber circuit burns when I turn on the supply "220V" What should be the R & C values and rating for the snubber circuit to drive such load? Best Regards Hossam
Hi I have used three BTA 24(triac) for switching three loads via microcontroller. MT2 terminal of each triac are commonly connected to the PHASE of the 230VAC. Also, i have used manual switch for each load for the purpose of switching the loads ON/OFF instead of the MCU. I have 1xMain and 3xmanual (...)
Hello everyone, I am trying to connect two triacs to control common load as a incandescent lamp. I just want to switch it ON/OFF no dimming. I also tried connecting triac like normal 2 switch connection but it damaged one triac(it shorted and is always ON without gate) so how can we connect 2 triacs to (...)
Good day to all. I need to control the power to a 12V 1000W heating resistor using phase control (firing angle). Also, the power must be ON for 200ms and rest (OFF) for another 1000ms or so. This timing is controlled by PLC and the angle by a manual potentiometer. The 12V are obtained from a big 220VAC/12VAC transformer. So I need
Hello. I have a system in which i have to switch on the inductive load of 8 mA for 10 s. It is working properly for sometime. But i had problem of triac failure (triac always on) after continuous usage 123902
The code which i used is objective is to program pic controller such that if we press push buttons the firing angle OF triac should increase or decrease .please help me by correcting the code. THANK YOU unsigned char FlagReg; sbit ZC at FlagReg.B0; int x; void interrupt() { int i; if (INTCON.INTF) {
triacs are at least 2 quadrant types. Some are 3 quadrant and options for 4 quadrant
Hi all, I need to do mcu based triac for inductive load. Microcontroller will decide when to open and close triac. As much as i have learnt, there are 4 quadrants to drive triac. and fourth quadrant is not good. So it needs to be done with 2. 3. quadrants. For that i need to give negative gate current to (...)
Current requirements being high, the slow switching time will demand too high a capacitance. The best possible alternate I can see could be using a triac or SCR for the purpose of switching. These are fast enough and capable of handling much higher currents.
use triacs and "program" the triac gates
Hi All I want to make and switch to control light in cabinet. I need to switch 220 VAC with triac and reed switch. I will place a magnet to door and I will place main box across magnet. The maximum lenght is 15 cm between door and main box. You know reed switchs are normally open and when magnet is getting closer, reed switch will close. I c