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Hii I have a sine wave of freq 50 Hz stepped down from a transformer and a triangular wave generated from IC8038 with freq 3KHz now i have to synchronize these two waves so that my pulse width modulation wave obtained from these two waves on inputing to a comparator has a quarter wave symmetry. Please HELP You
im working on this.very hard to part require the generator can be manually set frequency modulation (Mf) and amplitude modulation (Ma). which mean the sine wave generator and triangular wave generator have to be variable frequency and amplitude.the mosfet transistor is not easy to implement in H-bridge.when u come to practical,it is
Hi,happy new year 2010. As my attachment below,there are triangular waveform circuit and sine waveform circuit.The frequency and amplitude can be variable.The modulation frequency(Mf)=9,and the modulation amplitude(Ma)=0.8. so my question is,how to maintain the modulation Frequency(Mf)=9 since my sine waveform (...)
Hi, I'm currently in the process of developing a control scheme for a custom power device using FPGA. The control scheme processes the error voltage through a PI controller whose output (PI output) is used to phase modulate the sinusoidal waveform (50 Hz). The phase modulated waveform is then compared against a triangular carrier wave to generate
Have a ramp generator, convert it into pulse , divide this pulse to get the modulation frequency required (divide by 8 or whatever) , use this divided clock to charge discharge a capacitor around a DC value and use this voltage to modulate the current source which is generating the ramp / triangular wave.This will be a loop.This will modulate the r
how to convert my stream of data to that "proper triangular waves " ?,it it possible to give more details or articles?thanks
In a DC-DC converter to control using PWM triangular waveform is the best option. Since then the increase in control voltage will be proportional to duty control is easy. The other control method is not related to PWM. Here both switching freq. and on-time of the switch are varied. This method utilizes force-commutated thyristors and the