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I'm new here, I have some fairly basic doubt. I am creating a PWM signal in MatLab by comparing a sine wave (50Hz) and a triangular wave (2kHz) .... 1- So what is the PWM frequency will output? 2- After getting the PWM signal filters I want to get a sinusoid, using an LC filter, but do not know what the frequency of cut should I use? (...)
Hi, Each opamp needs negative feedback for operation within the linear region. True for linear operation, but the OP talks about PWM output. Comparator style. ... triangular input with random offset.... The feedback is only for very low frequencies. It may keep the DC offset in a linear region (for a very limited DC input r
Hi, I am trying to generate 2 complementary sinusoidal PWM signals using msp430g2553. I want to use those as unipolar SPWM to drive a full-bridge. Spec: Reference signal = 50 Hz triangular signal = 2.5 kHz pwm period = 0.4ms or 400 us dead time between 2 signals = 1 us (this is why I am using (...)
If input voltage stream is a clock signal, you may design a current/charge pump to charge/discharge a high quality capacitor by a constant current so you can obtain a triangular waveform depending on input signal. ( see PLL Charge Pumps for inspiration )
I need to design a micro ampere-meter for three different signals; sine square and triangular any suggestions please THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE
I have managed to create some signals (triangular, sine and square) through a circuit output. I need to display those signals in computer any interfacing methods I appreciate your answers in advance Thank you all
The triangular waveform looks like parts of an exponentially rising and exponentially falling signal. I am guessing it is the voltage on a capacitor in a series combination of a resistor and capacitor. This shape has nothing to do with a phase shift. I would call it an exponential waveform. Without more information, this is about all that can be s
what is the output if triangular and impulse signal applied as input to the inductor?
Hello from Greece !!! This is a Voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO). Αn oscillator that its frequency is controlled using a voltage signal. The VCO described here provide both triangular and square wave output. The control voltage can be varied between 5 mV to 5 V, to produce oscillation frequency from 10 Hz to 10 KHz. Can someone please
Obtain and compare the magnitude spectrums of Hanning, Hamming and triangular windowed 100 and 110 Hz signals using a 20-ms window for each using MATLAB. how can i do that? i did plot 100 hz signal and made fft and saw the peak on 100 Hz. but how can i apply windows. please someone help me. i am in deep. :/
hi to all, I would like to generate a triangular signal of frequency 1kHz and amplitude of 5V (as AD9833 power supply of 5V) using AD9833 and the MCLK provided from external waveform generator. The output signal generated has noisy and peak to peak amplitude of 1V. The following words are loaded to AD9833 from micro-controller: control (...)
Hi everybody guys, I'm writing a signal processing software using C, so I'm a little bit "stuck". I generated a triangular sampled signal. I need to add white gaussian noise to it at a certain SNR. I calculated the power of autocorrelation as: \frac{1}{N}\sum_{i=0}^{N-1}x^{2} and then divided each element of the array with
Your interpolator design ignores the behaviour of real integrators, that always have some drift. There a better ways to design a triangular interpolator, e.g. using a time discrete feedback from the integrator output to the difference amplifier instead of the delayed original signal. Other possible ways are a lossy integrator, or a time-continuo
Dear baby_1 Hi The ramp or triangular wave are , the best things to create PWM and SPWM . and the reason , is , in the spectrum ! Best Wishes Goldsmith
I am working on speech recognition... Using MFCC as coefficients as speech features... I generated a filter bank of overlapping triangular filters in frequency domain. Since it is in frequency domain, I multiplied the power spectrum of the signal with each filter. Now what do I do? Should I take the sum of the bandpassed signal (...)
I have a circuit with a ths421 opamp. There is a pulsed signal at the input and after that there is an RC circuit. Output of the RC circuit is triangular signal and is input to the differential amplifier. I think i should see the same waveform at the output of the amplifier but i don't see exactly. If i see, it a distorted pulse. Sometimes i (...)
Hi, I ve got a triangular wave having some DC content..can someone tell me how to remove this dc content so that my triangular wave starts from 0V.
Hi. I want to design a clamping circuit using op amp . My input is triangular wave ranging from 2 to 7 volt and i want to clamp it down from 0 to 5v. Please folks, give me your inputs. It is really urgent
Can anyone provide me with these two codes (it's really important to me): a. a code to generate a square wave (by an unstable filter) using DSP. b. a code to generate a triangular wave (by an unstable filter) using DSP. thank you so much for help :) the following code generates a sine wave in the same way (I don't know if this code can help
Dear vinodstanur The problem is that specialized communications and not computer, so I'm very weak programming Can you help me to write me a program that generates a triangular signal from pic 16f877a with lcd and pushbutton,if y press button generate triangular signal from two pins and display on lcd " number one " lcd (...)

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