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why not trigger when the program counter is 0? Also - have you done simulation? could these issues be looked at in a simulation test bench?
I think I have to define two trigger points, one for start sampling and one for stop sampling data No. The most simple trigger setup uses a single trigger condition which stops data recording, showing a data window according to the defined trigger position. Quite similar to the operation of a digital storage oscilloscope.
Hi I'm trying to observe signals on waveform window in chipscope pro analyzer for viretex 7 FPGA on VC707 board. I get the message that "Waiting for Core to be armed, slow or stopped clock". FYI, I've hooked up the design clock port *clk_BUFGP onto board ocsillator 200mhz SYSCLK_P pin at FPGA pin E19 . I have set the trigger port as the Reset sig
try to use ddr2 sdram on virtex_5 lx110t board. I generate the example design by using mig. Then i simulate the design with modelsim and it works. Then i wanted to see the signals on chipscope but first of all i had clock problem of trigger, as you know if there is a clock problem with trigger so it means something is problem with clock pins (...)
Can we have two clocks for trigger signals to be monitored on chipscope? What is the way to monitor multirate data with chipscope? I have a design with an output signal with high decimation (>1000). I want to monitor both the high sample rate signal as well as the decimated signal. Is there any way out as we can add only 1 .cdc into a project.
Hi, Using trigger in chipscope, can I make multiple triggers, and every run, choosing just one of them to be the active trigger, while disabling the others? This way I don't need to compile all design when I want to change triggers. Can it be done? Thx.
Hi all I'm using MIG as DDR2 controller in virtex5. I created a cdc file for using chipscope. But while using the pins to trigger, only one bit of some registers appears in the list, but I need to trigger all (128 or 64) bits of the register. i don't know what the problem is.
Hi folks I would like to know the function of the chipscope ILA trigger and how to use it ?
You need not provide the pin number information while inserting the core. Insert the signals u need to tap, trigger, sampling clock, depth... compile the design again and then analyse thru chipscope analyser. Pls check the appropriate manual...
hi, i have been using chipscope for my project. but it gives waiting for upload when ever i trigger.please help
Make sure that the clock net (clock signal in the RTL) is chosen as the trigger clock in the chipscope. Also make sure that your clock is working on the board.

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