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One useful question is, does the schematic-based simulation differ from its matched-layout (extracted) based results? Or are these perhaps separated in time and maybe a few "minor" value or topology differences? trimming requires that your devices be very stable vs aging and environment. Chopping / autozero requires that you are able to tolerate a
I don't see why there should be an offset trimming function to the circuit shown! Did you forget to draw the connection from the poti wiper to the center of the bridge?
You can provide a trimming circuit. Either factory trimmed, or on-the-fly self trimming upon power up.
The Zero-TC operating point have a relative high spread. There are some approches for high-precision Zero-TC opamps w/o choppers in addition to offset correction also to trim the bias current to the Zero-TC-Point. In contrast to bipolar input stages where with offset voltage trimming trough the load resistor trim also the TC is trimmed. I (...)
the paper only talk about the systemic offset, at the level of 100uV. The random offset will kill you. The only way to attack this problem is using bipolar input stage or trimming.
hi i generally have two questions about a 10bit sar adc 1. is offset cancellation essential when designing the comparator of the adc using the archetecture of a preamp with latch? 2. is it need trimming or calibration to design a 10bit sar adc? if the offset of the comparator must be cancelled, do yo
Yes 6.7nA for each bjt. Bandgap need for comparator. Deviation with comparator offset about 90mV. But we use trimming during CP test.
post trimming is a popular way.
js, Download the Analog Devices AD624 Instrumentation Amplifier (IA) datasheet. It has provisions for trimming both the input and output offset voltages. In your application, the input offset voltage must be much less than the minimum voltage that you want to amplify (10uV). Theoretically, you could trim out the input (...)
The drift compensation techniques are developed for bipolar inputs. If there is a device mismatch it creates an input related offset. The temperatur drift is exact proportional to the initial offset. So at the output of the input stage a resistor network is trimmed to give exact zero output for zero input. That trimming reduce both, (...)
As I know, the common bandgap circuit need trimming circuit. The circuit offset, layout mismatch, process variation, these factors can affect the precision of bandgap voltage.
Dear all, Can you help me to search this kind of CMOS OP amp? First, it must be CMOS process. Second, it has offset trimming function. Third, it uses single power. Thanks so much!!!
See digital trimming is adjustment of any device parameters after the fabrication. For, example, in the cases of BGRs or some circuits like ADCs or DACs, they will need some adjustements to their resistors, etc for getting an ideal value. Usually, this trimming can be programmed by either link fuse burning or through switches which are controlled b