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Hello people, I am back to ask a question of general interest. It is tricky to answer but I would like to ask for your experience because it s hard for me to detect the cause, maybe you've come across it. I have an instrument (with a robotic arm) that is connected to my pc with usb cable. The usb data bus is also inside the arm, which might inf
Hi, I have designed a circuit using using op-amps, comparators, diodes and transistor. It uses 15 and 5 volts supply, but during my test I have accidentally supplied 15V for the whole circuit system, and after that the two supply inputs appears to be shorted. Whenever I applied the two supplies together, the 5 Volts power supply is pulled up to 15V
This guy has a well-known YouTube channel where he covers a wide range of topics for the electronic hobbyist. He started a series on a DIY power supply for viewers to follow along and hopefully end up with a working design. Unfortunately, the series never made it past #14 due to unexpected stability issues that were discovered (7:00) in the design
I want to practice some etching, Does anyone know where I can get some pcb layouts of amplifier circuits like 600 watts and above?
Hey All, I have 4 lasers with the same problem, The switch mode power supply has stopped functioning properly. They do power on but they only flash/pulse intermittently. I have run the cause down to the switch mode power unit by A: switching them out between each other(the lasers are pretty much the same model) B: taking them to a (...)
Dear all experts friends, Thanks for your valuable help to others in so many problems, I have problem with crt tv That is getting ON after sometime that will OFF, If we knock the Tv then it'll getting ON. somebody can help me in this case, please ...... and a horizontal line is moving up to down and down to up while the TV is ON......
Hello All...please help me in my troubleshooting. Got power supply with multiple output but all read 0V when powered-up. Got this pwm UC3825N vref read 3.5V instead of 5V. The vcc read 10V. Please see the photo...any help is really appreciated...thanks. 113167
Dear All, We perform power electronics design of power and control stages up to 50kW Resonant converters, inverters, as high as 5kV in Feel free to contact us for troubleshooting and development Orson Cart
Hello Guys...i am troubleshooting an smps power supply...i suspected this high frequency transformer is having the problem. It has 4 input pins and 11 output pins...really appreciated for anyone can give advice on how to check of this type of high freq transformer...thanks a lot.
troubleshooting this IC is not difficult. power up the MAX232 and check voltage across supply pins to insure correct voltage input. The following two tests check each "TTL in - RS232 out" converter. Put 0 volts into pins 10 and 11, then check pins 7 and 14. Should have about 10 volts output on each. Put 5 volts into pins 10 and 11, then che
troubleshooting And Repairing ATX power Supply
Hello, I have an old xenon strobe (disco light) that had been stored for a very long time and when I tried to turn it on recently, it no longer worked. I first assumed it was the xenon tube bulb so I replaced it but it still does not work. I opened it up (circuit was inside wood box) to try and measure voltage at different points to see if I co
Notes on the troubleshooting and Repair of Small Switchmode power Supplies Table of Contents Preface Author and Copyright DISCLAIMER Introduction The switchmode power supply (SMPS) Switchmode power supply repair Most Common Problems
What are some troubleshooting procedures 1.) First check the power supply voltage 2.) Check the V+ on IC chips to check if the IC chip is getting power 3.) Check every input and output for each stage of a transistor or IC op amp of the circuit until you find no signal 4.) Can you add any others on the list A SHORT Will make the (...)
I had started troubleshooting the capacitors on the motherboard and found c512 to pulsate rapidly when checking resistance during voltage rise on the charge cycle. I never seen a capacitor do this in all my years as a technician. My only problem now is finding out what value of capacitance C512 is? I do not have a schematic. Can anyone tell me wha
So I acquired these two scopes when my scholl was throwing out a bunch of equipment. I got a ton of plugins for them too. I have one working 7854 but the other one and the 7633 both will not turn on at all. They immediately blow their fuse. I am assuming it is most likely an issue with the power supply, and probably the capacitors. I was
Hi, I get a ATX PSU 450W for Repairing one of my customer . But This PSU have all parts OK . I am getting 5V PS-ON and 5VSB . The power Supply is not running . But this PSU is Running - When I make short Pin 4 of TL494 with GND and this time I do not need to short PS-ON with Ground . Just Short Pin 4 with Grou
I have a dreamcast game console and the power supply works intermittently when it powers up cold. If I leave the ps on for about 20 sec, then it will work fine. The ps has 3 output voltages: 12V, 5V and 3.3V. The 3.3V output measured 2.5V and it caused the console to malfunction. The 12V and 5V rail work fine. The ps has one pwm controller chi
So my idea for a halloween costume is a large scale, functional and lit-up simon (the old electronic memory game) costume. The question I have, is since the power source for the game I have in hand right now is only about 4.5v (and those that can be acquired are only 6v), how can I modify the power source in order to allow me to power (...)
Hello everybody; I have a PC power supply in which when I connect Green wire to GND wire the power supply fan just turns for 20 degree and then stops.TL494 and rectifier diodes are healthy but I don't know how to remove the trouble of this power supply.further, +5V stand by is live too.what should I do? tnx
Hi, Smoe body has it on the eBay yet, & wrote thta has pdf manual! Ask him .. :-) "I have a PDF of the manual I can email you. Full service manual too.. includes troubleshooting/repair notes." For worst case solution(?) has Manualsurplus for $30,- too :-):
Great work! Do continue this as this will help many who are struggling with the basics of motherboard troubleshooting.
Can anyone help me get the troubleshooting manual for a Nikki Denso make inverter NPSA-102MU. There is no Output from the inverter after connecting the input power. The 3-phase bridge is OK as the DC power is generated at its output.
Does anyone know how to do the trouble shooting of a apple ibook laptop that won't charge its battery? :?::?::?:
What are some basic troubleshooting formulas to use when u troubleshoot circuits ? What are some critical troubleshooting formulas u must use when doing troubleshooting any circuit? 1.) Use Ohms law to calculate resistor voltages,voltage drops,currents and resistor power dissipation to find the wattage value. (...)
Problem : Friend of mine PC stop workin there was nothing coming on screen. So he asked me to help. I went check the pc , i thought sometihng mighe be wrong with Monitor or cables i check everthing and problem was not fixed. So i brought CPU home. As my troubleshooting skills the next day I open box and try to boot pc but no bip sound i knw it's
hi , iam flexx , i am electronics and computers technician , used to work in this field in private work since i was 15 , now i got good experience in many fields . Computer Maintainance (Include monitors and UPS and power supply ) Networking , Router Programming Electronics troubleshooting . Electrical Networking . Lights and sounds
hi.. guys its my first time to post here........ thanks I know how a switch mode power supply works but when in actual troubleshooting im having a hard time in troubleshooting this SMPS. can you help me guys.... can you give me some links regarding SMPS in troubleshooting and how it operates> thanks post pls.:cry: (...)
If a Amplifier keeps blowing fuses where to start and how to start troubleshooting ? How to use the Variac in this situation have to bring up the voltage but when you bring it up to the operating voltage it blows the fuse so what does a tech. do in this situation? If i use the Variac at HALF the voltage then the output of the power supply and
Yes, try small emitter resistors. And please wear safety glasses! Once upon a time, a friend of mine was troubleshooting a 500 watt switching power amplifier. I handed him my safety glasses. He asked "do I need these?". I replied "just in case". He put them on. A few minutes later the amplifier blew up and pelted him in the face with flying F
It only powers on for about a sec. then it turns off. If you attempt to turn it back on after it turns off, it will not turn on. Its like it has a self reseting circuit breaker or somethhing.