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Hi, I have the value of transitor NMOS and PMOS simulated in technology cmos UMC 180nm. HOwever, in ADS i have juste the library tsmc 180nm. What can i do : i ask if i can found a relation between the two libraries or i should download the UMC 180nm library. If i should download this library where i cand found it (...)
There are three Vth(native, medium and normal) in tsmc180. See model file.
Hi i am working in tsmc 180nm tech. I need to do corner analysis at "ff","ss... and so on. I followed the tutorial in this link and was able to run monte carlo analysis but then when i changed the section from "mc" to "ss" or anything i am getting any error saying statistical
Just add model parameters for 180nm from tsmc. Import it to AWR via netlist. Then draw a subcircuit and set an appropriate symbol for your transistor. You can get the Spice model parameters here:
The phase noise plot obtained for a Ring VCO for tsmc 180nm technology is shown below. This was obtained after adding the following CMOS parameters with noise parameters added; .MODEL CMOSP PMOS ( LEVEL = 49 +VERSION = 3.23 TNOM = 27 TOX = 4.1E-9 +XJ = 1E-7 NCH =
hello people i m working on uwb lna deign for which i need tsmc 90nm rf cmos and tsmc 180nm rf cmos library file for ads simulator.can anyone help??
As far as I'm aware of, tsmc libraries are no available for free download. You should ask for a copy at your university. Please notice that it's not allowed to post links to unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.
Dear all I am designing a D flip-flop through HSPICE using tsmc 180nm. I would be grateful if I would know how to measure "Energy per cycle" in this design. Many thanks for your attention
Hi I need exhaustive design rule of tsmc 180nm to draw layout in Virtuoso. Where can I find it? Thanks
How and from where to get 0.18um technology? Try the public MOSIS tsmc models.
i wanna design and simulate bulk driven ota Which type of transistors should I choose (for bulk driven mosfets) ? ( pmos2v , pmos2vdsw , ...) cadence ic tsmc 180nm pdk
To be able to run these tools you'll have to install the tsmc 180nm PDK. Depending on where you are (working), you can get this PDK e.g. from MOSIS, from NCSU or from one of the European distributors like [URL="http:
Thank you. I want to design a power supply rejection boost circuit for my LDO as in the link below. I use tsmc CMOS 180nm. That circuit is too big and not easy to build.
Hi. I am wondering if it is possible to use a resistor 1.8M ohms in tsmc 180nm. Is it too big? Thanks.
Hi Bravo, the parameters of 180nm tsmc, like transistor lenght and width, it is fixed or varies? What do you mean by fixed L & W. If they are fixed then how will one design ?? Meaning of 180nm technology is that the minimum possible length that you can use is 180nm. But you are free to use higher values (there
See the extracted model parameters by MOSIS.
How accurate is the leakage models of both core and high voltage devices in the tsmc 180nm process? In my simulations, the numbers are very small and of the order of 10s of femto-amps on a node with just two small drains connected to it. But silicon shows an extra current in the order of 100s of pico-amps unaccounted for. I was not expecting
hi all i have tsmc 180nm library for synthesizing my circuits. how can i build a library which has just nand cell instead of and ,or , xor cell. actually is it possible to create a circuit just with nand gates. I want to change only the gates not the flip flop or buffers . tanx plz hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp
how can we change some parameter in design compiler library. i use tsmc 180nm plz help
Designing single stage Operational Trans conductance Amplifier for bio amplifier for recording the(Action potential and local field potential) neural signals using tsmc 180nm technology. Design:-The design of OTA is shown below. we have to determine • The transfer function • The required width and length rati
Hello, Am designing fully differential comparator circuit in 180nm tsmc. Can anyboby please let me know how to start the design. I am designing preamplifier+latch comparator. I don know how much gain should i take for my preamplifier. Please help me out. You need at first to provide the specification.
E.g. this one from tsmc, publicly available via MOSIS?
Hi all I am designing LDO using tsmc 180nm, VDD=1.8v, Vout=1.6v (200mV drop out). I have trouble running load transient response. If I connect output to a voltage source to generate load current (see attached file) the output transient very good. If I connect output to current source the spike up and down are quite huge (~400mV). Could any
Hi I have used two methods to get L and Q of an on-chip inductor in tsmc 0.18um. 1) Using the inductor in tsmc's ADS PDK (from palette in schematic view) 2) Using the exact same structure of the above pcell and simulating it with Momentum at 1.8 GHz, L and Q got from above methods are: 1) L= 560 pH, Q= 9 2) L= 618 pH, Q= 15 I am quite
Hi, I was succesful in implementing my research usign tsmc 180nm technology with mentor graphics tools, and I'm trying to work on 45nm PTM technology but kind of stuck with how to start. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with this. -Ravi Tej
I am also working on tsmc 180nm technology. The link provided has so many libarry files. How can I include this in PSPICE. You can't; this link doesn't refer to SPICE files. Use this
Generally, if I use tsmc 180nm, but I create some of my transistors as W=250nm, then I can basically treat it as tsmc 250nm.. correct? No, not at all! 1. Not the width W is controlling the electric field strength, but the length L , i.e. you have to increase min. L ! 2. The gate oxide thickness tox limits
Hi all, this is my first time to post a thread here. Got a lot of help from this forum before though! I am about to design a chip with tsmc 180nm process. We have an old 180nm PDK released in 2004 which runs on IC5. A couple of days ago we got the new 180nm PDK supporting IC6, but some of my work has been done using the old (...)
let me tell you in detail i m working on cmos adiabatic logic and i want to use tsmc 180nm technology. can plz guide me tht do i hve to copy the model parametrs from . and suppose i have to use w=720n and l=180n then what value should be of As, Ad, Ps, Pd. i will be very thankful if you can provide me the 180nm parameters for pmos and n
is there any difference between gpdk 180nm and tsmc 180nm model parameters? Thanks in advance..
Dear All, I m using tsmc 180nm Process. I'm using nmoscap pcell in layout view, when i place two same instances of same size capacitor, i m getting an error " Label short" and saying that PCELL instantiation cell "pmoscap" (unique cell name "pmoscap_PC2") from library "tsmc18rf" has the following property. L=10.84u W=10.84u. There is no (...)
I'm currently working with tsmc 180nm process. I need to draw capacitor layout. Can anyone tell me how can i find the "capacitance per unit area" value.? for using poly-metal1 capacitor.
I've deisgned a LNA with two 10nH inductors(tsmc 180nm).what do you think about area of chip and it would be practical with these inductors?what's the maximum value of inductor in tsmc 180nm?how about the disadvantages of big inductors for lna?what is the value range of inductor in tsmc (...)
I want to design a LNA using tsmc 180nm technology.Can I Apply VDD<1.8? If so,What are the disadvantages?My problem is that my dc power is high.
Hi everybody I am new to layout design. I need some sample layouts at tsmc 180nm. sometimes I face simple questions that a good sample layout can help me. Could anyone help me please. Thanks
What are the values of K = uCox for both nmos and pmos in 180nm ? Thanks. Find U0 and TOX here in the MOSIS WAFER ACCEPTANCE TESTS. u=U0 ; Cox(180nm) = ε0*εr(SiO2)/TOX = (8.854e-12 F/m * 3.9) / 4.1e-09 m = 8.42e
i want to simulate a circuit in hspice with tsmc 180nm process. in this ciruit there is a vertical substrate PNP transistor. how i can present this transistor in netlist of hspice? tnx
Hello friends on physical lavel any one can tell me the exact diff. between these two process.
We are having UMC 180nm mixed mode library and tsmc 18rf what is difference between these two??
hello!! i m new to full custom design. i m supposed to design a 4-bit counter that should be able to operate at 3.5GHz on schematic and 2.5GHz on layout in tsmc 180nm technology. plz give me some guidelines and suggest some material to study..........
hi friends iam using leospec for my vhdl leo spec i have one sample library scl05. i have also got another technology library from tsmc which is 180nm. i tried putting the file in modgen/data folder of leo spec. but it still is not displaying tsmc018 in the leospec tool, but when i type command related to tsmc018 library, (...)
Hi, can you please send me tsmc 130 or 180nm LVCMOS IO CELL DATASHEET, if you have it. thanks
Hi all, i am looking up scaling from 90nm to 180nm technology in tsmc thank you
Hi, I am trying to create a simple combinational gate layout in synopsys cosmos layout editor using the tech file of tsmc 180nm provided in Oklohama State university's OSU SOC kit. But i am unable to find a contact layer (active contact) in the layer panel. There is a menu to create contact but the only contacts it shows in the pull down menu are
1. tsmc 180nm tech nmos transistor has a mobilty of 265cm2/v-sec where as 130nm nmos predictive tech model file shows mobility of 0.05..cm2/v-sec. such a large variation in mobility is it possible as we go down from 180 to 130nm? 2. if anybody has design procedure for simple 2 stage opamp (90nm) or any related materials pls forward it to [emai
generic 180nm process of tsmc is double well process that's mean there is no vertical pnp., L-pnp is the parasitic pnp at all. so the beta is not larger than vpnp. also l-pnp the collection is p-substrate. Base is nwell. no npn provide at all. because there is no isolated pwell unless use tri-well process. BTW i don't think beta have effect
When you synthesized your netlist, did u target the design to an ASIC technology library such as tsmc 90nm or 180nm? Could you also post the exact error message you receive from SoC? Generally, after synthesis using BuildGates or PKS, we write the new netlist as a Verilog file. This netlist is imported into SoC by specifying the std cell libra