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Hi All I need to add a 21-bit signal to a 32-bit signal, and it won't generate carry bit. Since the clock is really fast, I'm trying to figure out how complex the ADDER logic might be, based on standard library from tsmc. For example, will the critical path have more than 21 NAND-like level of combo cells? Can some body shed lights on ho
Hi All, I'm in the middle of a mixed-signal design project using the tsmc 0.35um 2P4M process. I've done some chip layouts in 0.5um before during undergrad, but this is my first time using 0.35um. I have a few questions and concerns: I've created some custom digital standard cells to do the limited digital logic that we have (jus
The 40nm node for digital logic came into works when the pure-play foundries (tsmc, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, etc.) were not able to get their 45nm yields on time to compete with Intel. So they decided to skip 45nm, and move to a 'shrunk' or half-node, i.e. 40nm. Here the transistor dimensions and metal 1 dimensions scale at a slightly slower pace compared
hey, your question is not so clear. you should specify which MOSFET process (LP, GP etc.) you are using in your design. tsmc's 65nm logic family includes General Purpose (GP), Low Power (LP), Ultra-Low Power (ULP) and LPG options. Each process supports low, standard, and high Vt options. Operating voltages range from 0.9V to 1.26V. I/O voltages
Hi, I want to ask what are the tsmc technology versions available for 65nm process? If we have logic, mixed signal and rf for Low power let's say, what are the exact names of the technologie versions *65LP available? Is there a separate technologie version used for RF applications and what is the exact name for it? And second do we have diff
let me tell you in detail i m working on cmos adiabatic logic and i want to use tsmc 180nm technology. can plz guide me tht do i hve to copy the model parametrs from . and suppose i have to use w=720n and l=180n then what value should be of As, Ad, Ps, Pd. i will be very thankful if you can provide me the 180nm parameters for pmos and n
I don't think that will make any sense since it becomes an asynchronous interface between Digital and Analog after CTS, thanks anyway We currently used this opposite edges structure between digital/analog from 10 years with success, in 0.18um, 0.13um tsmc design.
Can logic circuit with tsmc high voltage 0.18um devices work correctly at 3.4V supply? If you have a "HV" (3.0 .. 3.6V) standard logic lib, or self-built "HV" logic circuitry, why not? The 1.8V std logic lib will not work with 3.4V supply.
Hi all, I am using the tsmc CMOS logic 0.18um (3.3V) technology. I was wondering in which stage of the digital design flow would I have to mention about dual power supply (+/- 1.65 V). I am in the synthesis stage and the library I am using has a nominal voltage of 1.8 V for a tt process corner. There are no libraries with a nominal voltage of 3
What do you mean by digital circuit simulator? The term digital circuit simulator is a bit broad... 1. Do you mean custom logic with MOS transistors generally used for extremely dense digital/high speed serial I/O? 2. Do you mean custom digital ASIC with standard cell libraries from tsmc? 3. Do you mean digital circuits as in FPGA / CPLD? 4.
in tsmc 0.35um logic design rule why need this rule? what's mean? thanks in advance!
Hi Everyone, I want to use dual-threshold logic in my transistor level circuit using HSpice. My query is : Is there any seperate model files ( tsmc or UMC or anything else ) for Dual-Threshold logic purpose.
hi everybody! I was puzzled by power-on-sequence problem now. I used to do a project using smic 130nm logic technology, using its standard io lib. SMIC demand io power first, core power second sequence. The reason behind this rule is ESD Diode between io power ring and core power ring in IO Cell circuit. But, When I turn to tsmc tech, I fin
Can logic circuit with tsmc 0.18um devices work correctly under 1.5V supply?
You should study the process flow first! For tsmc 0.18 process, pwell is not a real well, which is just a "Not Nwell" logic operation and has no special PWELL mask in general process. But in 0.18 rf process, you can achieve Pwell by using deep-nwell, which is isolate with the psub.
I need tsmc 018 logic design kit! thanks in advance
In a logic or Mixed technology in 0.25 tsmc,I use nmos4 in the analoglib. when I set l=300,w=2u the spectre can run simulations.(model name is nch) But when I set L=250n, it can not run. ( I have try to set the model name is nch, nch.3,nch_3 according in the datasheet,but it doesn't work}. And spectre shows Instance length or width does n
I m using tsmc .18um process, currently simulate on a POR, the threshold voltage is around 1.214V. As the output POR will go in to some logic gates (DFF and inverter), so it is important to know whether this Vthreshold is able to let the logic regconized as logic "high" or not. I found online that the VIH of CMOS 1.8V = (...)
please i need @DA2006A , tsmc 0.13um(RF and logic) designkit i tried to develop designkit for @DS , but it is beyond my skill.
Who know the break down voltage of Nwell/Psub diode(NWDIO) in tsmc 0.18um 1.8V/3.3V logic process? The typical break down voltage, the minimum and the maximum. Are the NWDIOs in 1.8v area and 3.3v area same? The psub will be same, the Nwell is same too?