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How can I replace the current model with the one of tsmc? I think you have to set up such a correspondence list yourself. Then select the former individual models one by one and change each one to the corresponding new model name and its tsmc PDK library.
Hi, We are experiencing a drc error on one gate of a test chip. The signal goes to a MOM cap and a pimplant resistor chain and no where else. This gate signal is now being flagged as a floating gate with the drc error as PO.R.8 { @ It is prohibited for Floating Gate if the effective source/drain is not connected together Float_GATE_fail
Hello! I am currently doing layout of resistors using l-edit. Please correct me if I am wrong about the resistor types: rnod = n diff resistor? (rsh=80) rpod = p diff resistor? (rsh=150) rnwod = nwell resistor? (rsh=1050) rpo1 =poly resistor? (rsh=8) Also do you recommend (...)
dear friends I have designed class F power amplifier based on tsmc 0.18um Technology using stacked structure. but when i peak third harmonic traping circuit, the output of circuit in 4.7GHz(center freq) have a negative real impedance!!! Is there any techniques to overcome this problem ? Of course, I know the seris resistor could solve this prob
Should be in your tsmc18rf documentation. If you don't have access to it, you could perhaps use the last tsmc18 MOSIS WAFER ACCEPTANCE TESTS' sheet resistance values for approximation. Tolerance or matching parameters aren't given
i was designing a relaxation oscillator in tsmc 90nm technology..designed for 33khz.rpodw_m model resistor was used along with crtmom cap...i need 1Meg resistor value along with 13pF cap so as to design for 33khz operation. when i run the corner simulation ,huge variation of frequency of operation was found in fast & slow corners..why is it (...)
Hi. I am wondering if it is possible to use a resistor 1.8M ohms in tsmc 180nm. Is it too big? Thanks.
Hi, all, I'm using the tsmc 0.13um CMOS proccess. I would expect some influence to the frequency response, for example for one amplifier stage, when I was using a huge resistor as the AC coupling bias resistor for the next stage. But the simulation results show almost no influence, and I found that the resistor, for (...)
Hi, I am working in tsmc 65n technology. Can any body help me about how to choose the process variation of resistor and capacitor with NMOS and PMOS process variation? For example, let I am using rppoly_m resistor and crt_mom(because my load is crt_mom) capacitor for miller compensation. Driver of the second stage is NMOS. To (...)
1. Make sure you are using the updated rules and PDK 2. Sounds like - this resistor got extracted as a generic device - maybe instead of extractRES, extractDevice is used - else, got transformed to a generidDevice by other techniques , in case there is an already available bind.rul [maybe they
Hi everybody, I'm dealing with a tsmc 0.18 design, which I am new to and there is something I am quite puzzled about, although other designers take it for granted... So here' s the thing: I call layout pitch the minimum delta between two layout dimensions. For instance, if you can have a channel length of 180nm and the next one is 190nm,
I am using tsmc 90nm PDK and I'm wondering if I should enable guard ring option for my poly resistor for my 1.9GHz divider. I'm actually confused if this would help at all. does guard ring help matching? What's the purpose of having guard rings in resistor? I would understand if it's guard ring for transistors..... but putting around (...)
Try looking at the resistor models and see if they are different. ss is presumably slow N, slow P - maybe it doesn't actually change the poly resistors. Keith Edit: I have just had a look at some tsmc models (not necessarily the same ones as yours) and I can see no evidence of ss affecting the resistors.
I'm design in 0.35um tsmc technology How can i estimate the size of NMOS, PMOS, Capacitor and resistor that i used Should the wire be included inthe calculation of size?
We recently did some designs with CMOS 0.35um VIS (Vanguard-tsmc) process. The poly-2 resistors came out very non-linear with 10-100x variations from the design values. We used ICartis for this wafer run. We are suspecting that we made a change in the poly-2 resistors from 50ohm/sq to 2kohm/sq in the design kit as in
Sounds like a tsmc compatible CMOS technology/design kit. In this case you have to draw a resistor definition layer over the resistive path itself and a resistor trim layer over parts of the heads. Usually these layers are called resdef and restrim. Refer to your design manual for names/over and underlaps. Without these layers, the extract (...)
in tsmc 0.35um library, the model of resistor is defined in the form of subcircuit, can anayone tell me how to use it in cadence simulator?
you can contact tsmc for high resistance resistor model and layer.
Hi Experts, can anybody tell me what these layers meant? and specific requirement for tsmc library for resistor creation from layout or fab process perspective layers: RPO , RH , RPDMY i know that these RPO along with RH is used for salicidation (to reduce resistance), where as i see RPDMY is commonly present for both w/i and w/o salic
I am layout a POLY resistor in the tsmc 0.18 um proc. The DRC gives me no error, but when I extracted, this error "no stamped connections" persists. I googled for it, without much info. But I just know that it is caused by the lackk of connectino with the substrate. But there are only two terminals of metal 1 in the layout of the resistor, (...)