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Hello everyone, I am doing layout with tsmc035 4M2P. I face with folowing problem: Whenever I add the resistor 'rnwod', the LVS check tool generates the error message: "malformed device nrdip". (please see attached file) Do you know what is the reason and how to solve the problem? Can this error be waived or we have to remove all error? T
Hi guys, i am to design a 6T SRAM cell based on tsmc035. Where can i find 'design rules' or guidelines for tsmc035? Such as the distance (lambda) between metal and poly etc. I'm still very new to this, so i need help. Thanks guys.
based on the diagram enclosed, i have one question to ask. can someone explain to me how data is stored or read? the code i used is (CAD tools) .include .include latest.sp .param i=0.2u Vdd Vin 0 3.3 Vin Vwl 0 bit { on = 3.3 off=0.0 delay=2ns rt=1ns ft=1ns pw=10ns} Vin Vbl 0 bit { on = 3.3 off=0.0 delay=2ns rt=1n
can get most of the rule files at Heres the link for 0.35u