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can anyone please share a link to download this book for free turbo Coding, turbo Equalisation and Space-Time Coding for Transmission over Fading Channels turbo Coding, turbo Equalisation and Space-Time Coding free downloads
turbo C++ version 6 (Borland Builder) is available as a free download from here. All you have to do is register and you get a ten year licence. The package includes comprehensive Help files and examples.
The FT232 chip enumerates as a com port, so you can use it as you would any other com port. Unfortunately, I dont think usb drivers for DOS are readly available and the usb interface is not trivial to code. You could always upgrade your compiler to 'Borland turbo C++ 2006', which is a free download from Code Central. Then write code using (...)
turbo C++ 2006 is a free download from code central. Well worth getting, and of course it comes with the STL. (Standard Template Lbrary) Which is part of the C++ language standard. Some very powerful libraries are also a free download, the boost libraries. The Boost release contains about 58 (...)
You can download turbo C++ 2006 for free from Borland. It is very easy and very fast to write Windows programs with Borland C++ as it is a forms based RAD system designed for writing windows programs. There is no diference that you would notice in the underlying implementations of C++ in all these programs.
Hi u can use: turbo C Borland C Visual Studio (Microsoft)
Take a look on the internet for a com port component. There are plenty of free components out there. You can also use Delphi components with Builder. Borland are offering turbo C++ express as a free download. It is worth getting.
Use Borland! What you can do in 1 hour in Borland, it will take a day with Microsoft. Borland invented RAD. turbo C++ 2006 express is a free download. Get it now.
I have just discovered that Borland have released 2006 versions of their great turbo series compilers, turbo C++, turbo Delphi, turbo C#. Not only that, they have provided Express versions for free download. (Must be in reply to Microsofts offering.) The C++ Express version has only a (...)
turbo C++ 2006 express. free download from Borland!