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For the given Block diagram I am having following doubts for the digitizer(data compression part). 1.The input signal will be a sine signal rt? will sample it and make it digital.After that will apply fft and for then will apply data compression algorithm arithmetic coding and then for error correction will apply turbo this procedure ok
How does turbo trellis differ from "ordinary" trellis codes?
most systems with turbo codes like LTE, DVB, MediaFLO...etc
Hi all... Hope u all r doing good...good to see this forum blooming as ususal... I need some simulations (matlab or C++ or any flash animation) for information theory and coding techniques like turbo, RS codes etc... Thanx in advance... bye
hi all, can some1 pliz avail me with matlab codes for Adaptive Modulation and coding(AMC), any digital modulations schemes(64QAM to QPSK) and turbo codes can do. thank u lots. legend1
Hi all I hope to hear from you your suggestions about a Master degree topics in digital communication. what is hot now? Do you encourage working on LDPC and turbo codes?what is hot in coding now? hope to hear from all of you sson
Hello, I am need for codes for interleaving, convolutional, LDPC and turbo coding and also for equalization algos like MMSE, LSE and FDE. Do you know of any resource from which I can get them. Also how can learn more about "implementing these algos in the DSP"
Hi please upload these papers 1-Efficient Maximum Likelihood Decoding of Linear Block codes Using a Trellis 2-A Viterbi Algorithm with Soft Decision Outputs and its Application 3-Evaluation of Block turbo Code Performance with the Reduced Search Trellis Decoding Method 4-Improved Decoding (...)
Hello, I'm newbie in coding theory. I heard that turbo code performance is better than one calculated by its effective code rate. Is there anybody to know some papers to support this? Thank you very much! - D.B
MATLAB code for experiment on turbo codes The following MATLAB funtions will allow you to simulate the classical turbo coding system, which is also known as parallel concantenated convolutional codes. They are written to be shared with fellow researchers working on turbo (...)
Hi Haif, You can find Hamming, convelution, turbo codes on c++ in this web site:
I am going to complete my PhD before X'mas in UK. And I am currently looking for a job. I have skills with C/C++, MATLAB, Fortran. And my research areas are as follow: Forward Error Correction (FEC), Error Control coding, turbo codes, Convolutional codes, Coded Modulation Systems, Modulations (BPSK, QPSK, QAM), OFDM, MIMO, (...)
Hi you can check the following links Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
hye... i'm having a probz here to find the best simulation of matlab for implementing and constructing LDPC and turbo codes..... my task here is to find or possible to create coding for those codes and explain it to my lecturer.... well...any suggestion of coding that u guyz can find and recommend (...)
hi see the following book chapter: Essentials of error control coding: chapter 7:turbo codes.
Hey I want some links about turbo coding in Digital communication , VHDL implementation codes.. IF u know pl help me.. Thanks in advance Regards, venkatesan.s
Have a look on turbo codes and LDPC codes.....I guess this is what going to put in the WiMax product as for channel coding
Hi You are trying to give new definitions for things that already defined. I suggest you refer to the existent literature and check the definitions for "channel coding" and the other. About turbo codes, they are better but they demand more complex hardware, greater computational cost which may not be justified for the application you (...)
Hi u r right, but i need some powerful software or code to simulate LDPC and turbo. I used 1 code in mathwork site for LDPC, but its results didnt fit very famous Shu Lin paper about LDPC.
Hi.... basically the coding schemes we are using in the HSDPA is turbo codes & Convolutional codes...... regarding the documents..... Just go to This is the one of the best dite for learning about HSDPA.