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hiii am a beginner in turbo codes so anyoone can send me a code !!of 6 iteration or 4
How does turbo trellis differ from "ordinary" trellis codes?
Hi all Can u help me? I need the "matlab code for ber of ofdm system using turbo codes on awgn channel. If you have the code plz send it to "". Its urgent plz Thanks in advance
Hi all... Hope u all r doing good...good to see this forum blooming as ususal... I need some simulations (matlab or C++ or any flash animation) for information theory and coding techniques like turbo, RS codes etc... Thanx in advance... bye
Hi I am doing a turbo codec using matlab. I finished the encoding part and stuck up with the decoder. I tried using 'vitdec' a ready function available in matlab, but i cannot get soft outputs so that i can pass that info to the second decoder and begin the iteration process
hi all, can some1 pliz avail me with matlab codes for Adaptive Modulation and Coding(AMC), any digital modulations schemes(64QAM to QPSK) and turbo codes can do. thank u lots. legend1
I need to simulate a data using bpsk on awgn channel can anyone pls help me with turbo matlab codes that can help. Many thanks
I want to study the impact of diverse multipath fading over communication channels and how Tubo codes can help to decrease its effects. Can anyone send me or give me the link where can I find a model of PCCC turbo encoder/ decoder for QPSK in simulink or matlab function? Thank you!
Hi, Please find the complete turbo codes using BCJR from Communication systems by Haykin. Regards,
Hi all , does any one have matlab codes for serial concatenation ?? may be a serial concatenated turbo code ? Many thanks all !!
can anyone give me the matlab code for MMSE receiver using PARRALLEL INNTERFERENCE CANCELLATION TECHNIQUE employing turbo codes for suppression of Interference .
matlab code for experiment on turbo codes The following matlab funtions will allow you to simulate the classical turbo Coding system, which is also known as parallel concantenated convolutional codes. They are written to be shared with fellow researchers working on turbo (...)
hello guyz.... there's a project that need 2 b d0ne here in my uni... well....i need to find differences between turbo codes and ldpc codes in wireless channel using matlab... these are my specific task... ? number of iteration o how the bit error rate (BER) will change as the iteration is increase compared to SNR (...)
I am going to complete my PhD before X'mas in UK. And I am currently looking for a job. I have skills with C/C++, matlab, Fortran. And my research areas are as follow: Forward Error Correction (FEC), Error Control Coding, turbo codes, Convolutional codes, Coded Modulation Systems, Modulations (BPSK, QPSK, QAM), OFDM, MIMO, (...)
hye... i'm having a probz here to find the best simulation of matlab for implementing and constructing LDPC and turbo codes..... my task here is to find or possible to create coding for those codes and explain it to my lecturer.... well...any suggestion of coding that u guyz can find and recommend it to me....??
when i simulate the turbo codes in "C" or matlab i have swear problems of the over flow how can imover come this problem of over flow problems in the implementationm of the turbo codes
when i simulate the turbo codes in "C" or matlab i have swear problems of the over flow how can imover come this problem of over flow problems in the implementationm of the turbo codes
Hi, You can download the turbo-code from the web site, but the turbo-code is with c++ code rather matlab code.
hello everyone, i have implemented conventional convolutional codes in my wimax project. now i am suppose to add convolutional turbo codes as our further enhancement .. so can anyone supply me with good study material or matlab implementation of CTC encoders .. its very urgent ... waiting ... thanks in advance ..
I need help for my final year project on turbo codes. I need a detailed description and diagram for the Decoder. Currently i am doing somulation in matlab. I have written code for the decoder. But the problem is that even without adding noise, it does not produce correct result. The component decoders (log map) are fine(i have verified th