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Your topic gets a few hits on an internet search. Example, have you looked at open source code available at:
in LTE physical layer implementation using matlab , the turbo decoder when operates only with AWGN it performance is ordinary but when i add the blocks of layer mapping and ofdm it has no effect on them that the BER is still equal BER without using turbo so i didn't know what is the problem !!! that performance with (...)
Can anyone give me turbo coded OFDM code? modulation(QPSK/8PSK/16PSK), turbo encoder, ifft, channel, fft, turbo decoder(log map), demodulation with 256 subcarriers. Thanks in advance....
i hope this will do it. turbo_logmap_matlab.rar (456.9 KB) if any one can give me VHDL or Verilog for the same i would welcome...
am working in turbo code now too i have a matlab code for this but i still trying to figure out how to use it in my system
Hi I am doing a turbo codec using matlab. I finished the encoding part and stuck up with the decoder. I tried using 'vitdec' a ready function available in matlab, but i cannot get soft outputs so that i can pass that info to the second decoder and begin the iteration process
I want to study the impact of diverse multipath fading over communication channels and how Tubo codes can help to decrease its effects. Can anyone send me or give me the link where can I find a model of PCCC turbo encoder/ decoder for QPSK in simulink or matlab function? Thank you!
needn turbo code of decoder of LTE 4G (( matlab code))
i wanto write bout analysis performance rate compatible puncture turbo code with SOVA decoder...but i must understan bout puncture convolutional code...and so far i just get the simulink of whole program....and that i want not like simulink but the matlab program(or syntax/code or whatever the name) that i need just puncture convolutional (...)
i'm working on turbo decoder (matlab simmulation) but i have a problem about intrleaver at decoder as in standards of GPP data enters intrleaver must be blocks according to certain table but due to trellis termination all blocks enters intrleaver will be increased by four bits in decoder so intrleaver (...)
Hi all , does any one have matlab codes for serial concatenation ?? may be a serial concatenated turbo code ? Many thanks all !!
i have simulate wimax , now i want to use turbo code for coding can any one help me. thanks
Hi, Actually i want to simulate turbo equalization by using MMSE equalizer and turbo decoder.
hi is there any one who can send me a program(matlab or c.matlab is prefered) that can perform iterative decoding of BTC(TPC) code and draw the BER. Thanks.
Hi, Any one working on turbo equalization using MAP algorithm. I have a question about calculating the gamma or the transition probability. Is it different from MAP decoder and if yes then whats the difference and if you have a matlab code portion for calculating the transition probability then if you can share it with me , i would be (...)
go in upload section: a topic is there:matlab and c for turbo coding"
I need help for my final year project on turbo Codes. I need a detailed description and diagram for the decoder. Currently i am doing somulation in matlab. I have written code for the decoder. But the problem is that even without adding noise, it does not produce correct result. The component decoders (...)
I need matlab file that simulate turbo encoder/decoder using modulation and coding rate