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Dear KlausST and other forum members. Thank you very much for responding. 1. First of all, I must say that I want to attach LEDs to the UART TTL level. So your assumption was right. 2. I have no problem implementing this circuit with a comparator, but I am not familiar with them. Is it possible to name several of the standard single, dual
Hi all Can any one tell me what should be the register value between vcc and latch enable and what should be the capacitor value between latch enable and ground pin
- - - Updated - - - if you want to get only 2 options gas leaked or not. connect + to vcc(5v) connect - to GND(0v) and connect OUT to LED in series with resistor. Take a lighter turn on the lighter and blow off flame with hand only but dont remove the pressed switch of lighter (I mean to say that flame should not be
Hi, I want to use 4013bt for turn on and off a circuit (as you see in my schematic attached) It is working ok but I see it is very sensitive . for example when I touch bt4013 by hand it make it on/off. Is it ok ? Is there any way to make it be less sensitive ? BR, 91229
Since you haven't shown your circuit diagram, I assume we're talking about a pin that is open-drain (or open-collector) and you want to use that to light a LED. In that case, have the LED connected between output pin and VDD/vcc. Send 0 to the pin to turn the LED on and send 1 to the pin to turn the LED off. You don't need (...)
If you feed each base via a high value resistor to the LEDs vcc + 1v, then all the transistors are "on", i.e. the LEDs are off. Now diverting the base current from any transistor to earth, will turn off that transistor. Your turning off transistor needs to be rated at (...)
Using the potentiometer, change the resistance until the contrast is what you want. Then turn the power off and connect a multimeter to calculate the resistance for your selected contrast. Place on probe on the pin connected to vcc, the other to the middle pin. Or you can place one probe on the middle pin and the other on the pin (...)
I may not be understanding your description well.. however, it seems that your charged battery will slowly be discharged through Q2 since it will not turn off, whether Q1 is on or off.
Hi all , in my project : there is a transistor series whit MCU power supply ,it's base is controlled by both MCU and a uSwich , when i press uSwich , it turnes on and after turning on , MCU keeps transistor active( writting 1 to transistor base ) , and when the circuit shold turn off , MCU deactive the transistor ,so (...)
hi guys, I hv successfully built this ICSP circuit and it works perfectly, however, I would like to integrate it into my other circuit so I hv some doubts on soma parts. I intend to turn off the power supply to this USB programmer by cutting off the vcc using a relay. Since the USB chip (FT232BM) TXD and RXD are (...)

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