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I am looking for an expert in COMSOL Multiphysics to tutor me. I do have very good knowledge, but the problem I am seeking to model is a little bit complex.
Hi All, Long time I am trying to get dispersion diagram (alpha/k0 and beta/k0) of microstrip transmission line (MTL) using Eigenmode solver in CST MWS, but I could not find it. Is there any way to get the dispersion diagram from CST Eigenmode solver directly? Specially for half-width MTL or CRLH transmission line. I went through the tutorial of CS
I think one and another is OK! But you must tutor both..... some usefull links: SIMCOM gprs example wit source: and you can try with very good tool with simcom modems: YOU CAN
Respected tutor, I have designed a square MSA with dual probe feed.But im unable to see E plane & H plane plots for cross & co polarization, I am using HFSS v11. could u tell me 1)where should i see its results ? to see this should i apply excitation to each probe by creating 3 design 1-both probe ,2-1stprobe,3-2nd probe excitation? 2)How to de
Check out for Nigel Pic tutor on LCD modules at This example run on 4 bit mode and connects to any port on a PIC with ASM sample programming for the PIC16 range. Best regards Johann
I exactly got it how to generate 1s delay efficiently in second website. Thank you so much for the one who explained it using cblock. Thanks you sir!!!!
Examples -> MWS -> Integral Equation -> Helix -> Helix_I_Wire.cst Unfortunately, this is second-hand information. The example path was only mentioned in a meeting. 86415 - - - Updated - - - As I understand it, you put a port over the end of the coaxial input, exactly as in the tutorial examp
This sounds very similar to my final year project. Heres what I did: wrote a load of notes in lectures, learned and HDL and coded the project with a little help from friends and tutor. So instead of just asking us to do the work, get started yourself, and come back when you have a specific problem.
The Gooligum PIC tutorials are extremely helpful, they cover both the baseline and midrange PIC families using both C and Assembly Language: Gooligum Baseline PIC C Programming tutorials Gooligum Mid-Range PIC C Programming tutorials[
I need mysql in linux based tutorials.if anyone has please upload here.if anyone knows good website please give me the web link.
You maybe able to get some inspiration from the following: Build Your Own Microcontroller Based PID Control Line Follower Robot (LFR) – Second Part AVR Line Following
hi is there any place in hfss that calculate and show antenna side lobe level? thanks It's easy to plot and see the levels. I believe there is a function to calculate them, as I once saw it in one of the HFSS tutorials, but I can't recall which one unfortunately. Dave
I am using PAD 9.3. and try following the tutor to do a split plan. After selected Board Outline and convert it to plan area. And then use auto Plan separate-Set Grid 25 mils. after draw around the plan area, PADS give me a message: All Corners must be within the plane are polygon.. What can I do wrong? DV
Hi Everyone, I am working on a development board called easypic2. I have to drive a LCD(160x128). I am new in programming, My tutor gave my a code which displays few colours one at a time(red,green etc...). He just wants me to write "Hello word" instead of all these colours. Here is the code,cold give me an hand please? //PORT DECL
If you feel you can expand your knowledge beyond existing in the science, go for it. The title is not important- you are allowed to pursue your ideas in a Ph.D. study which offers a possibility to achieve a breakthrough in a science you love. The freedom of doing something special is the idea. I wish you a good tutor and good luck! I was lucky w
I don't know if anyone will be willing to help you on messenger, but you should find some websites using google and start learning. Also, you should get a book or two. You haven't specified which microcontroller you want to use. If you specify that, then we can point to some good online tutorials or books to help you get started. :smile: Hope th
If you are designing for a real design, you get the parameters from your foundry. If it's a circuit design exercise, ask your supervisor or tutor. There are some typical design parameters available on the internet, that are often used for academic purposes. E.g. these
i asked the tutor he said its the delay of the 555timer and flip-flop. that caused the phase shift between flip-flop output and comparator output. Doesn't sound reasonable. 4027 and 555 have delays in < 1us range, even the comparator response time is much faster than the delays viewn in your waveform. The circuit must be different f
Hi to all, Can somebody please address me to a tutor where I can learn how to create and add a new transformer model into Multisim 11? Basically I need to simulate a circuit containing a transformer I designed and built myself. Of course I know all its main parameters: number of windings, turn ratio, winding capacitance and stray inter-winding c