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check these links Zigbee tutorial |
Can you explain the working of a capacitor in a circuit ? I mean how it passes the currrent through it ? How does a Capacitor Work? How does a Capacitor Work and also please explain the working difference of a 1 watt and 1/2 watt resistors of same resis
Hi Iam going to order 'Junebug' blueroomelectronics Junebug PICkit2 / MPLAB PIC Programmer, Debugger with tutor Hardware Simulator for PIC. Does it Support P16F84? Any tip for its working accuracy? regards :-D:-)
Dear pateldivyesh68, Visit the link below it would help you out... How does a Resistor Work
You have to know how to derive the equation, instead of plucking equations from textbooks or blindly listening to your tutor. Go back to basics and derive the equation. If you want to use the standard-form equation, you can see it as the "gnd" reference is now "ref". That implies that both your input and output is now referenced to "ref" instead
I have see some information here. Hopefully helpful.
hi all, i have two cell libraries one characterized at 1.8v ,a nd the other at .4v. i want to use them in multi vdd design i can i use two libraries at a time,should i do any changes in the RTL verilog code?? where should i specify that a block operates at a particular voltage, if any body have tutorials or s
Dear all, i study a paper which teach make the UWB 3dB coupler. and it use a slot-coupling approach. the coupler consists of three conductor layer interleaved by two dielectric. the top and bottom are conductor layers, mid-layer is a slot ground. However, i dont know the concept how it can make the bandwidth be wider. and my tutor give me a hints
Here is a link to GROL preparation software demo. RadioTelephone tutor Demo -
The best one is the "AT command manual" you got from the manufacturer. Specially for the manufacturer specific functions you must to have that. You can use the following tutorial for general understanding of how things work- Hope that helps.
You can also have a look at Junebug from Blueroom Electronics is quite good and equivalent to Pickit2 which is a programmer cum debugger which also includes a tutor. You can download all the assembly instructions from thier site . Goodluck
It's a decent development board, my Junebug LAB $49 (PICkit2 + 18F1320 tutor) will get you started and it's MPLAB compatible.
Since you're already in the academia - take a class on PCB design. That could be the best path. You could also join the student chapter of IEEE, and find a grad student or a post-doc, who could tutor you. BTW, what university do you go to?
There are three different TO92 configurations: American (EBC), Japanese (ECB) and European(CBE) .. BEWARE .. Regards, IanP
We've been publishing a free JPUG newsletter which has suggestions and projects for the 18F1320 tutor on our Junebug kit.
Hello, I'm looking for someone to tutor me in either FPGA design or Embedded Software Development. Please email me at "" if you are interested and reside in toronto/waterloo area. Thanks!
Google is your best friend:
It's useful for tutor^_^
No reserve on this assembled Junebug PICkit2 compatible programmer, debugger and 18F1320 tutor. For more information on the Junebug visit The auction ends March 22 / 2008 It was built with Green LEDs instead of Red LEDs but is otherwise a typical Junebug. Also included is the optional Lab-e
Hi !!! GIYF : GPIB tutorial

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