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Hi Everyone, I am working on a development board called easypic2. I have to drive a LCD(160x128). I am new in programming, My tutor gave my a code which displays few colours one at a time(red,green etc...). He just wants me to write "Hello word" instead of all these colours. Here is the code,cold give me an hand please? //PORT DECL
If you feel you can expand your knowledge beyond existing in the science, go for it. The title is not important- you are allowed to pursue your ideas in a Ph.D. study which offers a possibility to achieve a breakthrough in a science you love. The freedom of doing something special is the idea. I wish you a good tutor and good luck! I was lucky w
Google it out..You can find loads of SELF tutor stuff lying out there..First start off with the general MCU.. Hope this helps you out ;-) Regards, Santosh Kumar
Hi, If you follow the code the ' movf d1,w ' this moves the data held in d1 into W to be passed to the TX REG for transmission, so your data is already there, saved. So when, I assume, the data from the gps module is stored in d1, then thats the time to write it to eeprom. You have some eeprom on the 877A chip but for large amounts of da
The most important feature of the equalizer is it removes Intersymbol Interference. Equalizers essentially ensure that the probability of BER is reduced by using different techniques e.g. MMSE, GMM..etc. to get a good approximation to the originally transmitted data. There is a lot of info around
If you are designing for a real design, you get the parameters from your foundry. If it's a circuit design exercise, ask your supervisor or tutor. There are some typical design parameters available on the internet, that are often used for academic purposes. E.g. these
Hi..Please read this..I think it will help to you.. A VHDL tutorial For EE475
You did not mention which MCUs you use. What are they and do you have a preference? The basic interface and driver code are not difficult, however using a FATFS can be challenging depending on the version. Here's a few tutorials: MMC/SD Card and FAT tutorial [URL="www.basemen
ok, i used 555timer; 4027(dual J-K flip-flop); LM339(Quad voltage comparator); 4081(Quad 2-input AND gate). circuit is same as the circuit above, resistors and capacitors are used to get a 50Hz and 50% duty cycle. and i didnt terminate any unused pins. i asked the tutor he said its the delay of the 555timer and flip-flop. that caused the phase shi
it turned out the tutor made a mistake, it IS inductive load, not resistive load. thanks anyway. and thank *** i dont have to do the math. lol
hi, i am building a small inverter project, which the tutor asked to put a Low Voltage Lock Out circuit to prevent the battery being drained out. i have designed a circuit which contains a comparator, voltage reference, voltage divider, and MOSFET( switch ), to disconnect the battery when the voltage is lower than the reference. Is there any simple
Hi to all, Can somebody please address me to a tutor where I can learn how to create and add a new transformer model into Multisim 11? Basically I need to simulate a circuit containing a transformer I designed and built myself. Of course I know all its main parameters: number of windings, turn ratio, winding capacitance and stray inter-winding c
I am asked to design a NAND gate layout using the 0.35?m technology in the assignment given by my tutor. But I don't know what does the technology mentioned means. Where could i find relevant information, or could anyone please brief me some...thank in advance...
Can you explain the working of a capacitor in a circuit ? I mean how it passes the currrent through it ? How does a Capacitor Work? How does a Capacitor Work and also please explain the working difference of a 1 watt and 1/2 watt resistors of same resis
Try these links... How does a Capacitor Work How Capacitors Work? HowStuffWorks "How Capacitors Work"
Hi Iam going to order 'Junebug' blueroomelectronics Junebug PICkit2 / MPLAB PIC Programmer, Debugger with tutor Hardware Simulator for PIC. Does it Support P16F84? Any tip for its working accuracy? regards :-D:-)
Dear pateldivyesh68, Visit the link below it would help you out... How does a Resistor Work
Hello, Im student of 2 year of electronics from Poland. Once I was sitting and waiting on a corridor, and my tutor come to me and chat a while. Finally he gave me a task to think through. After few hours of intense thinking I started to bang my head over the wall. Friend of mine recomended me that forum. Maybe you have some idea? ---------------
You have to know how to derive the equation, instead of plucking equations from textbooks or blindly listening to your tutor. Go back to basics and derive the equation. If you want to use the standard-form equation, you can see it as the "gnd" reference is now "ref". That implies that both your input and output is now referenced to "ref" instead
the tutor gave us some audio files and asked us to design digital filter by matlab to improve voice communication then implement it with texas instrument then test it. anyone have helpful books or websites with many thanks Design a digital audio filter to optimize intelligibility of air to ground voice communications. Specific tasks: -