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Hi V, there are several institute which are providing the distance learning course. you can check it on google. But As I am in this field from last 5 year, Its my experirnece that that will not help you a lot. You can search an institute in your city or may be any personal tutor who can help you to understand the basics. And then you can go whic
Hi! guru. I'm a challange to FPGA design. Can anyone write the simple VHDL code to display text on 16character 2line Text LCD for me? I am learning VHDL and I have a UP2 Development board, using FLEX 10K CPLD. I want to implement and learn FPGA. I studied Microcontroller and I implemented a project of that nature bu
You can try: Microchip Technology Inc. is a Leading Provider of Microcontroller and Analog Semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide. ---------- Post added at 04:20 --------
I gone through the links which u had mentioned. But the thing is, I want to upload the data to SQL server (Microsoft SQL server 2005) i.e manually i created a table in Microsoft SQL server 2005->SQL Server management studio, then from SIM300 module i did the TCP/IP connection to the SQL server ip address and its port number(default 1433), On
Hi, There are so many micro tutorials on the web you might be better using one of those. Here are just a few - w
I have see some information here. Hopefully helpful.
FPGAs are great fun. But I would not suggest you make your first board or two. We used to make CPLD-based boards but there are some really great low cost options out there for FPGAs so we stopped -- just not cost effective. So none of the below belong to me, just things I've used. First, don't worry too much about vendors. Just pick one and stic
hello i need help!!! i am working for my project on HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM USING DTMF by using fixed phone iside home to controll devices like light, fan,stove and some other stuff anywhere outside or insde the house so plsssssssssssssssss i need help anyone who can share ideas and circute diagrams ........or even tutor......
thanks, i'll ask my tutor because i think he expects something more challenging
Dear all, i study a paper which teach make the UWB 3dB coupler. and it use a slot-coupling approach. the coupler consists of three conductor layer interleaved by two dielectric. the top and bottom are conductor layers, mid-layer is a slot ground. However, i dont know the concept how it can make the bandwidth be wider. and my tutor give me a hints
Hello, for my Diploma Thesis i have to design a low noise NF amplifier in CMOS Technology. I chose a folded cascode OTA with autozeroing and fully differential design. I read the paper "circuit techniques for reducing the effects of op-amp imperfections.." from Enz and Temes. I wonder about a few things: 1. Both, the main amplifier and t
Here is a link to GROL preparation software demo. RadioTelephone tutor Demo -
Hello friend I am new to Micro controller I have desinged just two project of ?c now I want to make a cicuit to program internal roms of ?c so which rs232 and ?c ICs should I used can I use the 89c51rd2 ic please help me you need to better have all your works done with Microchip PIC devices as support is better. y
hello i need the PCB layout (.pdf format) for GTP-usb PIC Programmer only ( not for "GTP-usb plus , GTP-usb-232 , GTP-usb Lite") Junebug from is much better as it employs the firmware from microchip and is upgradable any day. you may download the assembly instruction manual for more c
You can also have a look at Junebug from Blueroom Electronics is quite good and equivalent to Pickit2 which is a programmer cum debugger which also includes a tutor. You can download all the assembly instructions from thier site . Goodluck
I am using MC145152-2 IC. I have to design it for GSM Frequency (935MHz - 960MHz) The channel spacing is 200KHz. I am really confused !!!!!! Is there any online tutorial on how to go about designing it !!!! Please Help !!!!!!!! Thanks !!!!!
If you are really serious not to waste time and use it rather for programming, my sincere advise would be to buy one PICKIT2 Incidentally, if you reside in UK and a reader of EPE magazine, you might know that PICIT is offered at cocessional rate at around 10pounds even other wise a PICKIT2 would cost you $35+. Now, if you are interested in ad
It's a decent development board, my Junebug LAB $49 (PICkit2 + 18F1320 tutor) will get you started and it's MPLAB compatible.
Just See the basics of smith chart here ENJOY!
I recommend you read the book "Div Grad Curl and All That" by H.M. Schey. It is short, not too mathy, and will help give you a very strong foundation in when and how to apply Dot and Cross products. It also covers unit norms. I read it as an undergrad and it clarified everything more than any tutor ever did.