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download...apply google... = useless post
I just found an interesting tutorial about cpld and fpga for the beginners who take a look at this forum....
Hi all, I am new to equalizer and adaptive filter. My tutor told me to minimize a DFE(decision feedback equalizer)'s area while keep its timing. I got a book named "Pipelined Adaptive Digital Filters" by Parhi. But the book seems aim at high speed. Can you recommend some book or paper on this subject? And is there any available C or Matlab
If you have vcs and nanosim co simulation license, you may use this tool to simulate the design, dont need any verilog-a, you can use spice model for analog circuit and verilog for digital design. The only thing for you to do is studying the the tutor provided by synopsys.
I find a nice tutorial @
Here you have links to PID tutorials:
hello dear friends can any one help me to get the basic of assembly language specially for pic. thanx for help Hi see here:
Hi people I want to build my own VGA driver. Ive done mods to ini files etc to add more options for 3D settings etc but I want to move onto Compile driver etc. I have the 3D spec sheet and Reg packet info. Just need a good tutor or a link to a good site that will help me out with my Questions. thx for ya time
Hi Here are some tutorials or help files (this one needs * by t
Here you can find an introduction to CIC filters: Regards, IanP
I have got a smart antenna system. At the bottom of the system (beneath the circular array) is a calibration system comprised of a 1:8 wilkison power divider and directional couplers. I have read a lot of articles and found that it is used the calibrate the time-varying channel errors. But my tutor told me it is used to calibrate the mutual cou
I need the EDK MicroBlaze tutorial 3.2, if anyone can help me?? Thanks in advance, Osama Said
Does any one have PIC VIRTUAL tutor from EPE magazines? borko
I am using 18F452, 8 MHz crystal. The LCD is connected as follows on my tutor board: RS: RE0, EN: RE2, WR: RE1 D7 to D0: RD7 to RD0. I need code (LCD Routine) preferably in BASIC to display text on the LCD Thanks in advance. bimbla.
here is a tutorial on it and for more check this site. you upload file, that is free available from your posted link ?
I follow the EDK6.1 tutor.when i generate netlist, the error come out, ---------------------------------------------------------------- (Console Log) Project Opened. Command bash -c "cd /xygdrive/e/temp/XilinxReferenceSystems/plb_ssp3_v1_00_a/; make -f system.make netlist; exit;" Started... ********************************************* Crea
Hi, i'm using h/f/s/s v8 and using Radiation -> Display Data -> Far Field i keep getting radiation efficiency above 1, tipically around 1.05. I'm simulating very simple geometries like ground plane antennas (currently 20000 tetrahedra). I know that i'm doing something wrong since tutor example of coaxial dipole has radiation efficiency below uni
hi i would like to get a profound tutorial about xilinx ise5 i download the beginners tutor from xilinx but it only tells u what to do without telling u why u did that... i want a really good tutorial that explains everything in ise5 could i find one as such thx all in advance
In the past the demo CD version had a second disk with the tutorials. Evidently, very few people used them and as a cost saving they were discontinued.

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