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Well.... I've been programming in assembly language and 'C' since the 1970s and i wouldn't attempt such a project if the deadline for completion was less than 24 hours. I assume this is a task set as part of your studies so copying someone else's code and disassembling it would not earn you any points - if I was the tutor I would immediately thro
Hi, Is there any recommended website on which a expert in Mathematics can offer his /her services as Mathematics tutor or assignment solver ? Surelly we can recommend; Edaboard. If you want help to solve problems on which you are already working but have issues at a specific topic, the [URL="https://www.edaboard.c
Omarayman, Easyrider83 is not trying to be mean - hes absolutly correct. No offense is intended but its awful. If your going to have anything to do with PCB layout you really need to study it some more. And what the heck is this? it looks like a collection of 74 series IC's from the 70's. What sort of tutor is getting you to make a processor usin
it's not that i haven't tried. My tutor is not available now, so I am seeking help of you guys. If you don't want to help, then please don't!
hello, if you have some knowledge with 8051 you can keep it or choose more rescent MCU like The DS80C320 as a Drop-In Replacement for the 8051/8032 Microcontroller it is recommended only if you will have to program is ASM langage. If you will use C langage , you have many choice .. AMTEL,ARM,PIC ...famiilys most o
I am looking for an expert in COMSOL Multiphysics to tutor me. I do have very good knowledge, but the problem I am seeking to model is a little bit complex.
I'm wondering if the OP's intention is to package the core into the IP library. If that is the case there used to be information on doing that for ISE, but I don't have the time to look it up on Xilinx's web site. I know it can be easily done for a Vivado block design. I've done it a bunch of times and there are tutorials on Xilinx's web site descr
It should work but the parameters will be very different to those given in the data sheet. Time to fire up the VNA and dig thru the box of expensive test fixtures for one suitable for testing that part at 3V...... A couple of hints, Lc is going to have a high AC impedance at 1GHz (At least in theory, a real one may well have a self resonance iss
I've had the same thing happen to me when I tried free versions of BASIC programming packages (including Visual BASIC, I believe). We would have expected a manufacturer to make it as easy as possible for beginners to start running programs immediately. However they put in an obstacle or two for some odd reason. One or two steps might be sufficient
1) explain what is indirect addressing mode in pic 2) explain the registers INDF IRP FSR 3)why we are using indirect addressing mode ,say an example for that thanking you in advance Hi, Sounds like questions from your tutor ? Simply put, you normally let the pic system automatically do the addressing
I think one and another is OK! But you must tutor both..... some usefull links: SIMCOM gprs example wit source: and you can try with very good tool with simcom modems: YOU CAN
My project is simulation of receiving data from USB and showing it in LCD display. I fear that won't work. Contact your tutor to update the specification. It might work with a PIC18 USB controller and Proteus.
You may want to see the impossibility to find a reasoning for a particular cut-off frequency as a proof that it's useless. Or just follow your tutor's suggestions. :smile:
Respected tutor, I have designed a square MSA with dual probe feed.But im unable to see E plane & H plane plots for cross & co polarization, I am using HFSS v11. could u tell me 1)where should i see its results ? to see this should i apply excitation to each probe by creating 3 design 1-both probe ,2-1stprobe,3-2nd probe excitation? 2)How to de
Check out for Nigel Pic tutor on LCD modules at This example run on 4 bit mode and connects to any port on a PIC with ASM sample programming for the PIC16 range. Best regards Johann
I exactly got it how to generate 1s delay efficiently in second website. Thank you so much for the one who explained it using cblock. Thanks you sir!!!!
This sounds very similar to my final year project. Heres what I did: wrote a load of notes in lectures, learned and HDL and coded the project with a little help from friends and tutor. So instead of just asking us to do the work, get started yourself, and come back when you have a specific problem.
I am using PAD 9.3. and try following the tutor to do a split plan. After selected Board Outline and convert it to plan area. And then use auto Plan separate-Set Grid 25 mils. after draw around the plan area, PADS give me a message: All Corners must be within the plane are polygon.. What can I do wrong? DV
To learn seven segment display interfacing, multiplexing, and counting, you may try "4.11 EXAMPLE 9" from . That would give u a clear idea. Yes Its a good tutorial using common cathod SSD. If you want see here for common anode circuit : htt
There doesn't seem to be a lot of tutorials available online concerning uC/OS-II, but after searching the internet I finally found a fairly decent tutorial on uC/OS-II. I have attached the PDFs as a zip file. There are five PDFs, Chapters 1 to 3 seem to be fairly helpful. Hope you find them helpful. BigDog