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dude, that's a I2C memory, not a microcontroller... what exactly do you need? an avr sample in atmel studio (avr-gcc? or avrASM?) to write an I2c memory (your at24c512) trough the twi interface? (something like this could
My project is I2C LCD with ATMEGA1284. Project tested in Proteus and also mikroElektronika Easyavr v7 dev board. Code is written in mikroC PRO avr compiler and uses twi library. mikroC PRO avr files and Proteus file are attached.
Which compiler are you using? Implement I2C with the twi module in the ATMEGA 8/32. If you need ready-made code and don't want to learn how to do it yourself, google it - you can find lots of codes.
Hello, I am using an avr uP with twi module. I have one master device and several slaves which are also avr uP with the twi module. I am interested in having the master interrogating each slave in turn. So I would like a function where the slaves will do nothing until the master has interrogated them. My question is will (...)
I'm working on a project on Atmega16 and i send data throw I2C from slave to master and the problem here is that the slave receive the address and don't send the data to the master i want to know the error in the code the code of the master #include <avr/io.h> #include #include twi.h> #define MAX_T
Hello, I have the code shown below which will receive one byte from a slave avr to a master avr processor. The for loop call each slave with its address and the slave responds with the "SlaveToMasterByte". I have tried now for a while and I find this a little difficult. My question is how do I expand this code so it can receive multiple b
Hello, All Atmels Atmega processors have USI(Universal Serial Interface). Then there are twi(Two Wire Interface), which I guess is just an option in the USI. Among some processors, I have noticed some have a so-called twi-Module. Could someone tell what is the difference between this twi-module and the standard twi? (...)
hi, I am using atmega8 to interface i2c(twi), i am a beginner in I2C. from my knowledge I wrote a code, that is given below. but i don't get any response or status, #include <avr/io.h> #include <avr/interrupt.h> #include twi.h> void twi_init(void) { TWBR = 32; (...)
also check this I2C Two Wire Interface Tutorial: PIC 16F877 I2C Code Example : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
hi i want to write a program in codevision to work avr with hmc5843 but i cant read from sensor after send SLA +R the value of TWSR become 0x40 that means byte has sent and ack reseved but nothing placed in TWDR what is the problem? TWDR=0x3D; // slave address for read TWCR=0x84; // Enable twi and Clear twiNT while(!(TWCR&0x80)); (...)
with RS485? ow long is your communication length??? for small lengths o, in-pcb comm, you could use I2c (twi on avr)
I need a source code with c or assembly that creat communication between two atmega 32 ,one micro as a master and other is slave.but we have not premission to use twi module in micro,assume that we use PIC that has not twi module. TANKS with ALL.
Atmel avr Studio 4 doesn't simulate twi. Look for HAPSIM, an extension, but I don't know if it's gonna do the job. Good Luck
for avr I2C: do you want code with internal I2C hardware or software (bit bang) I2C? If you need hardware check atmel website, they have application notes on avr I2C,atmel use word "twi Interface" instead of I2C.
It depends on what language you use. - avr assembler is quite simple and well structured so you can write your program with ease. Anyway I didn't use I2C/twi interface before, but the datasheet is comprehensive so you need to read it carefully. - If you want to finish the project rapidly and with full features you can program it in C, using
Hallo, how has written a routine for the twi interface. And will share it with me. I like to use a I2C aplication whith the mega323. thank you for you help !!